Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Vi Currie, Steve Thorpe, Barbara King, George Walton, Linda Gordon, Lorna Budge and Pat Hawkins


Apologies: Steven Bush and Pam Pringle.


Signing in of User Group Representatives:  All signed


Election of officers: The following positions were filled:-

Chairman – Eddie Critchlow, Vice Chairman – Steve Thorpe, Treasurer – Bob Smailes, Asst Treasurer - Linda Gordon, No-one present was prepared to take on the Secretary role. Minutes Secretary – Lorna offered. Sharon agreed to take the minutes for this meeting. Agreed for all correspondence to come to the Village Hall (locked post box to be purchased) Alison and Vi will check the post daily and arrange for it to be dealt with as necessary.   


Co-option of Members: None


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: Barbara required additional information to run off flyers and advertise for Village Hall SOS help required. Vi was to liaise with her regarding which work was to be done – possibly floor and French drain.


Correspondence and secretaries report

·                      Request received from Northumberland County Council for the hall to be used as a polling station. Bob suggested we charge more than the £160 previously. Agreed to ask for £320 as the Guyzance Room can’t be used when polling is held.  Bob to d/w.

·                      The letter of thank you for the microwave oven is in hand – b/fwd and c/fwd.

·                      Alcohol forms are on the notice board and website and copies are to be given out– b/fwd and c/fwd

·                      Sound system c/fwd

·                      Discussion with Jeff Watson about the NCC wording on the poster thanking Sir Anthony, Robert Parker and Jeff Watson – b/fwd and c/fwd

·                      Trustees Annual Report c/fwd

·                      Risk assessment c/fwd


Treasurers Report:

£861.83 currently held on the community account. £4,981.83 currently held on the Saver account. (Plus £42.25 held in petty cash)

·                      Outgoings include gas, water electricity direct debits, payments to cleaner, rent for garden and £645 rental income

·                      Need to consider fundraising.

·                      Sharon suggested at the AGM that the village hall register with an energy club so the best prices are obtained for gas and electricity of the halls in the club and they are regularly monitored. Agreed to be d/w.

·                      Alison has a written confirmation from the new cleaner that they are self employed. Sharon said this should be retained to cover us against PAYE/NI/insurance liability.


Hall Bookings:

·                      There have been a number of birthday parties which are going down well. Borderfest want to book for next September.

·                      Dr Fishburn has 1 other session booked this year and 5-6 booked for next year from 10 – 4.

·                      1st online booking form received.

·                      WW1 exhibition booked for 9th November with ACT providing teas. Village Hall refused to waive the rent for this –Parish Council to be asked.

Refurbishment and general maintenance

1.              Vi has done one brick wash – 1 more to do

2.              Bruce to come and look at switch & circuit – Vi has spoken to him o/s

3.              Vi is to speak to Neil Davison re guttering and window – On his to do list

4.              Bob spoke to Jeff Wade about painting the kitchen around about 14/10/14 and Vi is to get the paint – now to be done in November.

5.              Loft insulation is there waiting to be done – Eddie may be able to do this.

6.              Door needs to go back on.  – Eddie to look at removing screws.

7.              Under stage area has been practically cleared so if end sections  were opened up the large tables could be stored under there -SOS

8.              Floor needs to be resealed but date to be arranged – SOS

9.              Inside of backroom door needs finishing – Eddie to check quote

10.        Eddie is looking for the curtain pull rods o/s

11.        Draught excluders to be c/fwd

12.     Table cupboard needs gaps to be filled to stop draughts – SOS

13.        Insulation – No specific grant providers for insulation. Eddie has contact who may supply insulation but estimates needed of costs. Alison to obtain estimates.

14.        Mr Clippingdale has agreed to supply some soil so banked earth can be raked. 

15.        French drain – SOS

16.        Another general waste bin is needed which will cost £32 (no additional charge made for collecting this). Alison to d/w. As it is not easy to see which bin to use the green waste bins are to be resited and notices put on the recycling and general waste bins. 

17.        Paving slabs to be c/fwd Eddie will accept Vi’s offer.

18.        Fencing needs sealing – SOS

19.        Shed/base – George said that Margaret Hammond is disposing of her shed –Bob to speak to her.

20.        2 more loose coping stones. Vi suggested that posts and rails be put up to stop people standing on them. Bob and Vi to d/w.

21.        Car park used by contractors to store gravel and park earthmovers which affects hall users. The contractors have supplied a new manhole cover. Linda suggested Alison ask the school travel plan co-ordinator for support.

22.        Subsidence to be monitored C/fwd

23.        Hall lighting to be c/fwd – 3 tubes still needed Bob to sort.  1 in Guyzance Room out but as difficult to reach suggested waiting until another fails.

24.        Steve said that the wooden stepladder is dangerous, agreed that he should research an aluminium one with hand rail.

25.        The clock has been put up in the Guyzance Room.


User Group Reports:

·                      Sports Club have requested that the snooker table (6’x 3’) be sited in the Guyzance Room for a trial basis up to Christmas, with a proper wooden cover so that it could double up as a table and be stored at the edge of the room so it didn’t take up valuable space. The tables and chairs currently loosely stacked in the Guyzance room could be safely stored in the Sports Club cupboard. This could be used by other hall users so would be a valuable asset and it would attract different hall users. The table had been donated to Sports club by Chris Pickering and had previously been set up in the old back room but had now been effectively blocked into the sports club cupboard.

3-2-1-0 expressed concern with the amount of room it would take up. Alison expressed safety concerns for 3-2-1-0 and that it would adversely affect other hall users such as Art Appreciation, Pilates and private birthday hire (1 currently booked before Christmas using both rooms). Concern was expressed that the table couldn’t be moved around easily. Eddie suggested that other hall users be canvassed and that the purchase of a more mobile option be investigated – Steve to investigate. 

·                      Bowls Club reported there had been an issue that the heating had been left on overnight in the Guyzance Room. Although they were adamant that the heating must already have been on and as there is no light on at the plug it was overlooked. They have taken steps to remind everyone to switch off the heating and lights, Sharon has put notices above the light switch to remind users and all key holders were reminded it was their responsibility to check the hall when they leave.

·                      ACT have arranged a Collectors Fair on 23rd November, providing teas for the WW1 exhibition on 9th November, coffee afternoons are continuing (time reduced to 1 hour) charging £1.50.

·                      WI reported they have had their AM and the President is still Sylvia. They are currently taking part in a Scarecrow event at Heighley Gate (Scarecrow No 37)                                                                                  

·                      Parish Council nothing to report.

·                      Church. Bill is the new second church warden. Pat will let Alison have a list of bookings required for next year

·                       3-2-1-0 reported that the first aid box is out of date. Sharon has two new first aid boxes and will put a notice up where they are stored.

·                      School. Winter PE sessions will be held in the hall.



·                      Alison is holding a Mexican Night in the village hall on 15th November- tickets cost £10 for a 3 course meal. This is a Snowball fundraising event where guests are invited to host their own future events to raise funds for the village hall.

·                      Details of Northumberland Coast and Lowlands Leader grant was passed from Bob to Eddie and Sharon.


Change of premises licence to include alcohol:

·                      C/Fwd


Transfer of custodianship to PC:

·                      C/Fwd


Any other Business:

·                      Vi expressed thanks to Alison for cleaning the hall for the 2-3 weeks the hall was without a cleaner.


Next Meeting:

·                      Thursday 27th November 2014 at 7pm