Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Violet Currie, George Walton, Pam Pringle, Sylvia McClure.


Apologies: Barbara King, Lorna Budge, Linda Gordon, Pat Hawkins.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising:

·         Eddie terminated gas contract with CNG. He contacted the North East energy consortium for the cheapest supplier and CNG   gave a quote 33.75% cheaper than our previous contract .Eddie has completed paperwork for new contract with CNG. Haven refused to accept letter of authority because it was a different person to the original contract. Eddie brought a new version for Bob to sign.

·         Fire exit lock in Guyzance room is still pending. Chasing N. Davison to get the lock installed.

·         It was agreed to accept the Plumbtec quote for the guttering even though it wasn’t the cheapest quote as Plumbtec are local and have completed work for us on previous occasions to high standards.

·         Alison to get quotes for window in the gent’s toilet. It was agreed that for reasons of heat saving and ventilation purposes it would be a good idea to replace it, providing the cost was not too prohibitive.

·         Alison and Violet thanked for painting kitchen walls. Bob to order coving from screw fix approximately £30. In total. Bob has spent £49.73 on new coving and 4 new tubes for the main hall lights. Coving has now been completed.

·         Board for backroom door has been supplied however Alistair unable to fix it at the moment.

·         Draught excluders C/F. It was agreed to inspect the storage cupboard with a view to seeing if new walling/skirting was needed to banish drafts.

·         Stepladders, Werner 2.69 m agreed. Stepladders have been purchased.

·         Bob has details of different sheds and prices.  Bob to bring the details to the next meeting. There was some discussion as to whether we really needed a shed and what would be stored in it. Revisit at the next meeting. Eddie to get prices from Homebase.

·         Purchase of outside mailbox for the Village Hall, Eddie brought details of a postbox. It was agreed Eddie should purchase that model of postbox.

·         Linda Gordon offered to look at School equipment catalogues to see if they had a collapsible base for sports club pool table.

·         Violet has purchased resin to refit coping stones this also needed a special gun to apply. Coping stones refitted using resin. Vi is looking at obtaining some posts with rope/chain to prevent people setting on the coping stones.


Treasurers Report:

·         Community Account - £4,496 as of 23rd April 2015.

·         IAS - £4982.71 as of 23rd April 2015.

·         £825 paid in since last meeting.

·         Eddie has emailed Bob an invoice for the paper towels. Eddie suggested that we see if the school could order us paper towels in the future as part of their supply order.



·         Pilates on a Monday evening until September.

·         CAN have booked the Hall on 28TH April. They will be holding their Spring Conference, and are expecting in the region of 80 invitees.

·         Toddler group doing well – around 10 attendees now.

·         Could do with some more bookings for the Guyzance room.

o   Place a special add in the Pelican.

·         Border Fest organisers visited to the Hall to begin planning their event.

·         General Election.


User groups

·         Bowls Club – finished till September.

·         Sports Club – fine.

·         ACT:

o   May Day sale on 23 May.

§  Tables selling well.

§  Plants from the prison.

§  Tea & cakes will be sold.

§  Looking for raffle/tombola prizes.

·         Church – no representative.

·         Toddler group:

o   Alison to speak to Linda about the Accident Books.

·         School:

o   Alison to speak to Linda & Steve about the mats.

·         Parish Council -no issues.

·         Art Group:

o   Chairs in the storage cupboard are causing an issue.

§  Could be resolved if a new shed is purchased and chairs moved to the shed.



·         Vi has spoken to Richard about ceiling fans and insulation. Richard has suggested a solution used in supermarkets and cathedrals. Vi has contacted the firm in Devon and is sending a floor plan to see how many recirculators the company would recommend for a building of the Hall’s size. Probably will need two at a cost of £450 each. A letter of complaint about the heating system has been received from the Bowls Club. Eddie to respond detailing the proposed solution. Vi to let Eddie know the details of the proposed system to allow him to respond to the letter.

·         Work Party 9th May 2015:

o   Advertised in the Pelican.

o   Vi will organise materials for the French drains to the east side of the hall.

·         Sharon has done some research into the problem of the threshold of the front doors into the main Hall. Wheelchair users are still finding it difficult to get across. Sharon said we should have a lower threshold with a tapered profile. She has researched rubber threshold ramps but there are several different sizes. Eddie suggested e- mailing manufactures and ask whether they can change sizes. Violet suggested a triangular piece of wood might solve problem, she will see if she can get find a suitable piece. Bob has a piece of skirting that he will use to fix the issue.

·         Violet suggested moving the photocopier to free up storage space. Linda said the School could offer reasonable photo copying rates, and it was agreed that this would be raised at the next ACT meeting with a view to removing photocopier altogether. No ACT meeting as yet.



·         Sharon has submitted the Charity Commission return.

o   Sharon will put the paperwork in the Secretary’s suitcase.

·         Vi suggested a reel/bracket to store the hosepipe:

o   Vi will have a look for a wall mounted bracket.

·         Coal truck:

o   Eddie will let Jeff Newton know that the Parish Council can use the Coal Truck in the village.

·         Fence to east of the hall:

o   Vi suggested planting 3 fruit trees to screen the fence.

o   Vi to liaise with the Sports Club to see if this would interfere with their use of the garden area.

·         CAN meeting:

o   Hall cleaning session organised for Sunday 26th April 2015.

o   Vi, Alison and June will serve tea/coffee on the day.


Date of Next Meeting:

·         4th June 2015, 7pm, Acklington Village Hall.