Present:Violet Currie Sharon Thorpe Alison Sharpe Christine Boulby Bob Smailes Lorna Budge


Apologies; Eddie Crithlow Steve Thorpe Barbara King Pam Pringle


Minutes of last Meeting: Read and agreed. Copy signed by Bob and placed on file.


Matters arising:

  • Village Hall Polling station booking has been confirmed.

  • Letter of thanks for microwave still in hand.

  • Sharon confirmed that the new sound system has been selected; however purchase is pending until there is somewhere appropriate to store it.

  • Priority to be given to tidying up the backroom store cupboard this will provide much needed storage space. Bob reported that Eddie has provided him details of sheds measuring 8ft x 6ft , after some discussion it was decided that there would be nowhere suitable to put a larger shed.  The base will need to be prepared, and it was agreed in principal to purchase a shed once this is complete.

  • Sharon said she was waiting for the end of year accounts to be agreed. C/F.

  • Sharon has completed a provisional fire and risk assessment .This has been e- mailed to Eddie, for his consideration.

  • As a condition of the Hall Insurance an electrical check of all fixed equipment should take place by an electrician and a certificate issued every 5 years. Violet will ask Bruce to complete this as it is now due.

  • Threshold of the Hall is still to be altered as still not user friendly for wheelchairs.

  • Central Heating is on an annual service contract. Alison will book appointment for this.

  • Proper door stop is required for holding open the door into the Guyzance room when required. Fire extinguisher should not be used as it will damage its mechanism.

  • Fire exit from Guyzance room to the outside is locked and blinds pulled across it. Violet asked Neil sometime ago if he could replace the lock to ensure access in case of fire. Violet to ask again. Blinds should also be pulled back to ensure easy access.

Treasurers Report: Bob has been unable to receive e- mails and as a result has not been able to access the electronic accounts that Eddie has sent him.

However, he was able to provide the following information:

Savers Account:       £4891.83

Community Account £ 861.00 

Expenditure: Insurance by BACS

                      Performance rights cheque

                      Fire point check

Direct Debit : Gas, water and electric. Alison to e- mail meter readings for gas and electricity to relevant companies.

Hall Bookings: Alison reported that Dr Fishburn had booked the Hall for sessions in January and February. There are 2 private parties booked before Christmas. Cricket club booked every Sunday morning until Christmas. School has booked Hall for their Christmas production. They will also be using the Hall for gym sessions up until March.

General Maintenance:

  • Brick Wash Violet has carried out one wash , rain is doing the rest.

  • Light switch and circuit in Guyzance room. Violet to speak to Bruce.

  • Guttering and window in back store room. Violet to mention to Neil Davison.

  • Violet has purchased paint for Kitchen walls. Geoff Wade has said he will paint walls in November.

  • Loft insulation has not yet been looked into. C/F

  • Door to be put back on gentís toilet. C/F

  • Under stage storage . C/F

  • Reseal floor in main Hall C/F

  •  Inside back room door needs finishing. Violet has spoken to Alistair who has board and will complete when he has the time.

  • Curtain pole rods. C/F

  • Draught excluders. Violet will ask Mathew to look into.

  • Table cupboard draughts C/F

  • Insulation Alison to obtain estimates.

  • Soil has been supplied by Mr Clippingdale for the bank at the side of the Hall, some will need to be barrowed to the side of the Hall. Violet and Christine suggested creating a rockery further away from perimeter fence to enable grass cutting all around its perimeter. Membrane should be put down first to prevent weeds coming through. Work party will be needed for this.

  • French Drain  C/F

  • Waste bins, Alison suggested monitoring situation before we purchase another waste bin.

  • Paving slabs . Violet has them for collection

  • Fencing sealing C/F

  • Coping stones on wall outside Guyzance room have been pushed off. Alistair has suggested putting up 2- 3 posts supporting a chain link across the top. This should stop people standing on the wall and weakening the cement. This was agreed.

  • Alison has spoken to the school travel coordinator about the car park she will look into the possibility of providing some funding towards resurfacing as toddler group use the Hall and this comes under her remit.

  • Subsidence monitoring: C/F

  • Hall lighting: Bob gets new tubes from the electrical store in Amble. Lorna to ask Garry if he will replace the tubes needed in Hall. Will need to borrow scaffolding or await purchase of new step ladders before this can be done.

  • Steve has been  researching price of new ladders. Aluminium ladder 10ft £80. Fibre glass £152. It was agreed it would make sense to purchase the tallest ladder we can fit into the cupboard. Agreed that Steve would check this and e- mail Committee for approval to purchase.

Fund raising: Mexican Night raised £90. It was a very enjoyable evening thanks Alison , Violet and Tessa for a great evening.

Cleaner: Alison has written confirmation of cleaners PAYE to give to Linda .

Transfer custodianship to Parish Council : C/F

User Reports:

Sports Club: Snooker table will fit onto the stage. Alison  to check whether anyone using the stage before Christmas. Sports club will try and move the table out of the cupboard and place on stage as soon as convenient. This will be for a trial period.

ACT: Coffee afternoons have ceased as there was not enough support to sustain it.

3-2-1-0: Sharon reported that she has put up signs in the Hall relating to locality of first aid boxes

Art  Group: Christine said that fewer tables in the main hall were suitable for art group as the screws on the legs were coming loose. Lorna said she would ask Garry to look at tables and rectify problem.(Since this meeting Garry has placed washers on tables and tightened screws)

Church: no report

School : no report

Bowls: Bob expressed concerns about the chairs in the Hall being stacked on each other and becoming damaged. There are too many chairs for around the hall, excess to be stacked on the stage until appropriate storage is available.  Sharon asked whether we could get a carpenter to open up under the stage area enabling storage of tables, chairs could then be stacked in cupboard. Violet to obtain quotes.


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 15th January 7pm.