Present:  Pat Hawkins, Alison Sharpe, Lorna Budge, Barbara King, Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Vi Currie and Pam Pringle

Apologies: Sharon Thorpe, Steve Thorpe, George Walton, Linda Gordon and Steven Bush

Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed

Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: None

Correspondence and Secretary’s Report:

.           Northumberland County Council rang Eddie about creating a register for things for children to do but it was relevant to Special Education Needs so we are not registering

.           The letter of thank you for the microwave oven is in hand

.           Alcohol forms are on the notice board and website and copies are to be given out

.           Sound system c/fwd

.           Discussion with Jeff Watson about the NCC wording on the poster thanking Sir Anthony, Robert Parker and Jeff Watson c/fwd

.           Trustees Annual Report c/fwd

.           Risk assessment c/fwd

Treasurer’s Report:

£1367.91 currently held on community account

£4981.52 currently held on savings account

.           Large outgoings include £416 to Bruce re electrical work, £861 to Neil Davison re fascia, £2073 to JIC Builders re finishing off door, woodwork, porch etc. Transfers are to be done from savings a/c to community a/c for these amounts

.           Other outgoings include NNVC subs, PAT testing, TENS licence re    wedding, hand towels, £70 for new heating control (refund of £39.68) on previous control

.           Invoice to be paid to Sue Straughan re cleaning

.           Eddie still working on computer programming re accounting

User Group Reports:


The lych-gate needs £13,000 for repairs but gate is safe to use.  Janet Brown spoke to Alison and was told there may be funding available from North East War Memorials Project
There is only one church warden at the minute i.e. Pat Hawkins but awaiting another one to be put in place


Collectors’ Fair in November

Coffee and Chat on Mondays 2pm to 4pm

Sports Club:

Started this week.  Always slow to pick up but is doing okay


Nothing to report

Bowls Club:

Started last week and two new members have joined

Art Group:

Exhibition on 26th October 2014 in Village Hall

3-2-1-0 Club:

Nothing to report

Parish Council:

Nothing to report


No report

Refurbishment and General Maintenance:
Lorna suggested asking people in the village to offer their skills to do some of the jobs that need doing i.e. Village Hall SOS.  Vi suggested posting flyers through people’s doors.  Eddie is to give Barbara a list of what needs doing and she will then run flyers off and put it on the website and in the Pelican.

1.     Vi has done one brick wash

2.     Bruce to come and look at switch & circuit

3.     Vi is to speak to Neil Davison re guttering

4.     Bob spoke to Jeff Wade about painting the kitchen around about 14/10/14 and Vi is to get the paint

5.     Loft insulation is there waiting to be done

6.     Door needs to go back on.  Vi is to speak to Neil about replacing window

7.     Under stage area has been practically cleared so if end sections  were opened up the large tables could be stored under there -SOS

8.     Floor needs to be resealed but date to be arranged – SOS

9.     Inside of cupboard door needs finished – Eddie to check quote

10.  Eddie is looking for the curtain pull rods

11.  Draught excluders to be c/fwd

12.  Table cupboard needs attention – SOS

13.  Central heating controls done.  Eddie suggested Steve and Alison liaise re setting of heating to save Alison having to call in

14.  Insulaton – Alison had an e-mail from Louise Currie with a list of providers

15.  Banked earth just needs a bit more soil and then raked.  Alison suggested speaking to Mr. Clippingdale to see if we can have a bit of his soil.  Vi to speak to them.

16.  French drain – SOS

17.  Another green waste bin is needed.  Alison to look into the cost. Vi suggested putting a notice re recycling for users to see

18.  Garden has been re-sprayed with weed killer

19.  Rockery to be c/fwd

20.  Paving slabs to be c/fwd

21.  No more mole hills have been reported

22.  Fencing needs sealing – SOS

23.  Shed/base – Bob looked at wooden10’ x 8’ sheds, saw one for £711 and one from Argos for £399.99.  Argos also do a steel one for £300.  Eddie to investigate

24.  Coping stones have been done

25.  Car park to be c/fwd

26.  Subsidence to be monitored

27.  Hall lighting to be c/fwd – 3 tubes still needed but still have to decide whether to have them covered to protect them


Hall Bookings:

Plenty of bookings:

WEA have booked the hall for 22 weeks starting from 16/9/14 for classes in art appreciation and arts and craft

Zumba needs more participants (possibly put on SOS to advertise it)

Borderfest are having an event on 13/9/14.  This is a meeting of border terriers and their owners from all over the county.  It starts at 10.30am.  Bob is to check the grass area as there will be terrier racing.

Vi mentioned the Coffee and Chat sessions held on Monday afternoons.  At the moment there is no charge to help get it off the ground.  Vi asked if it was possible for the Village Hall to meet ACT halfway with the costs regarding the rent.  Bob suggested a trial run of paying half the rent up to the end of November and then review it.  Barbara suggested advertising it as a joint venture between ACT and the Village Hall.  Eddie suggested writing to Rotary Club, Parish Councils etc. to see if any donations could be given.  Vi and Alison to do this.  It was suggested that a small charge of £1 to be taken from users as donations and then split between the Village Hall and ACT.


Fund Raising:

Bob/Sharon/Eddie to look into obtaining money from LEADER and Northumberland Coast and Lowlands

Fund raising ideas needed and any suggestions would be welcome

Eddie suggested liaising with other organisations e.g. ACT, Church etc. to possibly have events together and split the proceeds rather than compete with each other.

Bob thought more should be done to make use of the outside space


Change of Premises Licence to Include Alcohol:

To be c/fwd


Transfer of Custodianship to PC:

To be c/fwd


Any Other Business:

.     The toilet light had been left on in the Guyzance Room.  Bob suggested putting a notice up to point out that there are toilets in the main hall. Vi suggested if both rooms are not being used then the main hall toilets should be used.  Eddie suggested a Please Put off Lights sign to be displayed.  To be monitored.

.     The wedding chair covers from the recent wedding are for sale.  Vi suggested we purchase them for future weddings and renting them out.  Agreed

.     The acoustics in the Guyzance Room have been mentioned.  Some people are having difficulty hearing each other but it would be too expensive to install baffles.  Lowering of the ceiling is not an option as it would spoil the look of the building.


AGM Meeting:

.     Thursday 23rd October 2014 at 7.00pm