Present: Eddie Critchlow, Christine Boulby, June Barras, Sharon Thorpe, Bob Smailes, George Walton, Alison Sharpe, Violet Currie, Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Pam Pringle

Minutes of previous meeting: Read agreed and signed by Chair.

Matters arising: The proposed dishwasher for the kitchen will need specialist plumbing. The cost of a dishwasher will be between 600-800. Alison will contact some plumbing firms for quotes and information. Reservations were raised about the positioning of the dishwasher as the only empty under counter space is just inside the door and could cause an obstruction.

Eddie suggested weighing the stage curtains so that a suitable curtain rail can be ordered for the stage.

Treasurers report:

Bank Account: 6,100

Savings Account: 5,000

Balance sheet needs to be completed by 31/ 07/2016. Bob and Sharon will meet to agree sheet.

Eddie has been looking into the cost of improving the surface of the car park. The cost of tarmac is prohibitive. Compressed gravel seems to be the best alternative costing between 7,000-8,000. Eddie hopes to receive some funding towards this and the Village Hall will pay the balance. Compacted gravel would be wheelchair and pushchair friendly. Vi expressed concerns about its suitability and asked whether the Committee could see an example before making a decision, Eddie to arrange this. In principle Committee is agreeable to putting money towards resurfacing work.

Eddie has receipt for 56 in respect of payment for garden waste bins.

Eddie said that nothing can be changed in respect of electricity supplier as Village Hall tied into current contract.


         Pilates is moving to Monday evening at the end of March. This is whilst Bowls Club is taking its summer break.

         Art group is holding an exhibition on 8th May between 10am-4pm.

         Polling day for local elections in May, and European elections 23/06/16

         Church Fair June 14th.

         ACT Village Spring clean day 16th April.

User Reports:

         WI.  June asked whether there was any clarification on charges for the rental of the Hall. Sharon explained that all details are on the Village Website.

         Sports Club nothing to report.

         Church no issues.

         Bowls club. George reported that when arriving at the Hall door to the toilet corridor had been left open resulting in heat loss. Suggested that an automatic closer hinge be put on door.

         Art group are holding an exhibition on 8th May. Christine reported that they had difficulty opening the main doors into the Hall in wet weather. Bob said he would plane a bit off the top of the door as it swells in the rain.

         Parish Council to move coal truck in the better weather.


         Violet reported that Bruce is not convinced that the speed controllers on the fans in the Hall are working as intended. He is going to look at an alternative costing approximately 85. Committee agreed to this.

         Violet has been unable to speak to her contact in respect of the garden banks. However she will keep trying and also ask about costs in respect of laying the base for garden shed.

         Bob and George will take door off the meter cupboard, cut it length ways, and re-hang them. This should make access to the meters a lot easier.

         Bob suggested having an automatic door closing mechanism put onto door into toilet corridor.

         Floorboard with nail sticking out, Bob will pull out nail and screw floorboard down. Violet will try and contact contractors who varnished the floor a few years ago and ask them for a quote to do it again.

         Instructions for cooker to be printed from the internet, laminated, and displayed in kitchen.

Next Village Hall consortium meeting: Howick 2nd June 2016.

Fund Raising: Alison suggested holding an Italian supper and quiz night. This was agreed for 21 May 2016.

AoB: Alison reported that she had phoned the Council about obtaining an Alcohol license. She has downloaded application form and someone from the authority will come out and help complete it.

George asked what the policy on stacking chairs in both halls was. They should be stacked 2 high in main hall and 5 high in Guyzance room.

Date Next Meeting: 14th April 2016 @ 7pm.