Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Steve Thorpe and Lorna Budge

Apologies: Barbara King, Vi Currie and Pam Pringle


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda:

·                     The possibility of holding a regular coffee afternoon suggested by Vi will be brought up at the next ACT meeting.


Update on back room:

·                     A press release has not been sent to the Gazette but it was felt that as it has been fully covered on the village website and is not a prerequisite of the funding application no further action is necessary.

·                     One of the roof velux blinds is still not working (suggested use 2 separate controllers – follow up with Alistair).

·                     The soffit boards are to be replaced (for free by Alistair).

·                     Eddie will pass on details of the named bricks to Vi so she can order them.

Alistair to brick up the alcove of the old door. Cracks in the old mortar above the old door to be repaired as necessary.

·                     The problem with the door leading into the backroom has been sorted. The plates are ready to be fitted after clear varnish applied to keep the door clean. Architrave needs glossing.

·                     The door into the backroom should be propped open with a wedge when required but it should be kept closed when the hall is empty for fire safety purposes. This will be checked when the fire brigade carry out their next inspection.

·                     Ground levelling at the side has been carried out. Waiting for earth to settle to check if retaining wall needs to be higher. Banks to be reseeded with grass.

·                     Concern was expressed over the large stones and tree roots which needed to be removed after the ground was levelled at the rear of the hall. Vi has obtained an estimate from someone she knows who has a machine to level the ground further who could also lay the blocks in a patio area next to the ramp in front of the window for a total of £600. Bob to check with Vi how much it would cost for each separate job and Eddie to obtain price just for laying the block paving


General maintenance:

·                     Outside guttering is now ready to be put up. Bob will ask Garry for advice on fixing it.

·                     The crack in the floorboard has been sorted by Jeff Wade.

·                     A warning notice is required to stop people using the grill. Vi had made a suggestion on this – to be followed up.

·                     Lorna will arrange for a laminated sign saying “Please keep clear for disabled access”. To be put on the gate leading to the garden

·                     Bob (and Eddie) to arrange for moving the seat at the front of the hall back and reattaching the back leg fixings to the front legs.

·                     The hand dryer in the disabled toilet is not working. Bruce thinks the circuit board may need replacing. Alison to price a hand dryer/circuit board. In the meantime Bob has fitted a towel holder in there.

·                     Storage was not discussed at the meeting so the under stage area, backrooms and storage for other groups should be followed up at the next meeting.

·                     Electrical certificate awaited from Bruce re the corridor lights was not mentioned and should be followed up.



·                     Survey received from NNVHC of the hiring charges of other halls, to be circulated by email as the print is very small.

·                     Eddie has received £300 from Lynemouth Power as a contribution towards the cost of installing central heating which was greatly appreciated.

·                     Northumberland County Council have advised there is to be an election on 22nd May 2014. Alison is aware so other hall users can be warned accordingly.


Treasurers Report:

£4,025.43 currently held on the community account. £12,454.02 currently held on the Saver account.

·                     Npower refund received of £1250.88. Eddie to advise Sharon if any payments have been made to CNG since take-over on 18/5/13.

·                     Bob has spent an additional £92 on materials.

·                     The insurance has not yet been updated to reflect the rebuilding costs of the back room. We are currently insured for rebuilding costs of the main hall at £385,000. The insurance company require a surveyor’s letter advising the rebuilding cost for the whole building. Bob will follow this up as it was thought to be a useful exercise.

·                     Bob asked if he, Eddie and Sharon could get together to sort out the accounts before the AGM.


Major refurbishments:

·                     Following discussion the following priorities and decisions were made:-

1.            Central Heating. Gas boiler possibly housed in the disabled toilet. 4 radiators in the main hall plus ones for the disabled toilet, ladies and gents toilets and kitchen. Hot water for all toilets and kitchen. Weekly timer. 3 estimates to be obtained Alison to contact village resident who provided earlier estimate. Bob to contact Fenders plus 1 other.

2.            Kitchen. Jeff Wade has offered to fit the kitchen, provided the carcasses are assembled (possibly by Bob and George). The original estimate from IKEA was for £2000 to include oven and hot plate. Bob will obtain updated estimates from IKEA and Homebase.

3.            Gents toilet. Someone who works for Alistair will be approached for an estimate.

4.            Front porch, kitchen window and emergency exits. Updated estimates will be obtained by Bob.


Other works include:

·                     At our meeting on 6th June WI raised concern over the lighting at the side of the hall for accessing the Guyzance room. Vi had said the matter was in hand. Alison to follow this up.

·                     Steve will look into any lighting options available to protect the lights being damaged by balls and report back.

·                     Bob encouraged everyone if they know of someone who could carry out any of these jobs please obtain estimates and report back to the next meeting.


User Group Reports:

·                     ACT helped with Scarecrow Festival but Bob suggested in future it would have been easier if it had been held on the Sunday in the Village Hall.

·                     Bowls Club and Sports Club are due to start in September.

·                     WI, Parish Council, 3-2-1-0 and school nothing to report.

·                     As neither Art Group nor the Church are currently represented on the Village Hall Committee Sharon suggested that they be covered in future with the general hall bookings. We would like them to have an input on how the village hall is run and will continue to invite them along and it was pointed out that it is in their interest to be represented as they would benefit from the reduced hiring charges ie £10 per hour for the use of both rooms.


Hall Bookings:

·                     August has been quiet. The wedding is coming up. Zumba is continuing. Bowls and Sports Club due to restart in September. Pilates booked for 6 weeks from Tuesday 10th September 5.45 -6.30. Art Appreciation runs in the Guyzance Room on Wednesday mornings from 10th September at the same time as Tribal dancing in the main hall. Alison is to sort out the car parking situation.  Felton Beavers are still due to start in September every Thursday from 6-7.30 .

·                     Key access to the Guyzance Room was brought up. Bob and Alison currently hold keys so they will have to be contacted if required.

·                     The question of what would happen if someone wanted to book part of the hall whilst in use by one of the regular users was brought up. This had been discussed on 9th May 2013 where it had been agreed that if anyone wants to book part of the hall when it is being used by one of the regular users check before accepting booking.


Fundraising: To be discussed at a later meeting.


Any other Business:


·                     It was agreed that no charge would be made for setting up or clearing away for the wedding on 25th September in this particular case. Photographs could be used to advertise the halls potential use on the website. In future the charge should be agreed before a booking is accepted.


Next Meeting: Tuesday 24th September 2013 at 7.30pm in the Guyzance Room.  

·                     Barbara Cock and Sharon are unable to attend.