Present: Steve Thorpe, Pat Hawkins, Bob Smailes, Vi Currie, George Walton and Eddie Critchlow


Apologies: Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Lorna Budge, Linda Gordon, Barbara King, Pam Pringle and Steven Bush


Minutes of last meeting: Should have read that Pam Pringle was present at the meeting on 13th March.


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: None


Correspondence and secretaries report

·                     Sharon and Vi attended the NNVHC meeting on 5th June at Howick Village Hall which included a speaker from NCYP (Northumberland Clubs for Young People) who was conducting a survey on encouraging the participation of young people aged between 11 -19 in the services and activities provided by village halls. They had emailed Sharon after the meeting with a view to holding an activity day in the village hall this Summer.

·                     The TEN application for an alcohol licence for the wedding reception on 14th June has been approved and is displayed on the noticeboard.

·                     Alison to provide her mother-in-law’s address so a thank you letter can be sent for the donation of the microwave - to be c/fwd.

·                     The Hire Agreement, Conditions of Hire and Sale of Alcohol forms have all been updated. To go on notice board and emailed to Alison - to be c/fwd..

·                     Notices have been placed above radiators asking hall users not to place chairs in front of the radiators and on the notice board reminding them what to do when they leave the hall.

·                     The sound system has not been decided on yet as it had been suggested that the suggested system (Kam RZ12A PA-BT) may not have sufficient quality of sound. To be researched further.

·                     We agreed at the last meeting to ask John Davison to design a poster which could be framed thanking Sir Anthony, Robert Parker and Jeff Watson to go in Guyzance Room. – Eddie to to contact Jeff Watson to check on the necessary NCC wording and Vi will liaise with John Davidson to see if he could design a poster.

·                     The village hall’s tax return has been submitted online to the charity commission. Due to the level of income last year a detailed Trustees Annual Report is also required together with a set of accounts. Sharon will submit this before the 30/7/14 deadline.

·                     A small first aid kit has been purchased and will be put in the kitchen together with a notice on the noticeboard of where it is held.

·                     Barbara and Sharon have made an initial Risk Assessment for Health and Safety, the Fire Safety Review has still to be conducted. To report back at the next committee meeting.


Treasurers Report:

£4,549.84 currently held on the community account. £4,954.83 currently held on the Saver account. (Plus £60.00 held in petty cash?)

·                     Outgoings include £48 NCC green waste bins, £144 Neil Davison, £70.53 new heating controller(refund awaited on previous returned controller), £28 hand towels.

·                     Income is £517.50 which includes rent from Zumba, Art Group and 2 parties, NCC election £160, WEA £260 plus other income £45.  (£90 still outstanding from cubs?). At the meeting he was handed £40 rent from ACT.

·                     Eddie is setting up the accounting computer programme and requires earlier bank statements from Bob and Sharon.

·                     Committee agreed to move to online bank statements.

·                     The saver account includes £39.75 income from purchases made through the easyfunding website and 78p interest.

·                     Vi said that Bruce Robson’s invoice for £416.18 has not yet been paid. Eddie to d/w.


Refurbishment and general maintenance

·                     See attached notice

User Group Reports:

·                     ACT successful Table Top Sale.

·                     Bowls Club nothing to report.

·                     Sports Club nothing to report.

·                     WI nothing to report.                                                                                   

·                     Parish Council nothing to report.

·                     Church. Concern expressed about dogs being in the hall when food is served. Eddie said that food hygiene laws do not strictly apply but it was suggested that maybe we should encourage dogs to be kept on a lead when food is being served.

·                      3-2-1-0 No report.

·                     School. No report


 Hall Bookings:

·                     No report



·                     Quiz night arranged for 21st June 7.30 for 8, pooled supper, raffle. Eddie offered to supply a bottle of whisky. The committee will support Alison if she needs any help.

·                     100 or 50 club. Eddie said this has been considered before and there was felt to be insufficient support especially as the church already ran their own.

·                     Details of Northumberland Coast and Lowlands Leader grant was passed from Bob to Eddie and Sharon.


Change of premises licence to include alcohol:

·                     C/Fwd


Transfer of custodianship to PC:

·                     C/Fwd


Any other Business:


Next Meeting:

·                     Thursday 11th September 2014 at 7pm



Updated 12th June 2014

Refurbishment update since Village hall meeting on 8th May 2014  


1.                     Bricks Named bricks have now been installed and the required repointing done, brickwork on other side of hall also repaired– thanks to Vi. Vi will carry out a further brickwash to remove sand and dust.

2.                     Light switch in the GR – Bruce cannot identify the fault so the lightswitch has been temporarily disabled to determine if there is another cause. Review in one month.

3.                     Electrical Certificates provided by Bruce but Vi will check with Bruce on pages provided.

4.                     Hand-dryer in disabled toilet in main hall – Towel dispenser key now held.

5.                     Problem with plastic cladding on facias. Front and back are too wide for normal cladding and extra strips may not look neat – Vi met Neil Davison and he has agreed to completely box over the fascias and committee agreed for this work to go ahead.

