Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, George Walton, Sharon Thorpe, June Barras.

Apologies: None

June Barras is resigning from the Village Hall Committee as she is moving out of the village. June will let the Committee know who will replace her as the Church representative on the Committee. We wish June well in her new home and hope to see her at some future Village Hall Events.

Matters arising from previous meeting:

         Eddie reported that he was still looking for a suitable dishwasher. Eddie will continue looking and a decision will be made depending on size and cost. No suitable candidates as yet. Eddie suggest that the dishwasher could go where the fridge is now and the fridge go on the counter top.

         Eddie will measure up for new curtain pole on stage. It will need to be fitted higher up the wall than current one so that it can be screwed into the beam.  Have found a company that makes tracks that hold up to 40kg of curtains.

         8 LED single strip lights purchased for 401.28

         Alison is still looking into funding for black out blinds and projector. Previous funding opportunity was not suitable. Looking at Community Chest.


         Two wedding receptions booked. 21/6/17 & 23-25/7/17.

         Evening reception booked 14/10/17.

         One evening reception which Alison is unavailable for. Bob offered to ensure Hall was locked up afterwards. This is midweek so needs to finish 11pm promptly.

         WEA finished until September.

         Toddler group no longer using the Hall. Equipment now removed.

         Jumping Hot Club 12 August 2017.

         Scarecrows competition 5th August 2017.

         16TH September Borderfest.

         Litter pick 22 April 2017.

         28 May 2017 May day Sale

         Elections 4TH May 2017.

         Wellbeing class Tuesdays 6-7pm.

         Band have booked for practice sessions for 2 months.

         General Election booking 8th June 2017

Treasurers Report:


o   Savings Account - 5,086.02

    • Current Account 4288.13

Gas bills

         Gas & Electricity contracts both contracts are 4 year contracts that expire in 2019.

User Groups:

         Bowls Club:

o   Closed season. Will be trying to level the boards ready for next season.


o   May Day sale 27th May 2017.

         Sports Club:

o   Around 14 attending. Stopping soon. Sharon asked to be informed if any area of the hall is out of use so that she can plan activities around the out of use area.


         Emergency lights above toilet door in hand. Fixed. When tested emergency cord has rotted and breaks when pulled. Eddie to source some new cord.

         Alison reported that the drain at the front of the Hall has tarmac covering it. Eddie dug out around the down comer but there is no drain, so he created a gravel soak away.

         Water has been running down the outside wall of toilets. This has now stopped but it has stained the wall.

         Back room:

o   finished apart from one wall to be decorated

o   Alistair Currie will fix the rotten floor joists in the back room.

o   Vi will try to source some floor covering.

         Fencing: Vi will speak to Simon Little and see if he can put up the fence panels before the first wedding.

         Looking to buy a baby changer to go in the main hall disabled toilet.

Any other Business:

         School have request a key to the hall so that they can evacuate the children to the hall in case of a fire at the school.

o   June Barras suggested that the school evacuate the children to the Church as the Church is always open during school hours.

         Village Hall Fund Raiser:

o   Band that have been practising at the Hall have agreed to a dress rehearsal as a fund raiser for the Village Hall

o   Alison is organising curry to be served on the night.

o   Saturday 1st July 2017, 7pm for 7:30pm. Tickets 5

Date next meeting:

  • Thursday 29th June 2017 7pm.