DUTIES OF CHURCHWARDENS                   

1. An Officer of the Bishop – answer to the Bishop (or Archdeacon) as to the state of the parish and carry out duties by law and custom.

• attend a “Visitation Service” and give vows.
• meet with the Archdeacon to discuss state of parish.
• help to appoint vicar if and when necessary.
• promote unity and peace among parishioners.
• maintain order and decency in the church and churchyard.
• inform Bishop of any misconduct or neglect on the part of the vicar.

2. A leading member of the Parochial Church Council.

• co-operate with the vicar in promoting the whole mission of the church.
• encourage PCC members, and all members of the church, in their Christian Faith.
• lead the council, and council meetings, where necessary.
• make various reports each year to the PCC.
• ensure the PCC pays the parish contribution.
• keep a log book of significant events in the life of the church.
• If none of the PCC will take office of treasurer, the Churchwardens must do so.

3. Maintain the Church Building

• regular checks of the state of the building and churchyard.
• liaise with the architect, tradesmen, insurers, etc.
• keep a church key and ensure the church is accessible when needed.
• care for the goods and ornaments of the church and keep relevant records.
• keep a list of any repairs carried out, including dates, costs, etc.
• make sure valuables are secure against theft and damage.

4. Responsibilities regarding Services

• ensure the church is prepared and ready for any services.
• seating of the congregation in church.
• responsibility for collections and recording and safe keeping of sums received.
• welcome and look after visiting clergy and readers during vicar’s absence.
• be prepared to lead a service in the absence of any clergy or readers.
• tidy up duties following each service.