Present: Eddie Critchlow, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Steve Thorpe, Pat Hawkins, Linda Gordon, Bob Smailes and Barbara King.

Vi Currie, George Walton and Steven Bush

Minutes of last meeting:
Changed to read that only 1 wedding has been booked. Read and agreed


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: The correct amount has been paid to PRS/PPL. Alison has confirmed with Zumba, Dancing and Pilates that they all hold their own PPL licences


User Group Reports:

·                      ACT Litter pick, May Day Sale and Jazz Festival arranged.

·                      Bowls Club running well. Finishes for the summer after AGM on 24 March.

·                      Sports Club running well not yet known when it will stop for the Summer.

The meeting was suspended as Alison had invited Bruce Robson who updated us on the electrical work he is carrying out which is reported later on in the minutes. Meeting resumed.

·                      WI nothing to report.                                                                                           

·                      Parish Council. Potholes on path outside hall have been reported to NCC.

·                      Church. As there had been an issue with the hall not being clean it was confirmed that whilst cleaners are employed hall users are still required to clean up after themselves. This is in accordance with the conditions of hire which hirers must accept when completing the hire agreement form. Alison said that not all hall users complete a hire agreement form.

·                       3-2-1-0 numbers have increased to 7 thanks in part to the school supporting it by sending a member of staff along.

·                      School. Pre school provision starts after Easter. Committee members are invited to have lunch with the children on Wednesdays under a new community initiative – just let Linda know if you would like to go along. They are looking to set up a working party with ACT and the village hall to investigate grant funding to purchase climbing equipment to be used by the community which would be stored in the village hall. Linda confirmed that 3-2-1-0 is run by the school therefore the concession discussed earlier in the year does not apply as the rent should already be £10 per hour for the joint use of both rooms.


Correspondence received: Letter from NCC giving notice that 20% discretionary rate relief to cease on 31/3/15 but we should be invited to reapply later in the year.


Treasurers Report:

£3,225.92 currently held on the community account. £8,667.17 currently held on the Saver account. £63.49 held in petty cash.

·                      Details of the income and outgoings was distributed and is attached

·                      Alison confirmed that the invoice for rent due from September should be paid shortly as Cubs no longer use the hall.

·                      The subject of obtaining a surveyors estimate of rebuilding costs for insurance purposes had been mentioned at the last NNVHC meeting where the consortium are to contact  George White to see if they could arrange  valuations for village halls. Suggest await outcome of this.

·                      Bob has paid Alison £3.50 for toilet rolls.

·                      Eddie said after the last meeting that he would transfer £1213.45 from the saver account to the community account to cover Jeff’s bill- he will now arrange this.

·                      Sharon said that more plates had been ordered through Barbara C on 20/1/14 which she had been unaware of until she had been asked for the money. Future purchases should not be made without consulting the treasurer.

·                      Bob expressed disappointment that work had not progressed in his absence. He wishes to retire as treasurer with immediate effect but will remain on the committee. As no-one expressed any interest in taking on the treasurer’s role Sharon agreed to continue acting as treasurer.


 Gas /Electricity:

·                      Sharon is recording Haven Electricity usage. Meter reading to be taken on 31st March for next quarterly bill. To report back at the next meeting.

·                      CNG gas usage December £406.52, January £344.54, February £346.93 which Sharon said seemed high.

·                      CNG contract ends on 16/5/14.

·                      Invoice held from Amble Gas Services dated 12/12/13 for £45 to supply and fit a programmable room thermostat – agreed not to pay this as heating is still not working effectively.

·                      Sharon expressed dissatisfaction with central heating system which was supposed to be an improvement on the old heaters. She had first drawn Eddie and Alison’s attention on 11th December 2013 to the fact that in the first 6 days of use the heating bill had used £94.10 of gas. Alison had contacted Amble Gas who changed the radiator thermostats. The hall was either too hot when no-one was in it or it felt cold when users were in.  As a 24 hour timer was fitted when the committee had specified a 7 day timer Alison is having to repeatedly change the operating times and temperatures. When the Art Group had complained in an email that the hall was not warm enough for their needs the heating had been left on overnight then Amble Gas were called out at 06.45. They stayed until 10.00 to check the temperature which reached 21˚ in the centre of the hall - Art Group was happy. Amble Gas did not explain to Alison how to set the thermostat and timer. Sharon kept reporting the high gas usage to Eddie and the committee and Steve kept complaining that the timer and thermostat wasn’t set or working properly.

Bob asked Sharon to research the cost of an effective 7 day timer and they would go back to Amble Gas Services.

·                      To minimize heat loss it was agreed that chairs should not be placed in front of radiators. Curtains closed at night. Doors kept closed. Draught excluders fitted to doors.


 Hall Bookings:

·                      The following bookings have been made in addition to those made by the regular hall users

·                      Sat 15th March Main Hall Private Party

·                      Sat 29th March Main Hall Private Party

·                      Sun 13th April Guyzance Room 10-4 Dog Behaviourist

·                      Fri 13th June –Sun 15th June Both Rooms Wedding

·                      Saturday 2nd August Main hall Scarecrow Festival

·                      Sharon has confirmed with the insurance company that sleepovers are covered provided the committee are satisfied they are trustworthy and subject to usual health and safety rules (including not sleeping in a room containing a boiler). The hall door should be locked whenever possible.



·                      Alison has taken a wedding booking from Friday 13th June 2014 to Sunday 15th June with a cheque for £390.  After discussion it was agreed that weddings would be charged at £400 to cover all day Friday for setting up, all day Saturday and all day Sunday for clearing away. The hall would be professionally cleaned beforehand.  Although the hirer is planning to use an outside bar the village hall will have to apply for a TEN which will incur a charge of £30. Sharon to email the hirer re this and confirm the booking.



