Present: Violet Currie; Bob Smailes; Alison Sharpe; June Barras and Lorna Budge.


Apologies: Sharon Thorpe; Eddie Critchlow and Pam Pringle.


Violet welcomed June to the meeting as the new WI representative. June would also be happy to represent the Church on the Committee, if this was permissible and providing nobody else from the Church wanted to stand. The Committee agreed there would be no problem with this. (Since this meeting Lorna has been informed that the Church has agreed June as their rep.)


Minutes of the last meeting: Read and agreed.


Matters arising: It was agreed to investigate the best place to site a dishwasher in the kitchen before purchasing one. Alison will ask a contact she knows to look into this.

Lock has been changed on the Guyzance room doors.


Treasurers Report: Bob reported the following

         Current account 5417.02

          Savings account 5000.

         Received 700 in respect of Parish Council precept.

         Bowls club have paid 495 in respect of rent

         300 paid to Bruce in respect of fitting and supplying fans and switches for ceiling in main hall.

Balance sheet ending September 2015 is not yet complete. Bob consulting with Eddie.

Bob has received several phone calls asking whether the Village Hall Committee is paying the correct rate of VAT on electric bills, as a charity we should be eligible for a discount. Bob will discuss this with Eddie.

Bob to find details of the next Village Hall consortium meeting, as several members expressed an interest in attending.


Bookings:  Alison reported

         Church confirmed their bookings for the year.

         Two wedding bookings in the summer.

         Village clean-up day organized by ACT 16TH April 2016.

         May Day sale 28th May 2016. ACT

         Several other private bookings.

         Church Scarecrow competition 13th August 2016.


User Group reports;


         June apologized for a mix up at a recent booking.

         June asked whether the VHC could confirm its hourly charges. It was agreed to make this an agenda item at the next meeting.

         June concluded by saying the WI were very pleased with the facilities in the Village Hall, and recognized how much hard work was put in by members of the Committee in respect of this.

ACT; Lorna confirmed bookings for Burns supper, Village clean-up day and May Day sale.

Sports Club: Has re-started after Christmas break and is still fairly well attended.



         Speed controllers have been fitted to fans in the main Hall.

         Bulb been replaced in outside lamp.

         Toilet roll holders have been fitted.

         Violet suggested that instead of making a cairn with the large stones in the garden which could prove costly, we utilize them to hold down the membrane on the side bank when it has been leveled. This will be looked at in March when weather improves.

         Electric meter cupboard door has fallen down again. It needs a new catch. Violet will ask Alistair whether he knows a joiner who can mend this together with the cracks in the floor in main hall.

         Alison has the removal and re-siting of the coal truck in hand.

         Instructions for use of the cooker still to be done.



Alison suggested holding an Italian quiz night following on from the success of the Curry and quiz night. Date to be arranged.

Lorna asked whether a proper curtain pole for the stage curtains could be purchased. All user groups have difficulty with the current one which is not fit for purpose. Lorna agreed to investigate the cost of this. The Committee was in agreement.


Next Meeting; Thursday 3rd March 2016. @7pm.