Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, George Walton, Mary Guy

Apologies: Sharon Thorpe


Matters arising from previous meeting:

·         Eddie reported that he was still looking for a suitable dishwasher. Eddie will continue looking and a decision will be made depending on size and cost. No suitable candidates as yet. Eddie suggests that the dishwasher could go where the fridge is now and the fridge go on the counter top. Committee felt it wasn’t worth pursuing further due to issues with the location next to the kitchen door.

·         Eddie will measure up for new curtain pole on stage. It will need to be fitted higher up the wall than current one so that it can be screwed into the beam.  Have found a company that makes tracks that hold up to 40kg of curtains. Alison to weigh the curtains after they have been cleaned. Will look to spray the curtains with fire retardant solution before hanging the curtains.

·         8 LED single strip lights purchased for £401.28

·         Alison is still looking into funding for black out blinds and projector. Previous funding opportunity was not suitable.  Will look at purchasing cheaper blinds and spraying them with fire retardant solution.


·         Evening reception booked 14/10/17.

·         One evening reception which Alison is unavailable for. Bob offered to ensure Hall was locked up afterwards. This is midweek so needs to finish 11pm promptly. Thanks to Bob for stepping in.

·         WEA started September. Course on local history.

·         Band played 1 July 2017. Very successful evening. Thanks to Chris and Tessa Sayers for helping out at short notice on the evening.

·         Jumping Hot Club 12 August 2017. Another successful event. Looking to rebook for next year.

·         16TH September Borderfest. Went well. Looking to rebook for next year.

·         16th December: Band are playing again for us. Pie & Pea supper with bar and raffle. Tickets £5pp.

·         Hogmanay: private booking.

Treasurers Report:

·         Balances:

o   Savings Account - £5086.02

    • Current Account - £6411.26


·         Gas & Electricity contracts – both contracts are 4 year contracts that expire in 2019.

·         Have been contacted by Northern Gas & Power re smart meters:

o   Have extended gas contract from 2019 for 28 months.

o   Have extended electricity contract for 24 months from 01/04/2019.


Charity Commission:

·         Accounts submitted.

User Groups:

·         Bowls Club:

o   Boards levelled for the start of the season. Struggling for numbers on a Wednesday night. Complaint from a visiting team that it was too hot.

·         ACT:

o   21 Oct 17 – Sound of Music film night.

o   9 Dec 17 – Christmas Fayre 11am-4pm.

·         Sports Club:

o   No report.

·         Church:

o    Pie & Pea supper very successful.

o   18 Nov 17 – Christmas Fayre 11am-1pm.

·         WI:

o   No report.

·         Art Group:

o   Moving the art cupboard from the small store room once the flooring has been laid.

o   14 Oct 17 - Coffee Morning.

·         Parish Council:

o   No report.


·         Back room:

o   Vi has sourced some floor covering. Hoping to get it fitted soon.

·         Looking to buy a baby changer to go in the main hall disabled toilet. On hold until other toilets have been sorted.

·         Main Hall Toilets:

o   Northumbrian Water has admitted bad smell is coming from manholes in the main road.

o   Bad smell has now gone:

§  Northumbrian Water has fitted a non-return value and sealed man hole covers to the sewage system in the main road.

o   Northumbria Water have agreed to pay for the repairs to the ladies toilets that were required having been told the issue was due to damp.

o   Thanks to Michael Sharpe for painting the toilets.

·         Thanks were expressed to Jean & John Robson for the donated hanging baskets that have brightened the Hall exterior over the summer period.

·         Bins:

o   Has been some issues with the bins being filled with the wrong type of refuse.

o   Proposed solution is to provide a light above the bins and provide better signage as to what should be placed in each type of bin.

·         Guyzance Room coping stones are broken again:

o   Discussed various options to try to prevent people stepping on them.

o   Vi to speak to Alisdair Currie about possible solutions.

·         Keys:

o   Need to create a register of key holders.

·         Front door:

o   Issues with it sticking.

o   Needs painting.

Any other Business:

·         Discussed purchasing a large fridge freezer:

o   To be used when we have a bar to keep drinks cool and to allow ice to be served with drinks.

o   Bob may have a lead on a second hand one.

Date next meeting:

  • Thursday 26 October 2017 @ 7pm.

    • AGM followed by a short committee meeting.