Present: Steve Thorpe, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Lorna Budge, Pat Hawkins, Linda Gordon, Bob Smailes, Barbara King, Vi Currie, George Walton and Steven Bush


Apologies: Eddie Critchlow


Minutes of last 2 meetings: Changed to read that Lorna was present at the meeting on 13th March


Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda: None


Correspondence and secretaries report

·                     The next NNVHC meeting is on Thursday 5th June 7pm at Howick Village Hall which includes a speaker on encouraging the participation of young people in the services and activities provided by village halls. Anyone interested in attending should let Sharon know.

·                     Northumberland County Council has hired the hall for the European Elections on 22nd May. Bank details have been supplied to them. A copy of the letter was given to Alison.  Alison will need help to lift out polling booths.

·                     The gas and electricity contracts have been reviewed as they were up for renewal unable to find a low enough competitor to make it worth changing suppliers. CNG will continue to supply Gas and Haven our electricity. Sharon will continue to submit monthly meter readings but the treasurer should review the contracts in future. 

·                     The TEN application for an alcohol licence for the wedding reception on 14th June has been submitted to Northumberland County Council.

·                     Alison to provide her mother-in-law’s address so a thank you letter can be sent for the donation of the microwave.

·                     The Hire Agreement, Conditions of Hire and Sale of Alcohol forms have all been updated. To go on notice board and emailed to Alison.

·                     Notices to go above radiators asking hall users not to place chairs in front of the radiators and on the notice board reminding them what to do when they leave the hall.

·                     Details of a possible sound system (Kam RZ12A PA-BT) for the village hall were circulated. The committee agrees the purchase of a similar PA system.

·                     We agreed at the last meeting to ask John Davison to design a poster which could be framed thanking Sir Anthony, Robert Parker and Jeff Watson to go in Guyzance Room. – Eddie to advise on NCC wording – to follow up.

·                     The village hall’s tax return has been submitted online to the charity commission. Due to the level of income last year a detailed Trustees Annual Report is also required together with a set of accounts. Sharon will submit this before the 30/7/14 deadline.

·                     A small first aid kit will put in the kitchen together with a notice on the noticeboard of where it is held.

·                     Barbara offered to help Sharon conduct a Fire Safety Review and Risk Assessment for Health and Safety.

·                     Consider changing the premises licence to include the sale of alcohol – carry forward.


Treasurers Report:

£3,674.34 currently held on the community account. £4,913.50 currently held on the Saver account. £60.00 held in petty cash.

·                     Outgoings include £52.88 for a new central heating timer, £100 for cleaning, £294 for named bricks, £2246.22 for gent’s toilet.

·                     Income includes £505 rent. £90 still outstanding from cubs, Alison has invoiced Art Club

·                     Invoice received for £416.18 for electrical work from Bruce Robson. Approved passed to Eddie.

·                     Bob is happy to bank the rent monies.


Refurbishment and general maintenance

·                     See attached notice


 User Group Reports:

·                     ACT May Day Sale, Jazz Festival coming up.

·                     Bowls Club nothing to report as season has finished.

·                     Sports Club running well last session on 16th May to resume in September.

·                     WI asked if they could store 2 sealed boxes of books in the back room – agreed.  

·                     Parish Council. Poor state of the car park was mentioned.

·                     Church. Asked if they could borrow small teapots from the hall on July 2nd for a fundraising event at Guyzance Hall –   agreed provided not needed by hall users. Summer fair arranged 7th June 11-1.

·                      3-2-1-0 numbers up to 13.

·                     School. The school may use the hall for PE over the Summer if wet.


 Hall Bookings:

·                     Over Easter the only bookings were Art Group and Isla the dog behaviourist.

·                     Kids’ dancing was tried but no-one turned up.

·                     Christening in July

·                     WEA Art Appreciation ceased this week. There is the possibility of new courses being run.



·                     Quiz night arranged for 21st June 7.30 for 8, pooled supper, raffle. Alison to set questions.

·                     100 or 50 club suggested by Pam. Need to assess level of support, Pat advised that collecting the money can be onerous, Eddie to be asked. C/Fwd

·                     Barbara reminded about using the easyfundraising site on the village hall website. So far we had raised £49.71 (mainly through her purchases). A concern was raised that the download may slow down your computer. The committee agreed to try this out and report back.

·                     The community Chest grant was advertised in the Gazette. Bob passed details on to Eddie.


Change of premises licence to include alcohol:

·                     C/Fwd


Transfer of custodianship to PC:

·                     C/Fwd


Any other Business:

·                     Alison needs help Monday 19th May at 5.30pm and Wednesday at 10am to open up the hall. Lorna and Pam offered to help.


Next Meeting:

·                     Thursday 12th June 2014 at 7pm



Report for Village hall meeting on 8th May 2014 on refurbishments


Following the Special Meeting on 3rd April Steve convened a sub-committee with Bob, Alison and Vi on 7th April to take forward all of the refurbishments and maintenance.

