Present: George Walton Alison Sharpe Eddie Critchlow June Barras Christine Boulby Sharon Thorpe Violet Currie Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Bob Smailes Steve Bush

Minutes of previous meeting: Read and agreed

Matters Arising:

         Dishwasher still ongoing. Enquiries still to be made. Positioning of a dishwasher still an issue. Financial implications also to be investigated.

         Curtain pole for stage, agreed that we probably need a Commercial quality pole.

Financial report:

         Copy of accounts for annual return needs to be approved and sent to the Charity Commission. Eddie distributed copies of the accounts and these were accepted as ratified accounts. Thanks extended to Sharon for her work on these.

         Eddie has paperwork from NCC in respect of grant for 5000 towards costs of tarmacing Village Hall car park.


         Ethnic dance group has stopped for the time being. It is hoped they will return in the autumn

         Two wedding receptions have been booked over the summer.

         Christening booked in September. There is a possibility that Village Hall Committee will run a limited bar for them.

         Jumping Hot Club music event on 6th August, Alison has confirmed that only 120 tickets are available and no tickets will be sold on the door .Alison will check they have their own insurance. Violet to enquire about extra parking around the Village. Neighbors to be informed that there will be music playing.

User Groups:

         ACT Mama Mia sing a long evening 27th August 2016. Halloween Ceilidh 29th October 2016. Whistling Sheep have been booked.

         Bowls club need to come into Hall and level of Bowls Boards before start of season.

         Art group nothing to report.

         Church nothing to report

         WI nothing to report

         Parish Council nothing to report

         Toddlers nothing to report

         Sports Club finished for the summer.

         Sharon suggested asking the School whether they want to send a representative to the meetings.


         Speed controllers on fans still to be changed.

         Electric cupboard door. George and Eddie to look at.

         Automatic door closer needs to be fitted to toilet corridor door.

         Coal Truck to be moved to Broomhill

         Base has been put in for shed. Leveling bank and stones to rear of Hall has been completed.

         Working party to meet on 20th July at 6pm to erect shed to rear of Hall.

         Alison has cleaned Hall cooker.

         Coping stones along the top of the wall outside Guyzanze room have been stuck on again. Thanks to Alistair Currie for this. Two coping stones are broken and will need replacing. Violet suggested putting up post and rails to prevent people standing on them.

         Wood across front door thresh looks as if it may be lifting.


Alison to e- mail Parish Clerk about de fibrillator for the Village.

Village Hall Policy around Alcohol license. Bob was meeting issuer about License.

Next Meeting:

8TH September 2016 @7pm.