Present: Eddie Critchlow, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Steve Thorpe, George Walton, Steven Bush, Pat Hawkins and Pam Pringle.


Apologies: Linda Gordon Bob Smailes Vi Currie Barbara King,


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: Pat signed in as representative of the church


Correspondence received:


Treasurers Report:

£2,729.24 currently held on the community account. £8,666.09 currently held on the Saver account.

o    Details of the income and outgoings together with a summary of the rent paid to date was distributed.

·         Haven Power electricity bills appear to be increasing. Weekly meter readings to be taken.

·         CNG Gas bills have increased substantially. Oct £76, Nov £109, Dec £406, Jan estimated £334. Alison reported that the thermostats originally fitted were faulty and replaced. The timer was replaced by a programmable one (but it was not a 7 day one as previously agreed). Alison passed the boiler instructions to Sharon for retention on file but did not hold instructions for the timer (which she now holds), she had not set the timer nor did she have the receiver to remotely set the timer.

Sharon said that according to the minutes of the last meeting the heating was to be run at 18° continuously and could be turned up and down at the thermostat. An energy expert on the radio said the most efficient way to run central heating is by the use of radiator thermostats and an effective timer to switch the heat on and off when actually required.

Steve said that the timer had been set by someone to come on at 06.30 to 08.30 and from 17.00 to 22.00 to reach and maintain a set temperature of 17°. In between ie 08.30 to 17.00 and 22.00 to 06.30 it was set to run at 10°. 

The only way hall users can increase or reduce the heating is by temporarily over-riding the preset temperatures by adjusting the rotary dial which will apply until the next switching time ie 06.30, 08.30, 17.00 or 22.00 when it automatically reverts back to the pre-set temperatures.

Alison and Eddie said they would look into it and report back. In view of concerns this should be dealt with and circulated asap.

·           Hall rent was up to date at Christmas except for Cubs. Alison has issued invoice to date.

·           Eddie has just paid a cheque for £100 to Outshine for cleaning (Bob’s cheque stub is dated 29/11/13)

·           Agreed to pay Jeff Wade’s invoice for £1213.45

·         (Check if surveyors estimate of rebuilding costs obtained for insurance). Bob said this needs to be done


User Group Reports:

·         ACT Litter pick, May Day Sale and Jazz Festival arranged. They have purchased 36 soup bowls for use by the village hall. 

·         Bowls Club running well.

·         Sports Club running well.

·         WI nothing to report.                                                                                            

·         Parish Council – public meeting with Sodexo arranged.

·         Church. Winter Warmer, pudding club, summer fair, scarecrow festival and Christmas fair arranged. Keen to make sure that events don’t clash with other users events.

·          3-2-1-0 fortunately numbers have improved but keen to encourage more.

·         School have stopped using the hall for PE as the teacher is off sick.


Report back from NNVHC Meeting:

·         PAT testing costs have changed 1-5 items £15, 6-10 items £20 and 11-30 items £30.

·         The next NNVHC meeting will be at Acklington Village hall on Wednesday 5th March 2014 from 7-7.30pm. ST to check with them on likely numbers and any requirements.

·         David Greenfell Licencing Dept NCC supports village halls changing their premises licence to include alcohol. This would cost £70 per annum. No designated person is required but the committee are responsible. The committee could buy and sell alcohol to event organisers to raise funds.  The licence should include all event types and include the garden. The application could be advertised in the Pelican.

·         Pat raised the question of having alcohol as prizes on a raffle. The alcohol must be in a sealed container and as they cannot be given as a prize to someone under 18 then strictly the tickets can only be sold to over 18’s.

·         Permission may be required from Northumberland Estates and the hall and garden lease should be checked.

·         The showing of films requires a licence but MPLC offer this at a cost of £70 per annum, no entrance charge could be levied and it could not be advertised to the general public.

·         PRS/PPL. Village halls are charged at community buildings charge. ST said that this had been sorted but EC asked to check rates applied.

·         Zumba would require their own PPL licence.

·         Food Safety was discussed. If food was supplied on a weekly basis food hygiene certificates would be required but best practice only requires familiarity of food hygiene standards.

·         NNVHC are looking for a new editor for their newsletter.


Hall Bookings:

·         Art Appreciation has restarted. ST to complete BACS authority.

·         Birthday parties and Holistic Dog Training sessions booked.

