Present: Eddie Critchlow, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Violet Currie, George Walton, Linda Gordon, Pam Pringle and Lorna Budge.


Apologies: Barbara King, Bob Smailes, Pat Hawkins.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising: Eddie terminated gas contract with CNG. He contacted the North East energy consortium for the cheapest supplier and CNG   gave a quote 33.75% cheaper than our previous contract .Eddie has completed paperwork for new contract with CNG.

Electricity supplier will change to Southern Electric a saving of 7% when current contract expires.

Eddie has completed discretionary rate form; he needed a copy of Village Hall constitution to finish it. Alison advised him where he could find it.

E electrical check has been completed by Bruce.

Fire exit lock in Guyzance room still pending.

It was agreed that Alison would obtain quotes to replace all the guttering around the Hall.

Alison to get quotes for window in gentís toilet. It was agreed that for reasons of heat saving and ventilation purposes it would be a good idea to replace it, providing the cost was not too prohibitive.

Alison and Violet thanked for painting kitchen walls. Bob to order coving from screw fix approximately £30 in total.

Board for backroom door has been supplied, however Alistair unable to fix it at the moment.

Draught excluders C/F

Stepladders, Werner 2.69 m agreed. Eddie will purchase them from website.

Bob has details of different sheds and prices.  Bob to bring the details to the next meeting. There was some discussion as to whether we really needed a shed and what would be stored in it. Revisit at the next meeting.

Purchase of outside mailbox for the Village Hall.  Eddie will look into.

Linda Gordon offered to look at School equipment catalogues to see if they had a collapsible base for sports club pool table.

Violet has purchased resin to refit coping stones.  This also needed a special gun to apply.  Alistair unable to complete the job at the moment.


Treasurers Report:

 Community Account   £3657@18th March 2015

IAS £4982.71 @18th March 2015   interest £0.57 paid on 2 March 2015.        

Copies of up to date bank statements held with these minutes.                 

Parish Council agreed to pay Village Hall £700 to help with its upkeep. They thanked the Village Hall Committee for their work in keeping the Village Hall running; it is a great asset to the Village. Eddie has received the cheque and sent thanks on behalf of the Committee.



         Bowls club finish for the summer on 23 March 2015.

         Christening in a few weeks time.

         CAN have booked the Hall on 28TH April. They will be holding their Spring Conference and are expecting in the region of 80 invitees.

         Border fest is returning in September following their successful day last year.

         School to continue using hall once a week for gym sessions. School held an event in the Hall 19th March in partnership with 5 different schools and in conjunction with the happy puzzle company. Thanks were extended to the WI for standing down from the booking they had for that day.

         Pilateís group has started using the main hall between 6:30-7:30 on Thursday. They may wish to swap to a Monday night during the summer.


User groups

         Bowls club have played 18 matches this season and won 14. George said that there was a problem with the heating. The Hall is not always as warm as people would like. He questioned whether the thermostat was working properly. Agreed to discuss this issue later in the meeting.

         Sports Club now running 6-7:30 on Friday. This session covers all age groups and the shortened time ensures rent is covered. Sharon said that as sports club would soon be using the garden she thought it would be a good idea to let the people in the new houses know about the club and to expect some noise on a Friday evening. Committee agreed this would be a good idea. The snooker table has been well used since it was moved onto the stage. Sports club happy to move it when stage is required by other hall users.

         ACT have their annual May Day sale on 23 May. Spring clean morning on 11th April.

         Church also have an issue with heating in the Hall.

         Toddler group going well, and have between 5 and 10 children attending every week. They had their first minor accident recently which was put in their accident book. Linda questioned whether the Hall should have its own accident book to record accidents in. Sharon said that she and Barbara King had raised this in the risk assessment they completed. A specific accident pad is required and Linda agreed to source this. Confidentiality should always be adhered to and there should be a pad for the main hall and the Guyzance room.

         School is using the hall for PE lessons.  However, they have difficulty accessing the foam mats and they are stored on a very high shelf. Linda asked that when storage in the hall is being looked into can this be kept in mind and a more suitable storage place be found.

         Parish Council- no issues.

         Art Group have requested space to put a small set of drawers in hall to store their art equipment. This was agreed and Alison will liaise with them on the best place for them.



         Eddie suggested portable thermometers to check heat in the hall. Heat is going up into the rafters. Possible solution to fit fans in ceiling to redirect heat back into the room. The lack of insulation in the main hall is also part of the problem. Eddie suggested sending an e- mail to Village Hall consortium and ask if they have any advice or information they can offer us. Beadnell Village Hall have fans in their ceiling so they may be able to give us information. Sharon said it would have been useful to have had regular meter readings over the winter so that we could have compared costs and usage with last yearís readings. Violet will have a word with Richard about ceiling fans and insulation. Pam suggested having a fund raising event in respect of ceiling insulation. Walls need insulating as well.

         Alison said right hand side of drive needs tidying up. Violet suggested hogging to neaten it. French drain around hall needs completing. Emergency door on side of hall difficult to open. Ground outside needs leveling. Alison to put SOS in Pelican asking for volunteers on Saturday 9th May 10am to help level ground and put in French drain. Publicize at spring clean day on 11th April.

         Sharon has done some research into the problem of the threshold of the front doors into the main hall. Wheelchair users are still finding it difficult to get across. Sharon said we should have a lower threshold with a tapered profile. She has researched rubber threshold ramps but there are several different sizes. Eddie suggested e- mailing manufactures and ask whether they can change sizes. Vi olet suggested a triangular piece of wood might solve problem, she will see if she can get/find a suitable piece.

         Violet suggested moving the photocopier to free up storage space. Linda said the School could offer reasonable photo copying rates, and it was agreed that this would be raised at the next ACT meeting with a view to removing photocopier altogether.

         Violet suggested putting up shelves around storage cupboard enabling user groups to store their equipment neatly. However Eddie expressed concern that the single skim walls would create damp issues. Foil backed plaster board was suggested as a solution.

         Sharon and Lorna told meeting that when storage was looked at it might be easier for Toddler group to store their equipment in the Sports club cupboard. Sports club would have no objection to this.


Annual Accounts: These were approved all in favour of adopting.


Date of Next Meeting: 23 April 2015 @ 7pm