Present: Eddie Critchlow, Sharon Thorpe, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, George Walton, Mary Guy, Tessa Sayers

Apologies: Bob Smailes


George Walton will be standing down as the Bowls Club representative at the Bowls Club AGM on 19/03/18.


Matters arising from previous meeting:

         Eddie will measure up for new curtain pole on stage. It will need to be fitted higher up the wall than current one so that it can be screwed into the beam.  Have found a company that makes tracks that hold up to 40kg of curtains. Alison to weigh the curtains after they have been cleaned. Will look to spray the curtains with fire retardant solution before hanging the curtains.

         8 LED single strip lights purchased for 401.28. Still to be fitted.

         Planning application next to Village Hall:

o   Some residents looking into possibility of a Judicial Review.

  Been in touch with a solicitor could potentially cost 1K.

  Letter has been distributed round the village to gauge support.

  Review needs to be submitted within 6 weeks.




         Jumping Hot Club



Treasurers Report:


o   Savings Account - 5089.45

    • Current Account - 6603.28


Charity Commission:

         Annual return needs completing.


User Groups:

         Bowls Club:

o   Boards levelled for the start of the season. Struggling for numbers on a Wednesday night. Complaint from a visiting team that it was too hot.


o   Looking at buying a wooden gazebo for outdoor events.

  Approx cost: 2.5k inc erecting and a base.

  Vi to circulate pictues and prices

o   7th April Litter pick : 1000-1200

o   22nd Sept Litter pick.

o   26th May May Day Sale : 1000-1300

o   4th August Music event

o   20th October Film Night

         Sports Club:

o   Numbers have dropped off after Christmas

o   Not financially viable at the minute.

o   Potentially move to a Thursday night.


o   No report.


o   Mentioned that Guyzance Room nosiy/echoes when multiple groups are having discussion.

         Art Group:

o   Asked for improved lighting in the back cupboard.

o   30th September Art Exhibition

         Parish Council:

o   No report.



         Gents toilet door needs refitting

         New light install above bins.

         New URN purchased to replace broken one.

         Thanks expressed to ACT for:

o   Donating the Christmas tree.

o   Donating an A-Board to advertise events.

         Disabled toilet door closure squeaking.

         Table cupboard due to be lined with insulated plasterboard in April.

         Main hall needs painting.

         Main hall floor movement causing issues for the Bowls Club.


Any other Business:

         Vi proposed buying 4 more large tables. Will look at prices.


Date next meeting:

  • Thursday 3rd May 2018 @ 7pm.