Present: Eddie Critchlow George Walton June Barrass Alison Sharpe Bob Smailes Tessa Sayers Alison Sharpe   Chris Boulby and Lorna Budge.


Apologies: Steven Bush Sharon Thorpe Violet Currie.


Election of officers:




2nd Proposer














Minutes from previous meeting: unable to agree due to technical issues.

·         Eddie has an auction site address and is looking to see if any industrial dishwashers are for sale. Looking to find one to wash plates and glasses.

·         Still looking for a curtain pole for stage curtains.

·         Bob proposed spending some money for new lighting in the main Hall. LED lights could be fitted in one of two ways either fit new tubes to the fittings we already have but this would be expensive.  A cheaper option would be to take out the transformers from the present fittings leaving just a carcass and plug in new LEDS. There are also different types of light.  Dimmer switch would also be useful. More information will be gathered before the next meeting.

·         Black out blinds would also be useful as more film nights and evenings are planned by user groups. Film one was suggested as a good source for films. A projector screen is also needed. Alison is going to look into possible fundraising for this. There is money ring fenced for a sound system. More information will be brought back to the next meeting.



Alison reported that three weddings have been booked for next year. Border fest have booked again for next year. together with all the usual user groups.

 Alison passed on thanks to Matthew and Alistair Currie, George, Bob, Eddie , Bruce and Garry Budge amongst others who help out with maintenance when required. She also thanked June Smailes for making new tablecloths for the Hall.

Tessa left meeting but thanked the Committee for the work they do to keep the Village Hall running.


User Groups:

·         ACT are holding a Halloween Ceilidh on 29th October 2016. New Years Eve party planned in Village Hall. Lorna representative for ACT.

·         George is Bowls Club representative , nothing to report everything ok

·         Art group held a successful Coffee morning recently. Christine representative.

·         June reported that Church fair to be held on 12th November.

·         June reported everything fine with WI.

·         Parish council Eddie had nothing to report.

·         Stephen Bush Toddler group representative

·         Sports Club in Sharon’s absence Lorna reported that a decision had been made to sell the large heavy pool table as it is not possible to put up and down at Sports Club sessions.



·         Emergency lights above toilet doorway are not working. Bruce is purchasing a new one and will fit it.

·         Guyzance room walls need repainting.

·         Tarmac contractor for car park has been delayed due to illness. Bob will try and find out date he will be able to carry out work.



·         Alison and Bob to discuss with Barbara King wording of details of alcohol license on the Parish website.

·         Alison expressed concerns about walkers using the Village Hall garden as a cut through to the field behind the Village Hall. This will potentially damage garden fence.


Date of Next Meeting: 24th November 2016 @7pm.