A lot of work has been done especially by Bob – there is more to do and this is detailed in this report.

This committee will remain the decision maker for work done by the sub-committee.


1.           Bricks Vi has collected all of the bricks – special thanks to her – and they are on the stage. Vi is waiting to hear when Alistair’s bricklayer can install them. Bob expressed concern over the delay when people have paid up to £100 for the bricks. Vi has planned the layout. Additionally brickwork on the other side of the hall will be repaired.

2.           Blinds in the Guyzance Room  are now working.

3.           Light switch in the GR – Problem appeared to have been solved by Bruce but has re-occurred. Vi to contact Bruce again - may need to consider alternatives.

4.           Boiler switch – Removed by Bruce

5.           Electrical Certificates – Bruce provided these today.

6.           Hand-dryer in disabled toilet in main hall – Suggested use paper towels as already provided – Agreed. The key to the towel dispenser is missing - Bob to d/w

7.           Problem with plastic cladding on facias front and back due to length/joins – Vi to go back to Neil Davison for more info.

8.           Storm damaged facia repaired by Neil Davison. – Invoice awaited

9.           Boards at side painted by Vi – thank you Vi.

10.        Banked earth at side of hall– Recommended infill with earth and seed with grass – will not membrane, gravel and rocks as this will be labour intensive and gravel will not remain in place. A work party of Alison, Vi, Lorna, Eddie, Garry and Michael moved the rocks and some gravel from Paul Besford’s to the village hall. Rocks could be used as rockery in future. – Thanks to everyone. We recommend the gravel to be used for a French drain for the village hall to prevent earth building up close to the walls. Still more gravel to collect. – Committee agreed for the gravel to be used on the French Drain.

           Wild meadow sowing was suggested instead of grass seeding the bank. Weedkill and levelling would be required regardless. Bob offered to weedkill, Vi suggested hiring someone to carry out the groundwork, Linda mentioned the H+S aspect. Pat and Linda will forward contact details of possible contractors – to be discussed.

11.        Porch Sub-committee recommend not to clad porch at present – Agreed. Vi to ask Neil Davison to put in windowsills and floor ledge to internal doors. Thresh for front doors to be provided by Bob. These doors need repainting. Local estimates to be obtained from Vi. Bob recommended same green colour as we already have this paint - agreed.

12.        Kitchen Alison to contact Jeff Wade to carry out redecoration above tiling. Vi and Alison to choose colour. Recommend ceiling to be painted and coving only – Bob to paint and Jeff Wade coving. Agreed. Loft insulation to be installed above kitchen. Fusebox to be rehung by committee.

13.        Insulation to hall ceiling Alison has contacted Louise Currie for details of grant providers.

14.        Gents toilet Plumbtec completed work satisfactorily and the invoice is as per estimate £2246.22. Bob Alison and Vi have painted gents – thank you. Another coat required on back walls of cubicles. Quarry tiles will need scraping and cleaning – Vi and Alison have offered to do this. Retain paper towel dispenser – no electric hand dryer – Agreed. Light switch disabled and linked to light in hall by Bruce. Fusebox door to be rehung to open to wall. Matthew to do. No change to lighting. Waste pipe repaired. Guttering still to be repaired

15.        Understage Area Jeff Wade’s estimate to be clarified with a view to going ahead without additional estimates. Bob and Alison to do.

16.        Table Storage Eddie to d/w

17.        Shed/Base Bob, Vi, Alison to get estimates

18.        Moving of seat C/fwd

19.        Chimney breast has been repaired by Bob – thanks

20.        Door frames repainted by Bob – thanks

21.        Resealing hall floor To be d/w after the wedding

22.        Pothole repairs Alison to chase NCC

23.        Subsidence at end of ramp /c/fwd

24.        Clock George has provided clock for GR to be fixed to wall

25.        Hall floor near stage needs investigation C/fwd

26.        General minor redec of hall required

27.        Draught excluders to be fitted to internal doors.

28.        Weed covered area by GR to be sorted by Bob

29.        Central heating controls Researched. Met with Amble Gas. Order placed for 7 day timer to be fitted

30.        Wheelchair Access Signs put up by Bob

31.        Car Park Following comments made at the Parish Council meeting the poor state of the car park was discussed. As it was used as the only safe turning circle by a variety of village traffic a decent surface was required which would be very expensive (a cheaper form would be “scrapings”). Jeff Watson could offer no solution. Community Chest Grant to be considered.

32.        Gap between wall and skirting in table cupboard to be looked at.

33.        Grass-cutting John Robson upset at the state of the grass cuttings being left under the hedge. Green bins discussed problem with emptying grass collector - Steve to speak to John. Molehills have been levelled but may still be a problem.



Everyone from the committee is welcome to come along to the next sub-committee meeting which is to be held on Monday 12th May at 10am in the village hall. Emails will be sent out letting the rest of the committee know when help is required.