Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Barbara Cock, Barbara King, Violet Currie, Lorna Budge, Steve Thorpe and Steven Bush


Apologies: Pam Pringle


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed

Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: None


Update on back room:

·                     Final Inspection from the Building Inspector has taken place and everything was fine. No comment was made on the railings beside the ramp. The Building Certificate has been received and is held with the funding application. Discussion was held on the safe storage of documents but no agreement made.

·                     Final inspection from Leaders has taken place and all was approved so final 10% is being released.

·                     A plaque was received showing that we had received funding from Coast and Lowland Leader Fund which is to be displayed in the hall.

·                     Leader funding restarts in 2015 to include energy saving and environmental projects.

·                     Roof velux blinds can only be manually operated. (Alistair to chase up supplier.)

·                     The hot water boiler is working but as it was purchased before the kitchen area was installed and designed for the use of hand washing in the toilet it will only heat up to 40°.

·                     No outside painting is required.

·                     The soffit boards are still to be replaced.

·                     Quote of £762.50(excl VAT) circulated 15/5/13 for bricking up the alcove of the old door with a new window above. New quote requested to exclude window. (Received and circulated 7/6/13 for £437.50 excl VAT).

·                     Cracks in the old mortar above the old door to be repaired as necessary.

·                     The named bricks are unlikely to be ready for the naming ceremony as still to be ordered.


Opening Ceremony 29th June:

A sub-committee comprising Bob, Lorna, Vi and Alison proposed the following:

·                     Event starts 11.00

·                     Opening ceremony 12noon. Sir Anthony and Robert Parker were both unable to attend but passed on their congratulations and delight at the naming of the Guyzance Room. Invitations to be sent out to benefactors but open to everyone. Jeff Watson will open the hall and Alison suggested that he could be helped by 3 young girls in the village who had raised funds by baking cakes. Eddie to make a short speech. Hot dogs and snacks to be provided. Donations invited and a raffle. Finish at 2pm

·                     Sports Club asked if they would provide equipment if children wanted to stay on to play outside.

·                     Report and photographs to be sent to the Gazette after the event to include all of the relevant details.

·                     Evening party starts 7/7.30 until 11.00. Pooled supper, disco arranged by Alison, bring your own drinks.

·                     Bob has contacted JCSC as there are some teachers who are starting a jazz band who may like to perform (cost to be checked).

·                     To be funded from the community account.


Major refurbishments:

This was to be discussed at a later meeting apart from:-

·                     Corridor blocking off the existing sports club cupboard with a plywood wall (door may be included). Corridor ceiling lowered and walls relined. Bob can obtain a special price for the materials and it was agreed he should proceed.

·                     The back rooms need cleared ASAP. Trolley costing £40 to be purchased. To store bowls boards, wooden trestle tables, voting booth and screens under the stage.

·                     Entrance hall to be replaced /renewed. Estimate of £2100 from Kitson.  Window Paramedics quoted £2750 to include the kitchen window. Neil Davidson advised that if we had a new UPVC door the frames may need widening so it would be worth considering refurbishing the existing door. Submitting a quote.

·                     An estimate of £1,350 plus VAT was circulated before the meeting for the building of a retaining wall. The alternative solution was for the area to simply be made good by filling the gap with earth. Sharon asked if we had the funds available. Steve asked if we needed the advice of a structural engineer to cover ourselves for insurance purposes. Barbara C reminded that there had been an issue some years ago as the adjoining drive had collapsed due to the neighbour’s contention that the village hall had removed earth from the adjoining bank.


General maintenance:

·                     NNVHC PAT testing to be arranged when kitchen sorted - Sharon

·                     Outside guttering still to be sorted – Vi.

·                     The right hand heater is working again.

·                     A floorboard cracked 2 weeks ago - to be sorted.

When the back room is complete and the funds available are known the jobs can be prioritised and fundraising discussed.


Correspondence. None

Treasurers Report:

£2,712.57 currently held on the community account. £9,211.30(less £350) currently held on the Saver account. Final 10% retained grant to come. Refund due from NPower. The insurance company reminded to make sure that we are covered for the rebuilding costs of the backroom. Bob to ask NNVHC. 

Fundraising: None planned.

User Group Reports: ACT are holding a jazz afternoon on 14th July. Sports Club finished at half-term. WI expressed concerns over the adequacy of the exterior lighting to access the backroom (which is in hand) and also for access by wheelchairs through the gate if cars park too close to it (Bob will arrange for a barrier to alleviate this).Nothing to report from the Parish Council or Bowls Club. No Church, School or Art Group representative. 3-2-1-0 is due to start on Tuesday.

Hall Bookings: A wedding has been booked for 14th June 2014. Waiting to hear further from Felton Beavers. Cramlington Village School plan to stop for 2 nights in the main hall (18/6 and 20/6) with 3 adults and 12 children.


Any other Business:



Next Meeting: Thursday 11th July 2013 at 7.30pm in the back room.