Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Alison Sharpe, Christine Boulby, Steven Bush, Lorna Budge


Apologies: George Walton, Pam Pringle, Barbara King, Linda Gordon, Sharon Thorpe


Minutes of Last Meeting and matters arising:

Minutes read and agreed.

·          Eddie has received e- mail from energy consortium confirming new agreement commenced on 17th May 2015. Eddie will check when the first bill is received from them that we have been put on the correct tariff with Haven.

·          No update from Violet on when fire exit lock will be fitted in Guyzance room.

·          Alison has heard from PlumTec and they are hoping to fit new guttering around the 20th – 21st of June. Alison is waiting for confirmation of this.

·          Alison will obtain quotes for gent’s toilet window.

·          Violet to update on board for the backroom.

·          Cupboard in the main Hall where a draught is coming through needs to be looked at. Eddie suggested lining it with foil backed plaster board attached to new batons. Bob will look into cost of this.

·          No home base manual yet in respect of sheds. Christine suggested attaching shed to one of the walls of Hall; however this was not feasible as a suitable wall not available. Christine also suggested looking at plastic sheds as they are cheaper, easier to erect and would be low maintenance.

·          Mail box has been ordered.

·          Coping stones have been fixed.


Treasurers Report:

·          Community Account - £5438.00

·          IAS-£4999.28

·          £735.00 paid in since last month

·          Eddie will check whether we are in receipt of £240 in respect of Election Day, and £100 in respect of CAN conference.



·          Alison reported that the Pilates class had been so successful that the tutor is considering running another class.

·          Border fest is booked in for day in September.

·          Sports club has finished for the summer.

·          Bowls club finished for the summer.

·          ACT May Day sale was very successful. ACT is holding a Haiwian evening on 4th July.

·          No report from Church. However they are holding a Scarecrow festival on 15th August.

·          Toddler group is running along well between 4- 12 attendees a week.

·          Art group still meet every Thursday morning. Possibility of another Art display in October.

·          Nothing to report from Parish Council.

·          WI no report.



·          Violet to let Eddie have information she has obtained in respect of circulatory fans for the Hall. Fans were priced at £450.00 each. It was agreed that a sub Committee would be formed to get this moving before the winter. It was agreed by those present at meeting to go ahead and purchase these, expenditure approved.

·          Recent work party to put in French drain went well and thanks extended to all those who attended.

·          ACT will be asked at its next meeting whether they would consider removing photocopier altogether as it is used very little now.

·          Front door skirting has been fixed.

·          Hose pipe reel and bracket c/f


Suggestions for next work party:

·          Emergency exit on right hand side of the Hall does not open to full extent , this is because of uneven ground outside door , it was agreed to put slabs down to rectify this.

·          Bank on right hand side of Hall, Bob suggested putting down membrane and covering with wood chip. This would be very low maintenance. Bob will enquire about woodchips.



·          Sharon passed on message that the next NNVHC Meeting is on 24th June @ Ellingham Village Hall @7pm.



·          Coal truck at side of Hall to be moved by the Parish Council.

·          Violet has two fruit trees that could be planted to east of Village Hall garden.

·          Bob raised the issue of opening up under the stage and then replacing missing paneling. Alison to get quote from local carpenters for this work.

·          Alison to ask Linda about ordering accident book.

·          Bedding plants to be purchased for outside Village Hall if needed.

·          Cleaning lady next due on 12th June. Her hourly rate is increasing from that date.


Date of next Meeting:  23 July 2015 @ 7pm.