Present: Eddie Critchlow, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Steve Thorpe, Bob Smailes, George Walton, Pam Pringle, Vi Currie (arrived after the vote),


Apologies: Linda Gordon Lorna Budge and Barbara King (belated)


Purpose of meeting


Eddie explained that a special meeting had been called to discuss the transfer of jobs proposed in the email sent out on 17th March 2014 which read:-


Following Thursday's meeting Sharon feels that the combined job of treasurer and secretary is too onerous. The following job switch has been suggested:-

  • Steve - Chairman

  • Eddie - Treasurer

  • Sharon - Secretary

Steve will act as project manager to obtain estimates for the committee, chase up and follow through each job to completion.

Some arrangement may have to be made as to who will pay the cash rent into the bank at Amble - but this can be sorted. 

Steve, Eddie and Sharon are happy with this solution.


 Comments made


Pam said that she had been concerned that Vi was away. Sharon responded that it was unfortunate but the fact that one person is away wouldn’t ordinarily affect the committee.

Pam wondered why there was such an urgency in having the reshuffle before the next committee meeting. Sharon responded that at the last committee meeting no-one had been in a position to offer any assistance following Bob’s resignation as treasurer so, as she had already been carrying out the role while he was away, she felt she had to carry on. Only when writing up the minutes of the meeting had she realised the full extent of the work involved.  

As Eddie already operated the bank accounts online it seemed sensible for him to take on the treasurer’s role, leaving Steve to step up from vice chairman to chairman. As everyone knew the last committee meeting had lasted 2 ¾ hours so in order to smooth things along Sharon had said at the last meeting that she would review and remind everyone of their jobs well before the next meeting to keep things progressing. Steve had agreed to take on this job for her.




Eddie proposed that the proposed job reshuffle take place with immediate effect which was agreed.


Meeting closed


A short discussion was held afterwards regarding outstanding hall refurbishments.