·                      Wedding dress display was extremely well received. Thanks expressed to everyone who helped out. £305.64 was raised. Currently investigating easy to operate sound system and will report back at the next meeting. Committee expressed thanks to Sharon.

·                      BBQ and table for tabletop sale suggested. C/Fwd


Report back from NNVHC Meeting 5th March:

·                      Sharon will report back at the next VH meeting on First Aid Kit, Fire Safety Review and Risk Assessment for Health and Safety.


Update on back room, major refurbishments and general maintenance:

·                      Named bricks -Vi has spoken to co 3/3/14 as they wanted to know what type of font was required. The person carrying out the work had been seriously attacked before Christmas so work was behind schedule. Vi will d/w on her return in 2 week’s time.

·                      Agreed to ask John Davison to design a poster which could be framed thanking Sir Anthony, Robert Parker and Jeff Watson (Eddie to advise on NCC wording) to go in Guyzance Room.

·                      Bruce is meeting with Alistair this Sunday to look at blind controller which is not working.

·                      Bruce will change light switch for kitchen area in Guyzance Room to see if this solves intermittent fusing.

·                      Bruce will remove boiler switch and replace it with an isolation fuse.

·                      When all electrical work carried out Bruce will let us have the necessary electrical certificate.

·                      Alison will buy a new hand-dryer for the disabled toilet which Bruce will fit.

·                      The soffit boards are to be replaced or covered. Vi said that Alistair’s original estimate for the soffits at the rear were for wooden soffit boards. When it was decided to cover them with plastic the estimate was amended to take out the cost of painting the soffits. Estimates to be obtained for plastic soffits for front and rear.

·                      Storm damage to fascia at rear of building. Matthew and Neil Davison asked to provide estimates.

·                      The boards of the retaining wall at the side will be painted by Vi.

·                       Banks –Paul Besford has offered gravel and large rocks to landscape area. We are to provide membrane and manpower. C/Fwd

·                      Porch

o         The windowsills and floor ledge have to be put in

o         Water is coming under the front doors to be d/w.

o         Neil Davison to provide estimate for cladding. Alistair suggested plasterboard cladding estimate £680 plus VAT. Bob suggested Sharon obtain estimates from James Hankin on 01665711655 and Ian Douglas on 07772049918

·                      Kitchen

o         Redecoration needed above tiling. Jeff Wade told Sharon and Alison that he would carry this out for free.

o         Jeff provided estimate for £442 to batten out and board the ceiling with white decorative ceiling board. Obtain other estimates.

o         Jeff provided estimate for £65 to fit and rehang door on kitchen fuse box. Obtain other estimates.

·                      Insulation , .

o         EC suggested more insulation needed to look into grants. Alison has researched fans being fitted to radiators. Ceiling fans to be considered. C/fwd

·                      Gents toilets                                                                                                                 

o         Estimate received from Plumbtec of £2246  to remove urinals, replace with 2 cubicles, sink. Est received from AJ Yearnshire for £4329 and £4693. Agreed to accept estimate from Plumbtec. Alison agreed to contact and take responsibility for.

o         Possibly renovate quarry tile flooring or there is leftover flooring  to cover.

o         Wastepipe /guttering to be d/w.  

·                      Jeff Wade provided estimate of £261 to open up understage area for the storage of chairs tables etc. and clad front stage. Obtain other estimates.

·                      Eddie has hooks and is now looking for 3 string ropes to store tables in GR.

·                      Shed for outside storage and concrete base required c/fwd

·                      Front doors. Nearest acid dipping and paint spraying found in Leeds. Obtain estimates for painting and decorating.

·                      The lighting wires above the passageway which are easily accessible from the stage steps have been blocked off by George.

·                      Sharon will review and remind everyone of their jobs well before the next meeting to keep things progressing.

·                      Bob (and Eddie) to arrange for moving the seat at the front of the hall back and reattaching the back leg fixings to the front legs – to be sorted.

·                      Old chairs transported to tip by Steven Bush in several trips. Thanks expressed to him.

·                      Chimney breast to be repaired and repainted. Bob to d/w

·                      Door frames to be painted and redecoration. Bob to d/w

·                      Hall floor needs resealed C/fwd

·                      Potholes in carpark filled but subsidence at bottom of ramp caused large puddle. To be c/fwd.

·                      Conditions of hire have been amended to include all breakages must be paid for.

·                      George to supply clock for GR – c/fwd.

·                      Alison expressed thanks to Linda and school who provided salt to deal with icy patio. School will include a salt order for the village hall when making their order for next winter.

·                      Carpet rolls on stage to be d/w. C/fwd


Change of premises licence to include alcohol:

·                      C/Fwd


Transfer of custodianship to PC:

·                      C/Fwd


Any other Business:

·                      Alison expressed concern at the rubbish blowing into the garden from the new houses which she has reported to the council.

·                      Mrs Ethel Sharpe (Alison’s mother-in-law) has donated her unused microwave to the village hall. Alison to email ST her address so thank you card can be sent.

·                      Barbara asked that all photos/ publicity/ events/ calendar to go on the village hall website be emailed to both her and John Davison.


Next Meeting:

·                      Thursday 8th May 2014 at 7pm (note change of time)



Treasurers Report 13/3/14
















Current balances




Community account







Saver account







Petty Cash



Sorry I forgot to include it in the previous report








Changes since last meeting:-














Rent Sports club







Wedding Dress Display
















36 x 8" plates ordered 20/1/14


Outshine Cleaning







Jeff Wade







Haven Power










36 x 6 1/2" plates agreed at last meeting


Rent ACT







Rent Sports Club







Rent Zumba







Rent Pilates







Rent Dance Class







Rent Church







Rent 2 private parties