Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Vi Currie, Steve Thorpe, Barbara King, George Walton and Keith Bell.


Apologies: Linda Gordon, Steven Bush, Pat Hawkins and Pam Pringle


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: Lorna signed in as representative of ACT


Correspondence received:

·         Rateable value of Village Hall reviewed

·         NNVHC on managing asbestos in buildings

·         NNVHC new guidance on local authority registration as a food business. ST understood that we do not need registration based on current use but with the new kitchen facilities if hot food or food which requires temperature control to remain safe is provided more frequently or to vulnerable groups such as elderly, babies, expectant mothers or chronically sick we will have to review the position.

·         David Greenfell Licencing Dept NCC suggested that we consider including the sale of alcohol in our licence. He will be speaking on this subject at NNVHC meeting at Beadnell on Tuesday 3rd December. Louise Currie from CAN will also be discussing licences required by halls. Asked if anyone could attend this meeting


Treasurers Report:

£6,699.03 currently held on the community account. £8,664.63 currently held on the Saver account.

o   Monies paid out. NNVHC subs and cleaning £37.50. Invoices to pay Heating £4887. Small lotteries £20. Plumber £240.79. No invoices received from Bruce or Jeff.

·         Monies received. None

·         New signatories to the bank accounts. Eddie, Bob, Pam and Sharon.

·         (Check if surveyors estimate of rebuilding costs obtained for insurance). Bob said this needs to be done


User Group Reports:

·         ACT Events planned are New Years Eve party, Model exhibition 12/1/14, Burns Night 25/1/14. 

·         Bowls Club had issues with heating which is being monitored.

·         Sports Club had to cancel last week as hall wasn’t clear after heating installed. ST asked if plug in air fresheners are not used in the hall as not good for asthma. Committee confirmed that snooker table could go on stage.

·         WI had used the Guyzance Room for a film show which was well received.

·         Parish Council nothing to report.

·         Church. The Christmas Fair is on Saturday.

·          3-2-1-0 unfortunately only had one present for last 3 sessions. Following last meeting ST (with Eddies agreement) suggested to Steven and Linda that as the school are hiring the main hall they let 3-2-1-0 use the Guyzance Room at the same time (at no cost) on a trial basis which was agreed.

·         School nothing to report.


Hall Bookings:

·         Art Appreciation has finished this week but they are hoping to book a further 8 weeks in January. Warkworth Cricket Club have booked the hall for practice on Sunday mornings in December and January (except 12th).  Holistic Dog Training sessions were successful apart from power cut. They hope to book next year.

·         Alison will look into advertising weekend booking by scouts groups. C/fwd from last meeting.

·         ST asked if a wall planner could be put up to show hall bookings so free dates are known.

·         2 weddings are provisionally booked for 2014(1 for 14/6/14). As the hire charges need to be agreed in advance Alison will obtain a booking form to show the period of hire needed – to discuss at next meeting.



·         EC has registered the hall with Details to be publicised.

·         ST plans to hold an afternoon on Sunday 16/2/14 to celebrate weddings of the past with old wedding dresses, film show of old wedding photos, music and teas to raise money for a sound system for the village hall.


Update on back room and major refurbishments:

·         Vi has ordered named bricks including 1 for Sir Anthony and something showing Supporters of Guyzance Room 2013. EC asked if 1 could be ordered for Robert Parker.

·         A plaque thanking Sir Anthony and Robert Parker is to go in the Guyzance Room.

·         Both blinds have been closed manually as the controllers are not working –to be followed up with Bruce (prev Alistair). c/fwd from the last meeting

·         The soffit boards are to be replaced or covered and an estimate obtained for the front of the hall –to be followed up with Alistair

·         Block paving at the back and levelling the ground will be carried out in the next few weeks.

·         1 coat of clear satin varnish applied to the door leading to GR by AS and Vi another one to be done then plates to be fitted. Architrave needs glossing

·         The boards of the retaining wall at the side will be painted by Vi.

·          Banks to be reseeded with grass – to be sorted.

·         Power went off in the back room before the meeting Bruce to sort out

·         Kitchen

o   units fitted by Jeff.

o   tiling to be done tomorrow by Alan Coulthard.

o   redecoration needed above tiling

o   flooring kindly donated by Vi’s nephew

o   cupboards filled and allocated to groups. BS said that no notices to be put on doors.

o   Concern expressed about the fuel cost of oven use. Mention in conditions of hire. Review again.

·         Heating installation completed.

o   EC suggested running at 18° continuously. Can be turned up at thermostat and notice to be put on door reminding users that thermostat to be returned to 18˚. Gas bills to be monitored.

o   Concerns that 7 day timer not installed as previously decided on.

o   Concerns expressed that the controls are open to anyone to adjust.

o   Concerns expressed that the main switch  is easy to switch off in error

o   Jeff offered to fill in gaps behind radiators. EC suggested more insulation needed to look into grants.

·         Gents toilets

o    Alison to contact plumber for estimate to remove urinals, replace with 2 cubicles, sink, hand-dryer and tiling. Possibly renovate quarry tile flooring.

o    Guttering to be d/w.        

·         Jeff Wade to open up under stage area for the storage of chairs tables etc. and clad front stage

·         A table stacking trolley for the backroom would cost £300 agreed to try hooks and chain.

·         Shed for outside storage and concrete base required c/fwd

·         Front doors. Consider acid dipping and paint spraying/


General maintenance:

·         Bob (and Eddie) to arrange for moving the seat at the front of the hall back and reattaching the back leg fixings to the front legs – to be sorted.

·         Alison to order a new hand dryer costing £19.99 – Bruce to fit.

·         Electrical certificate awaited from Bruce re the corridor lights – Vi to chase up

·         Alison has purchased insulation for outside tap.

·         Chimney breast to be repaired and repainted c/fwd

·         Door frames to be painted and redecoration c/fwd

·         Hall floor needs resealed

·         Potholes in car park need filling. Kenny to be asked when he carries out block paving

·         Inventory to be updated

·         Following a recent incident when 20 cups were broken we agreed that the conditions of hire should state that all breakages must be paid for.

·         LB asked if the ledge on the inside hall door be made wheelchair friendly. This is in hand


Any other Business:


·         Hallmark asks halls to show how they are actively encouraging new user’s, especially young people. ST suggested that for anyone thinking of setting up a regular new group (not a fundraiser or business) we could offer at least the first session and waive the hire charge with the possibility of a reduced rate for the following 1 or 2 sessions so they can judge the level of support without being put off by the hall hire costs. This was agreed and will be publicised. Any requests should be made to the hall committee.

·         EC asked if we could proceed with transferring the trusteeship to the PC


Next Meeting:

·         A pooled supper and get together is to be held on Wednesday 18th December 2013 at 7.30pm in the Guyzance Room.  Date of next meeting to be arranged