Present: Alison Sharpe; Violet Currie; George Walton; Bob Smailes; Christine Boulby; June Barras; Sharon Thorpe and Lorna Budge.


Apologies: Pam Pringle and Eddie Critchlow

Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed.


Matters arising:

          Alison looking into information on dishwasher

          Commercial curtain rail needed for stage curtains, research websites and enquire other Village Halls.


Treasurers Report:

          Current Account 7405.27

          Savings Account 5020.08

          680 to be paid from current account in respect of Hall floor refurbishment.

          730 has been banked in respect of money received since last meeting.

          Sharon has completed a revised balance sheet. Bob thanked her for her help with this.

          Gas contract is due for renewal. The present provider CNG still offers one of the most competitive rates. It was agreed to continue with CNG.

          Bob said the permanent alcohol license would cost 100 initially and 70.00 pa in subsequent years. If anyone books the Hall and intends to sell alcohol a charge of 21 will be incurred.

          There will be no permanent bar area set up in the Hall and any excess of alcohol must be removed from the Hall on conclusion of event.


Car Park:

          Violet contacted a tarmac company in respect of resurfacing Hall car park. She was given an estimate   of approximately 10,000 plus 520 for marking bays. Eddie to be updated and asked to look at quote together with the ones he has already obtained.

          It was agreed that the Village Hall was a safe turning point for cars in the Village, and drivers should not be banned from using it as such.



          Bowls is finished until September. George asked whether it would be permissible to make some small markings on the Village Hall floor in order to set up bowls carpets in correct place. This was agreed.

          Alison has been asked by a historical re-enactment society whether some of their party can use the Village Hall overnight. This would be for 5 nights sometime in August. Violet will check to see whether Hall insurance will cover this. Alison will then speak to the group regarding hire charges.

          HMP Northumberland meeting with local parish councillors on 4th May between 6-8pm.

          Art group exhibition on Sunday 8th May between 10-5pm

          Village Hall quiz night and Italian food 21 May.


User Group reports:

          June reported no issues in respect of the WI or Church.

          Sports club hope to be able to go outside and play football now the lighter nights are here. Sharon asked whether it would be possible to arrange to have the grass cut to enable this.

          Art group have moved the picture frames mentioned at the last meeting.

          ACT 4TH June summer fair, combined with the Church to celebrate Queens 90th birthday.



          Speed controls on fan still to be looked at.

          Bob has shaved door draught proofing needed around sides.

          Bob sourcing automatic closer for main toilet door.

          Coal truck still to be moved to Broomhill.

          Violet is waiting for a call back in respect of the leveling of the bank at the side of the Hall.

          Meter cupboard ongoing.

          Floor has been refurbished in main hall .

          Cooker instructions have been laminated and put up in the kitchen.


Next Meeting: 19th May 2016 @ 7pm