Present: Eddie Critchlow George Walton Bob Smailes Sharon Thorpe Alison Sharpe Violet Currie Lorna Budge.


Apologies: Barbara King





Proposed Alison

Seconded Violet

Deputy Chairman


Proposed Sharon

Seconded Bob



Proposed Eddie

Seconded Alison

Minute Taker


Proposed Eddie

Seconded Violet


User group representatives:

Toddler Group

Steve Bush


To be notified


Barbara King

Art Group

Christine Boulby

Sports Club

Sharon Thorpe

Bowls Club

George Walton


Lorna Budge

Parish Council

Eddie Critchlow

Acklington School

Linda Gordon


Minutes of last meeting read and agreed.


Matters Arising:

          Eddie to check SSE bills

          No invoice has yet been received from Bruce in respect of ceiling fans.

          NCC rate relief form has been completed. Bob confirmed 20% discretionary relief has been granted together with 80% mandatory relief.


Treasurers Report:

Premium bond purchase agreed by Committee, Eddie and Bob will arrange this.



          Potential wedding booking for next year.

          Border fest has booked again for 2016.

          Feedback from recent curry night very good, a well attended event.


User Group reports:

          Sports Club running well.

          ACT has a Christmas Fair planned for 20th December, stalls and carols singing.

          Toddler Group no report, however it is understood that there are between 6-12 children attending each week.

          Church no report.

          WI cannot afford a vandal proof bench for outside the Village Hall at the moment, but this will be purchased when they have sufficient funds.

          ART group no report.

          Parish Council still need to arrange to frame scroll of honour recently presented to them.

          Bowls club, no problem with regard to heating in the Hall. However they did feel it felt colder in the Hall with recently installed fans on. It was agreed that the heating should be on at 20 degrees to be comfortably warm. Bruce will be fitting a dimmer switch on fans so that they do not move around as fast.



          Fans covered in Bowls club report.

          ACT will move photocopier onto the stage when back room cleared.

          Bob to order materials in respect of lining walls in table cupboard. Violet to ask Darren whether he can complete this work.

          Shed no further forward. Violet to enquire about levelling ground before concrete base put down. Also find out price for levelling rockery and moving large stones into a cairn.

          Hose pipe reel to be sorted out next year.

          Toilet roll holders to be fitted by Bob or Eddie.

          Side bank obtain price for astro turf and membrane.

          Coal truck no date yet for movement. Alison to ask about a trailer.

          First aid boxes may need updating. Alison to look at them.

          Alison has phoned a joiner about the cracks that have appeared in the floor boards.


Coffee Morning:

          5th December 10-12. Cake stall, raffle and book stall.



Eddie suggested having an evening get together for Committee before Christmas. Lorna suggested asking ACT members along as well. It was agreed to hold this event on Friday 18th December (Lorna has checked and Sports Club will have finished for Christmas).

Thanks extended to Matthew and Alistair Currie who offer their help and support on many occasions to the Village Hall. Thanks also to all those who are not on the Committee but help with events behind the scenes.


Date next meeting: 26th November 2015 @ 7pm.