Present: Eddie Critchlow; Bob Smailes; Violet Currie; Alison Sharpe; Lorna Budge.


Apologies: Art group; Church; WI; Sharon and George Walton


Matters arising from previous meeting:

          Eddie reported that he was still looking for a suitable dishwasher. Violet expressed concerns as she does not think kitchen is suitable for one. Eddie will continue looking and a decision will be made depending on size and cost.

          Eddie will measure up for new curtain pole on stage. It will need to be fitted higher up the wall than current one so that it can be screwed into the beam.

          Eddie to chase up LEDs and obtain prices.

          Alison is still looking into funding for black out blinds and projector.



          Two wedding receptions booked

          One evening reception which Alison is unavailable for. Bob offered to ensure Hall was locked up afterwards. This is midweek so needs to finish 11pm promptly.

          WEA finished until September.

          Toddler group no longer using the Hall. Alison will arrange to obtain keys from them and ask them to remove their equipment from the Hall by 28th February.

          Jumping Hot Club 12 August 2017.

          Scarecrows competition 5th August 2017.

          16TH September Borderfest.

          Litter pick 22 April 2017.

          28 May 2017 May day Sale

          Elections 4TH May 2017.


Treasurers Report:

          Balances  £5,070.67  Savings Account - £4119.00   Current Account.

          Water Bill  £56.32 paid


Gas bills

          December £223.

          January      £184.65

          February    £273.99

Discretionary rate form has been received, as there is no change from last year the form has been signed by Bob and sent off.


Tarmac cost:

          £10,604.has been paid. Violet confirmed that ACT will be making a donation of £500 and will pass a cheque to Bob in respect of this.

          Hot water tap in gentís toilet was left running after a bowls meeting on a Monday evening before Christmas this was not discovered until Wednesday morning.

          Heating was left on after a Monday bowls match and was again not discovered until Wednesday morning. George is now checking the Hall after matches to prevent this happening again.

          Alison raised concerns that the Hall is not being cleaned up properly after groups have used the Hall.


User Groups:

          The Church have written and asked whether they can gain access to the Hall on Sundays to use cloakroom facilities. It was agreed that Bob will contact Bill (Church Warden) and agree to them using the Hall providing there are no other service users in the Hall.



          Emergency lights above toilet door in hand.

          Guyzance room needs some repainting. Paint has already been purchased and Bob offered to repaint walls.

          Alison reported that the drain at the front of the Hall has tarmac covering it.

          Water has been running down the outside wall of toilets. This has now stopped but it has stained the wall.

          Kitchen sink drain has been unblocked.

          Rubbish from storage cupboards in Hall needs to be taken to rubbish tip.

          Kettle in the kitchen is leaking. Alison to take back and exchange.


Any other Business:

          Pelican have asked for voluntary contributions for insertions. It was agreed to pay £25.00 Towards this.


Date next meeting:

6th April 2017.