·         Alison will look into advertising weekend booking by scouts groups. C/fwd from last meeting. Check if hall insurance covers sleepovers.

·         2 weddings are provisionally booked for 2014 (1 for 14/6/14). As the hire charges need to be agreed in advance Alison will obtain a booking form to show the period of hire needed – to discuss at next meeting.



· has so far raised £6. Encourage more use.

·         Plans for wedding dress display on Sunday 16/2/14 1.30 to 4.30 well in hand and support is encouraging.  11 dresses so far from 1921 to date plus Georgian style outfits. Hall open from 9am to set out dresses and photos. To help with refreshments etc be there 12.30.

    Eddie will see if he can obtain something to play Cds on

    Steven is looking into obtaining some mannequins

    Raffle prizes sought

    Cakes, scones, savouries would be very welcome

    Wedding photos


Update on back room and major refurbishments:

·         Vi has transported 44 bricks to and from Blaydon. Whole bricks not facings as previously suggested. She will transport them back.

·         A plaque thanking Sir Anthony and Robert Parker is to go in the Guyzance Room.

·         Both blinds have been closed manually as the controllers are not working –to be followed up with Bruce carried forward from the last meeting

·         The soffit boards are to be replaced or covered and an estimate obtained for the front of the hall –to be followed up with Alistair

·         The boards of the retaining wall at the side will be painted by Vi.

·          Banks –Paul Besford has offered gravel and large rocks to landscape area. We are to provide membrane and manpower.

·         Bruce to sort out light fitting in Guyzance Room, thought to be reason why power goes off

·         When Bruce has finished his work he will let us have the necessary electrical certificate

·         Matthew to provide estimate to repair plastic fascia on storm damage to rear of building.

·         Porch

o    The windowsills and floor ledge have to be put in

o    Water is coming under the front doors to be dealt with.

o    Neil Davison to provide estimate for cladding. Alistair suggested plasterboard cladding costing £300 -£400

·         Kitchen

o    redecoration needed above tiling

o    Concern expressed about the fuel cost of oven use. Mention in conditions of hire. Review again.

o    Jeff to be asked for a complete estimate to put new door on kitchen fuse box and also for battening out and boarding the ceiling.

·         Heating installation completed.

o    See concerns raised in treasurer’s report.

o    Main switch of boiler covered in tape to prevent switching off in error

o    EC suggested more insulation needed to look into grants. Ceiling fans to be considered

·         Gents toilets

o    Estimate received from Plumbtec of £2,246.00 to remove urinals, replace with 2 cubicles, sink, hand-dryer and tiling. 2 more estimates to be obtained.

o    Possibly renovate quarry tile flooring or there is leftover flooring to cover.

o    Wastepipe /guttering to be dealt with. 

·         Jeff Wade to open up understage area for the storage of chairs tables etc. and clad front stage

·         Eddie looking for hooks and chain to store tables in Guyzance Room.

·         Shed for outside storage and concrete base required carry forward.

·         Front doors. Nearest acid dipping and paint spraying found in Leeds. To be considered.

·         The lighting wires above the passageway are easily accessible from the stage steps and need to be covered over.



General maintenance:

·         Bob (and Eddie) to arrange for moving the seat at the front of the hall back and reattaching the back leg fixings to the front legs – to be sorted.

·         62 red chairs obtained from Togston Club. Retained 41 of the old chairs in best condition stored in sideroom. Approx 50 old chairs on patio to be removed Skip/Council/ private car removal. Alison to check with council first.

·         Alison to order a new handdryer costing £19.99 – Bruce to fit.

·         Chimney breast to be repaired and repainted carry forward

·         Door frames to be painted and redecoration carry forward

·         Hall floor needs resealed

·         Potholes in carpark filled but subsidence at bottom of ramp caused large puddle. To be carried forward.

·         Inventory updated. Copy on maintenance file and one in kitchen

·         Agreed to buy 40 small plates.

·         Following a recent incident when 20 cups were broken we agreed that the conditions of hire should state that all breakages must be paid for.

·         George to supply clock for Guyzance Room.

·         Cubs to share noticeboard with Sports Club

·         Vi has emptied the garden tubs and planted them with bulbs. She has 5 fruit trees which Eddie suggested are planted at bottom of garden as shown in the original plan which should not affect the view.


Any other Business:

·         Transfer of custodianship to Parish Council to be carried forward


Next Meeting:

·         Thursday 13th March 2014 at 7.30pm