6.                     Storm damaged facia repaired by Neil Davison. – Invoice received and paid.

7.                     Porch Windowsills installed. Internal floor ledge still outstanding – Vi to contact Neil Davison. Thresh for front doors to be provided by Bob. Doors have been repainted green and internal walls repainted by Bob.

Bob has put in a new ceiling and painted it to match the walls – committee agreed. Porch floor to be carpeted by Bob with donated green heavy duty carpet.

Neil Davison to provide an estimate for replacing guttering and green painted wood above the porch with white UPVC.

8.                     Kitchen Recommend ceiling to be painted  – Bob to paint. Agreed. Loft insulation to be installed above kitchen. Jeff Wade has agreed to re-hang Fusebox door, put on coving and decorate above tiles at no cost apart from materials – date to be arranged. 3 walls almond white, extractor fan wall hessian. Small paint tins to be purchased by Vi and Alison.

9.                     Gents toilet All painting now completed. Vi has cleaned quarry tiles  and applied one coat of sealant with another to apply later. Outside guttering still to be repaired. Door to be rehung.

Agreed to purchase new light fitting as existing light can’t be mended.

Committee confirmed new UPVC opening window(with no fan) to be purchased – Vi to contact Neil Davison.

10.        Understage Area Jeff Wade’s estimate not actioned – Bob to discuss with Garry Budge opening the area in 3 sections. This to be used for storing heavy wooden tables and bowls boards. The committee agreed to replace the painted wood with pine to match the existing panelling in the hall.

11.        Table Storage GR Eddie to buy rope.

12.        Resealing hall floor To be d/w

13.        Clock George has provided clock for GR to be fixed to wall facing French doors.

14.        Hall floor near stage needing investigation Matthew has repaired this and confirmed the joist underneath are dry and in a good state of repair.

15.        General minor redec of hall Stage has been repainted yellow by Vi and Alison. The committee agreed that staples should not be used in the future. Other walls touched up. Thanks to Bob, Vi and Alison. Cobwebs to be cleared from ceiling, current flooring in hallway to be replaced by one length of lino, donated carpet to be made into mats for Guyzance Room. Eddie may be able to supply pull-rods for stage curtains.

16.        Draught excluders to be fitted to internal doors by Bob.

17.        Central heating controls Incorrect timer /thermostat received. New one ordered to be fitted soon.

18.        Gap between wall and skirting in table cupboard to be looked at.

19.        Insulation to hall ceiling Alison has contacted Louise Currie for details of grant providers. Leader suggested by Bob.




20.        Banked earth at side of hall – Recommended infill with earth and seed with grass –Bob has sprayed roundup to kill off weeds.  Wild meadow sowing was discounted as labour intensive. Low maintenance shrubs to be planted – could take up to 3 years to cover- Bob to take cuttings. Levelling required.

21.        French Drain –Committee agreed for the received gravel to be used on the French Drain. More gravel still to collect from Paul Besford but as this is labour intensive the committee agreed to purchase pea gravel instead. Alison to be asked to let Paul know and thank him for his offer. Digging of French drain will require a work party as we will have to install wooden boards – to be d/w.

22.        Garden contractors.  Linda recommended the school gardener Peter Jackson services. The church gardener is a volunteer who works on the oilrigs so is unlikely to be in a position to help –Pat suggested Lennie Welch.

Alison suggested Stephen Shanks who had cut our grass before. Committee can consider contractors if gardening work is required.

23.        Weed covered area by GR Bob has sprayed with Roundup. The area will then need to be raked and levelled and re-sown. In the meantime committee agreed to tape off access to this area as unsafe due to glass and uneven ground – Steve to d/w.

24.        Rockery Committee agreed not to have rockery and use the stones as a cairn (which could be used to support an etched map of the view). Vi to contact Liz Newton for design ideas.

25.        Grass-cutting Steve met with John Robson. He is happy to regularly cut the grass and dispose of cuttings in green bins. Eddie has obtained 2 bins from NCC and Vi to provide 2 paving slabs to site them on – Eddie to assist her.

26.        Molehills. John Robson said the molehills  are increasing and it is taking too long to remove them and the earth blunts the mower blades. He asked Steve to engage a mole-catcher and recommended Jim Thompson 01665 575994 or 07762333072 who has cleared his lawn. The cost is about £50. If we do not take any action he will not be able to mow in future. Sharon emailed committee – several objections received and no further action has been taken. Committee agreed to keep an eye on the situation.

27.        Fencing. John Robson suggested that the posts that he had installed needed painting to ensure long lasting. Alison has received some donated sealant.

28.        Moving of seat Bob has done this.

29.        Shed/Base Bob to get estimate. This now more urgent because the chairs currently stored outside on the patio need to be kept in the dry. The committee agreed that a shipping container was not suitable.

30.        Loose coping stones on ramp – 2 stones to be repaired urgently. Steve suggested removing them if there was any delay in fixing them securely.


Car Park

31.        Car Park Poor state of the car park surface accepted but no early solution likely due to cost.

32.        Subsidence at end of ramp C/fwd

33.        Pothole repairs NCC have carried out these repairs.

34.        Hall Lighting. Bruce had quoted £50 for individual new 5 foot double neon fittings with diffusers. Wall lights could also be considered later.C/fwd