Present: Violet Currie Sharon Thorpe Steve Thorpe George Walton Pat Hawkins

Apologies: Alison Sharpe Linda Gordon Bob Smailes

Minutes of last meeting: Read agreed and signed by Steve Thorpe.

Treasurers Report: No report available at this meeting. Last yearís accounts still to be approved and sent to the Charity Commission. It was suggested that Eddie could e- mail them to Committee before next meeting, if everyone approves them, they can then be forwarded to the Charity Commission.
Notice of termination in respect of energy supplier deadline is the 15th February. This is when the current contract expires. Violet will deliver details of Village Hall energy club that Alison has obtained, to Eddie for his perusal. The Committee agreed they were in favor of joining the energy club if it was the cheapest option, agreed in principal to change supplier.
Discretionary rate claim form needs completing; this is with the secretarial papers. Violet will pass to Eddie.

Correspondence: George Cortis from Shillbottle Village Hall Committee enquired whether we could recommend a builder for work that needs carrying out at their Hall. Violet will ask Alistair whether he can recommend anyone.

Matters arising from previous minutes:
∑ Electrical check of equipment- Violet still trying to contact Bruce. She will also ask him about switch in the Guyzance room and outside light bulb.
∑ Neil Davison has ordered barrels for fire exit lock in the Guyzance room. Violet meeting him at Hall this week. Violet will also ask him if he can secure the fascia boards on outside of Hall. She will also ask Matthew if he can suggest a way of making the threshold of the front porch wheelchair friendly.
∑ Central Heating service has been completed. Engineer advised that the heating would only work at its optimum efficiency if all the radiator thermostats remain set at 3. Notices to be put up in Hall informing users not to touch thermostats.

General Maintenance:
∑ Guttering needs repairing C/F
∑ Window in gentsí toilet. Estimate approx. £250. Agreed to put on hold for time being.
∑ Kitchen still to be painted. Lorna and Violet offered to do this, in a few weeks time.
∑ Board for backroom door, Alistair will do this when he can. He also has concrete resin to secure the coping stones in the garden.
∑ Draught excluder C/F
∑ Ladders not yet purchased as Steve still checking on closed length, and awaiting e- mail from B and Q.
∑ Matthew mended a floor board in the main hall at very short notice when someone from one of the user groupís foot went through. Matthew replaced it with a new piece of timber and strong supports. Thanks extended to Matthew for his assistance.
∑ Shed purchase C/F
∑ Purchase of letterbox C/F
∑ Hall Bookings: C/F

User Reports:
Sports Club children have returned after Christmas break, all running smoothly. Sports club still hoping to place snooker table on stage.
ACT are holding a Burns Night supper on 30 January, and a Ceilidh on 14th March. Next ACT meeting and AGM on 29th January.
Church are holding a Valentines lunch on 14th February. Confirmation of times to be confirmed.
School no report.
Bowls chairs have been put around Hall excess placed on stage.
User groups should pass message onto their members asking them not to alter thermostats on the radiators. They should also be asked to check they have not left heating on in rooms they are not using.

Fund raising: C/F

Date next meeting: 19 March 2015 @ 7pm