Present: Sharon Thorpe June Barras Steven Bush Chris Boulby George Walton Alison Sharpe and Lorna Budge

Apologies: Bob Smailes

Minutes last meeting read and agreed.

Matters arising:

         Dishwasher still being considered.

         George suggested putting heavy duty screws along stage curtain pole every 4 inches to provide additional support.

Treasurers report:

No treasurers report available. Sharon said that 2015 report has not yet been approved.  This needs to be done and sent off to Charity Commission before the end of July.  They could be sent around the Committee by e- mail for approval by either Eddie or Bob.

Car Park:

 Committee were agreeable to the quote of 9388. Of which the Village Hall Committee will pay 4388. Eddie and Bob to also approve decision.


         Belly dancers have finished for the summer.

         Alison reported that The Jumping Hot Club had booked the Hall for an evening. Alison is going to seek confirmation that they are limiting ticket numbers to 100, as the evening has been very well advertised.

         Italian Quiz night has been cancelled.

User Groups:

         Bowls club markers are on the main Hall floor.

         Art group had problems with the polling booth leaning against their wardrobe. This resulted in an accident occurring. An accident book has been purchased and is located in the main kitchen.

         Alison explained that polling booth was very heavy and it would be easier if the polling agents put this up themselves. However until proper storage is available for it this would not be possible. This could be resolved when the shed is erected.

         Art Group asked whether it would be possible to provide proper signage to advertise different events. It was agreed to look into this and find a suitable place to site it.

         Church nothing to report.

         ACT summer fair on 4th June. Mama Mia sing along evening on 27th August.

         Toddler group asked whether they could have their own notice board in Hall. Alison to look into.

         Sports Club finishing this week for the summer.


         Speed controls not yet changed on fans in Hall.

         Electric cupboard still to be changed.

         Automatic closer for main toilet door has been purchased just needs to be fitted.

         Coal truck will be moved by Parish Council

         Quote has been obtained for base of shed and retaining wall, levelling rear Hall and move stones. Vi had estimate 2,040.

         Alison said she would clean cooker in Hall.


         Bob to discuss policy with Alcohol license.

         Defibrillator for the Village is being discussed by Parish Council.

Next Meeting 7th July 7pm.