Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Barbara Cock, Barbara King, Steve Thorpe and Steven Bush


Apologies: Violet Currie, Lorna Budge and Pam Pringle


Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: None


Update on back room:

·                     The Building Inspector has still to visit (Alistair to report back).

·                     Final inspection due from Leaders on 22/5/13 (they can then release the final 10% of funding).

·                     We have still to pay for the new door and (part of) the new ramp. A detailed breakdown of all the costs and funding for the back room will be provided at a later meeting.

·                     Vertical blinds have been fitted throughout (not as previously agreed due to urgency of a hall booking).

·                     Roof Velux blinds can only be manually operated. (Alistair to chase up supplier.)

·                     Hot water boiler not working  (Alistair to sort out).

·                     Drains had to be unblocked – appears to be sorted.

·                     Eddie confirmed that making good was part of the contract – to pursue with Alistair.

·                     Outside painting still to be done.

·                     Safety concerns expressed over whether railings necessary on ramp outside. This had been built to specification so wait to see if the building inspector comments.

·                     Fire door fitted leading from corridor. Questions raised again on whether this was necessary as it meant it couldn’t be locked. We had no report back on this from Richard Sullivan via Vi. Eddie said from a safety point of view if users of the back room needed to escape quickly from a hazard which prevented escape through the patio door he felt the door to the passage shouldn’t be locked. Check this out when the next fire inspection is carried out.

·                     The soffit boards are still to be replaced.

·                     Bricking up the alcove of the old door with a new window above still needs to be costed.

·                     Following comments made over cracks in the old mortar beside the old door Alistair to be asked to re-point as necessary.

·                     Vi is to sort out the named bricks.

·                     Bob suggested storing the tables on a trolley in the back room – to be costed.

·                     Fitting a noticeboard was discussed but decided to keep the walls free. Nothing should be stuck to the walls by any of the user groups.

The naming of the back room as The Guyzance Room was approved by Eddie. A naming ceremony was planned for Saturday 29th June from 11am. Alison to invite Sir Anthony, Steve to invite Robert Parker and Eddie to invite Jeff Watson. A subcommittee was set up of Bob, Barbara K and Lorna (if she is interested) - to report back at the next meeting. Suggestions include inviting all the community, picnics, BBQ. Photograph sponsors/committee. Barbara K to arrange for photo slideshow of building work. Details to go in the Pelican.


General maintenance:

·                     NNVHC PAT testing still to be arranged – Sharon.

·                     Outside guttering still to be sorted – Vi.

·                     The old no parking notice will be attached to the front left of the hall - Bob.

·                     The right hand heater has been turned off again and will not turn on - Alison to ask Michael to try again.


Major refurbishments:

Bob presented a list of the major work required to refurbish the rest of the hall

·                     Corridor blocking off the existing sports club cupboard with a plywood wall (door may be included). Corridor ceiling lowered and walls relined.

·                     Knock down wall between 2 existing back rooms (leaving chimney) to form 1 room for storage.

·                     Store bowls boards under the stage on a pull out trolley.

·                     Heating (which could affect kitchen refurbishment).

·                     New Kitchen – estimates provided £1960 (incl oven and hob) not fitted from IKEA – fitting costs £90 per unit but Bob to speak to their commercial manager to see if charity discount available. £2,679 from Homebase (no oven). New window required, water heater, flooring, move meter box, new drains.

·                     Entrance hall to be replaced /renewed. Estimate of £2100 from Kitsons, Bob to speak to Window Paramedics for quote.

·                     Car park levelling.

·                     Building a retaining wall outside.

·                     New roof.

When the back room is complete and the funds available are known the jobs can be prioritised and fundraising discussed.


Correspondence. Email received from Co-op re: entering a competition to win a Wildflower Haven for the community (deadline 30th May). To be referred to Vi.

Details of applying for a Costco card were supplied to Vi.


Treasurers Report:

£2,712.57 currently held on the community account. £9,211.30 currently held on the Saver account. Refund due from NPower


Fundraising: None planned.


User Group Reports: ACT ran successful May Day Sale and litter pick. Sports Club are planning to run until half-term. WI would like to use the back room only for their meetings. Parish Council, Bowls Club nothing to report. No Church representative but Barbara C asked if they borrow chairs for the choir concert on 11/5/13 agreed.

Bob asked if all user groups could ask their meetings for feedback on the backroom and general improvements and report back at the next meeting.  


Hall Bookings: The school have used the back room for a couple of events. A new parent and toddler group (3-2-1-0) is due to start on Tuesday 11th June from 1 – 2.30. Felton Beavers have expressed an interest for Thursday evenings from 6-7. Cramlington Village School plan to stop for 2 nights in the main hall (18/6/13) with 3 adults and 12 children.


Review of Hiring Rates:

New rates approved with effect from 1st July 2013

                                              Back room              Main hall                Joint  

Business use:                        £10 per hour           £10 per hour           £20 per hour

Non business:                        £10 per hour           £10 per hour           £15 per hour

Regular users *                      £10 per hour           £10 per hour           £10 per hour

* ie only those represented on Village Hall Committee currently WI, ACT, Parish Council, Sports Club, Bowls Club.

Other regular users ie Church, Art Group and the School should be invited to be represented again.

If anyone wants to book part of the hall when it is being used by one of the regular users check before accepting booking.

Letters to go to all groups.


Any other Business:



Next Meeting: Thursday 6th June 2013 at 7.30pm in the back room.