Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Barbara King, Violet Currie, Steve Thorpe and Effie Fenton


Apologies: Lorna Budge and Barbara Cock


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed

Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: None


Update on back room:

·         The opening ceremony was very successful. Thanks were expressed to the organising committee for their hard work. The committee will arrange for a press release to be issued to the Gazette.

·         One of the roof velux blinds is still not working (may be a problem with the controller – follow up with Bruce).

·         The soffit boards are to be replaced (Vi and Eddie subsequently confirmed that they were specifically excluded from Alistair’s estimate).

·         Alistair to brick up the alcove of the old door.

·         Cracks in the old mortar above the old door to be repaired as necessary.

·         Eddie will pass on details of the named bricks to Vi so she can order them.

·         Work needs to be carried out on the door into the backroom. The door keeps banging which could damage the frame (Alistair to deal with). A plate needs fitted and clear varnish applied to keep the door clean. Architrave needs glossing.

·         Ground levelling is to be carried out tomorrow to see if the retaining wall needs to be higher. This should slope away from the hall. Banks to be reseeded with grass.


General maintenance:

·         NNVHC PAT testing to be arranged now. (Took place 19/7/13 cost £10)

·         Outside guttering is now ready to be put up.

·         The crack in the floorboard has still to be sorted. Alison to arrange for quotes from joiners.

·         When Cramlington school stayed overnight the grill on the cooker caused the lights to fuse so no longer useable. Alison to put a warning notice on the cooker.

·         Re disabled/buggy access Bob had placed a wooden sleeper on the ground to prevent cars parking too close to the gate at the opening ceremony. As it was thought that there could be parking issues if the previously suggested low railing was put in it was decided to try putting a “Please keep clear” sign on the gate. Effie offered to laminate this sign.

·         To ease access in front of the seat at the front right of the hall it was not possible to move the seat as it had been concreted in but Eddie suggested moving the seat back and reattaching the back leg fixings to the front legs.


Major refurbishments:

·         Bob has created the corridor from the main hall to the backroom which was universally approved. The next stage is to purchase trolleys so that the bowls boards, wooden trestle tables, voting booth can be stored under stage leaving space to rearrange the side room and 2 back storage rooms. Effie asked if there was any space to store 3-2-1-0 equipment –to be looked at. Electrical certificate awaited from Bruce re the corridor lights.


A list of works is to be compiled for discussion, prioritisation and fundraising at the next meeting including:-

·         Entrance hall to be replaced /renewed. Estimate of £2100 from Kitson.  Window Paramedics quoted £2750 to include the kitchen window. Neil Davidson quoted £2562 including kitchen and side-room windows. Vi suggested refurbishing existing external doors and fitting double glazed internal doors which was thought to be a good idea.

·         The fire exit doors need replacing.

·         New kitchen.

·         Central heating.

·         New roof. Eddie suggested the possibility of fitting solar panels which would reduce our energy costs and reduce re-roofing costs.


Correspondence. Hire charge survey received from NNVHC to be completed.


Treasurers Report:

£2,315.35 currently held on the community account. £12,454.02 currently held on the Saver account.

Expenses:               Opening ceremony food     £142

                             Jazz band                          £ 60

                             Wiring (George)                 £ 15 

                             Nails/timber (Bob)              £ 30            Bob is owed £29.60 + £17.98

Income:                 Opening ceremony raffle    £115.60


Refund due from NPower approx £1037.99 – Sharon to chase – standing order still in place.

Check if insurance for rebuilding costs of back room followed up.


Fundraising: To be discussed at a later meeting.


User Group Reports: ACT is holding a music festival on 14th July. Sports Club finished at half-term. WI passed on their appreciation that the VH committee had responded to their comments. Nothing to report from the Parish Council or Bowls Club. The Church and Art Group have been invited again to be represented on the committee. The School are pleased to continue their PE bookings they no longer have any inside space for this at the school. 3-2-1-0 has started with 9 toddlers at the last session.


Hall Bookings: Bowls, sports club and belly-dancing restarts in September. Felton Beavers start in September every Thursday from 6-7.30pm.


Any other Business:

·         Bob asked if George Walton could be co-opted on the committee which was unanimously agreed as he had provided invaluable help to everyone.

·         Vi asked if a regular coffee afternoon could be arranged as mentioned in the grant application. Everyone thought this an excellent idea but Eddie suggested that ACT (or maybe the church) may be interested in organising this.


Next Meeting: Thursday 22nd August 2013 at 7.30pm in the back room.