Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Vi Currie, Steve Thorpe, Barbara King, George Walton, Linda Gordon, Steven Bush and Pam Pringle.


Apologies: Lorna Budge and Pat Hawkins


Signing in of User Group Representatives:  All signed with the exception of Lorna Budge and Pat Hawkins


Election of officers: The following positions were filled:-

Chairman – Eddie Critchlow,  Vice Chairman – Steve Thorpe, Treasurer – Bob Smailes, Asst Treasurer – Sharon Thorpe,
Secretary – Sharon Thorpe  


Co-option of Members: Pam Pringle


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda:

·                     Unable to progress on the variation to the premises licence as NCC not responding to emails or correspondence – ST to follow up


Update on back room:

·                     Vi waiting for details of named bricks from Pam (given at the meeting) so she can now order them.

·                     Both blinds have been closed manually as the controllers are not working –to be followed up with Bruce (prev Alistair).

·                     The soffit boards are to be replaced –to be followed up with Alistair

·                     Contrary to what was agreed at the previous meeting Vi proposed not to run a line of paving slabs alongside the ramp as the block paving area in front of the window is not large enough for a seat  - Agreed

·                     Agreed to use Vi’s estimate of £500 +VAT for blockpaving (as this was combined with estimate of £100 for levelling the ground.

·                     Alistair to brick up the alcove of the old door. Cracks in the old mortar above the old door to be repaired as necessary – to be dealt with 2/11/13.

·                     The plates for the backroom were ready to be fitted after clear satin varnish applied to keep the door clean. Architrave needs glossing – Alison and Vi to d/w.

·                     The boards of the retaining wall at the side will be painted by Vi.

·                      Banks to be reseeded with grass – to be sorted.

·                     Bruce is unwell and unable to deal with the positioning of 2 bright outside lights (1 outside Guyzance Room, 1 at the front side of the hall) – As this is a matter of urgency Bob to arrange for someone else to carry out the work.



·                     Bob to arrange for a carpenter to open up under stage area for the storage of chairs etc. 

·                     Eddie to purchase table stacking trolley for the backroom.

·                     Zumba did not mind the snooker table being used on the stage but access would be required for darts. Help is needed to move the snooker table.

·                     Bob advised it would cost £500 for a 12’x8’ shed to store the large trestle tables and chairs for outside use. Suggested site for the shed was at the kitchen side of the hall with access through the fire escape. A concrete base would be required.

·                     Eddie has provided carpet tiles for use by 3-2-1-0 instead of the blue mats but these have not yet been used.


Central Heating:

·                     A grant of £4,500 from Jeff Watson has been approved by NCC for the provision of central heating. Amble Gas Service will start work on Monday 18th November which should take 4 days. User groups have been warned.



·                     Work on the kitchen window will take place on Saturday from 7.30 to 10.30.

·                     Work on the other windows, porch and emergency exit will take place 31st October-1st November.


·                     Agreed units should be delivered once kitchen is prepared.

·                     Jeff Wade would like to be there when old units are disposed of – so dates are provisional depending upon his availability – Alison to check with him.

·                     Small skip to be hired 9th -10th November to dispose of old units.

·                     Ceiling will require at least 4 coats of white paint – plaster boarding of ceiling discounted by Vi. Alison and Vi to carry out work.

·                     Small work parties to be set up to remove old kitchen units – Alison to liaise.

·                     Check with Jeff Wade if existing electrical wiring is suitable for new oven.

Gents Toilet:

·                     Bob to contact plumber for estimate to remove urinals, replace with 2 cubicles, sink, radiator ,hand-dryer and tiling. Possibly renovate quarry tile flooring.

General maintenance:

·                     Garry has helped put up new guttering.

·                     Power has been disconnected from old oven. Pam will arrange its removal.

·                     Lorna placed a temporary sign on the gate for disabled access but Barbara K expressed concern that it needed to be more visible. Agreed that when outside lighting sorted the position will be reviewed.

·                     Bob (and Eddie) to arrange for moving the seat at the front of the hall back and reattaching the back leg fixings to the front legs – to be sorted.

·                     Alison to order a new hand-dryer costing £19.99 – Bruce to fit.

·                     Electrical certificate awaited from Bruce re the corridor lights – Vi to chase up

·                     Alison to purchase insulation for outside tap.

·                     Lorna to be asked about contacting the prison regarding an outside noticeboard. (Possibly also try the high school).


·                     None


Treasurers Report:

£2,173.98 currently held on the community account. £11,880.54 currently held on the Saver account.

·                     Monies paid out. Insurance paid £619.46 (Check if surveyor’s estimate of rebuilding costs obtained). Annual rent paid for garden £100. PRS music licence £106.80. N Davison for windows £2900.

·                     Monies received. Lettings £147.50. Art group £200.

·                     C/Fwd from previous minutes Bob is to obtain new signatories to the bank accounts. (Currently Pam Pringle, Barbara Cock, Eddie Critchlow and Bob Smailes).

 User Group Reports:

·                     ACT Events planned are Halloween 26th October, New Years Eve party, Model exhibition for January, Burns Night 25th January. 

·                     Bowls Club continuing to run successfully.

·                     Sports Club had 32 children along again on Friday. 2 weeks break resume 8th November.

 ·                     WI held their AGM. Eddie reminded them to access the Guyzance Room through the main hall if necessary until the outside lighting was sorted.

·                     Parish Council nothing to report.

·                     Church. No representative.

·                      3-2-1-0 are hoping to increase their numbers (currently 3). The Guyzance Room floor was dirty and a discussion took place regarding cleaning. As a result Eddie will enquire as to the cost of hiring a cleaner (£12.50 per hour), Sharon to contact NNVHC to see how other halls manage the cleaning.

·                     School want to use the hall for PE from November.


Hall Bookings:

·                     Warkworth Cricket Club have booked the hall for practice on Sunday mornings in December and January. Pilates have booked an extra 6 weeks. Holistic Dog Training for owners (no pets) booked for main hall for 3 days in November. A birthday party is booked for Sunday.

·                     Weekend booking by scouts groups was discussed and Alison will look into advertising this.


Fundraising: To be discussed at a later meeting.


Any other Business:


·                     ACT are unwilling to organise a regular coffee morning/afternoon as a social activity for the village. Alison suggested that a luncheon club would be a good idea perhaps under the initial auspice of the Village Hall Committee to mitigate the hall hire costs. This was felt not to be the remit of the village hall committee. Barbara suggested that as Rev Mike Dent was organising a regular tea and talk in Warkworth open to everyone in Acklington and Warkworth he may be favourable to holding a similar activity in Acklington. Sharon will contact him.


Next Meeting:

·                     Thursday 28th November 2013 at 7.30pm in the Guyzance Room.