Present: Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, Barbara Cock, Barbara King, Lorna Budge, Steve Thorpe and Pam Pringle

Apologies: Eddie Critchlow

Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed

Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: None

Update on back room: We held our meeting in the back room for the first time.

As Eddie was unable to attend the meeting he sent an update and proposals for hiring rates of the new back room . Bob advised that Leaders are due to visit on 25th April so no decisions should be made until the next meeting.

Barbara K asked if there were drawers in the unit for the storage of cutlery. Vi advised that the cutlery (to be taken from the kitchen) and table cloths to be donated by her after August can be stored in boxes in the cupboards.

Vi is also going to donate 24 cups and saucers after August. She has supplied red kitchen bowl, rack and bin.

Alison has obtained prices for blinds and the consensus was for white roller blinds on the windows and verticals for the doors. An estimate was received for £383, others to be obtained.

An engineer is to call to sort out the motor on the roof velux blinds. The concrete ramp is to be sorted tomorrow. The access door from the hall is still to be sorted and the question of whether this had to be a fire door was raised as there was not a fire door in the old backroom. Vi will check this with Richard Sullivan as this could affect if we decide to lock the door at a later date.

The naming of the back room was discussed and the consensus was that The Guyzance Room was appropriate. A naming ceremony where Sir Anthony, Robert Parker and others were to be invited is to be discussed at the next meeting.

The soffit boards are still to be replaced time permitting.

Bob has received the cheque for £500 from ACT for the new kitchen. Eddie to thank.

The best siting of the named bricks was felt to be in the alcove of the old door with a new window above. This is to be costed. 

The backroom needs cleaning before it is signed off ready for use. Volunteers to help on Saturday 20th April after the village litterpick.

 General maintenance: NNVHC PAT testing to be arranged.

New cups have been purchased to replace those broken by the school.

The outside gutter has been damaged in the strong winds. Vi will source the necessary replacement led guttering.

Bob suggested laying the spare vinyl in the passage outside the kitchen. Alistair to be asked if we could buy some plywood off him.

Steve suggested that if the photocopier room was cleaned out the sports club equipment could be stored in there together with the photocopier leaving the room outside the kitchen free for other storage such as chairs – agreed. 

Correspondence. Warkworth Cricket Club have written thanking for the use of the hall for Sunday practice.

CAN have acknowledged receipt of the £25 donation.

North Northumberland Village Hall Consortium sent minutes of their last meeting. Particular items of interest were read out concerning Community defibrillators and First Responders and the Use of village halls as temporary emergency centres. Interest was expressed in both so more information will be obtained. Also mentioned was a Food Business Consultation which the NNVHC was taking up to clarify the position affecting village halls. Other village halls advised there successful fundraising activities including a Desert Island Disc evening, a “mile” of coins, Easter Egg competition, food/cooking demonstrations, beer and bingo nights, local Question Time, monthly draws and Heads and Tails.

Treasurers Report: Internet banking has now been arranged although Bob also still receives paper statements

£2,569 currently held on the community account. £1,098.48 currently held on the Saver account.

Fundraising: None planned.

User Group Reports: ACT has May Day Sale, litter pick and craft afternoon coming up. Sports Club are planning to run until half-term. WI, Parish Council, Bowls Club nothing to report. The Church representative is to be sorted.  

Hall Bookings: Alison has received 3 bookings for the back room from the school. The nature of activities is to be confirmed. She is meeting with the school on 24th April regarding the setting up of a new parent and toddler group. There is a party booking for 27th April and possible 14th July for a jazz band.

Review of Hiring Rates:

Bob reported that he estimated the hall costs for 2012 to be £8.99 per hour based on:-

Annual rental income £3287 divided by £8 per hour equals 411 rented hours.

Annual expenses £3,694.97 divided by 411 hours equals £8.99 per hour.

Details of other village hall hiring charges as compiled by NNVHC together with a list of current rates for local halls, George Courtice’s comments on how to pitch charging and Eddie’s suggested rates had previously been circulated. Sharon circulated her suggested rate. Vi expressed concern that we should be charging sufficient to build a reserve. It was agreed that everyone should consider how best to charge and bring it to the next committee meeting.

Any other Business:

Accounts for the year ended 30/9/12 have been submitted to the Charity Commission together with a Trustees Annual Report.

Pam suggested we could market the hall as a meeting room with social services to generate income. Other ideas to consider include Wansbeck CVS, prison staff off-site meeting room.

Next Meeting: Thursday 9th May 2013 at 7.30pm in the back room (as the main hall is being used as a Polling Station).