Present: Steve Thorpe, Sharon Thorpe, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, Barbara Cock and Lorna Budge

Apologies: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Barbara King, Pam Pringle, David Hammond.

Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed subject to amendment to show Alison present at meeting and gas heaters serviced by Fenders, electrics serviced by Willie Gibson.

Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: Michael the sign writer has been unwell but the matter is in hand and Vi will report back.

Update on back room. The brickwork has now been built above the window level. Scaffolding is to be put up ready for the roof timbers etc next week.

Eddie has paid out money to the National Grid (to go on the waiting list) for rerouting the electricity cables at the back of the hall. The cost will be approx 1,600.

No info held on the VAT position Eddie to report back at the next meeting.

Alison reported there had been a problem in the car park with delivery of materials due to non hall users using the car park.

The deadline for the named bricks is past but Vi said bricks could still be purchased.

Vi and Alison cleaned the photocopier of brick rubble after the window in the back room was knocked through.

Vi reported that a small window would now be included in the toilet at an extra cost. Although this was not included in the original plans Richard Sullivan has told her there would be no planning implications for this.

General maintenance: Vi reported back that Bruce is not qualified for PAT testing so Sharon will contact NNVHC to arrange for the 2 kettles, urn and fridge to be tested.

As the sink has been working okay no repairs have been carried out.

The hall lights fused during the school Christmas party and again at a private booking on 23rd December (where they were not charged for the rent). Vi arranged for Bruce to check the lights and whilst he solved the problem he was concerned about a lighting terminal box fault in the roof. He will report back to Vi with his recommendations.

Correspondence. Application received from Northumberland County Council for discretionary rate relief claim to be made as in earlier years which qualified for 100% exemption.

Demolition notice for the back room received and emailed to Eddie. Original notice to be passed on to him.

Fundraising: Support for the Warkworth Choir event was disappointing.

Treasurers Report: 1,119 held on the community account as at 12th December. Sports Club rent of 128 to be paid in. Barbara expressed concern that after the payment of the utility bills there would only be 570 on the account by the end of February. Alison said she had some rent to pay in and there could be some due from ACT. 7,300 came from the saver account on 19th November leaving 45,000 on this account.

There is a 17th March 2013 deadline for changing the Npower agreement.

User Group Reports: ACT held a successful New Years Eve Party attended by 60 adults and 20 children. Sports Club starts again on Friday. The Art Group have misplaced their key. Bowls, Parish Council and the Church had nothing to report.

Hall Bookings: Pilates cancelled their 8 week booking as they had only received 1 enquiry she may try again in March. Alison asked for the user groups to let her know the dates they wanted to book the hall for her diary.


Next Meeting: Thursday 7th February 2013 at 7.30pm