Apologies: Lorna Budge, Barbara Cock and Pat Hawkins
Present: Eddie Critchlow, Bob Smailes, Sharon Thorpe, Alison Sharpe, Steve Thorpe, Vi Currie, Barbara King, George Walton, Steven Bush, Linda Gordon and Pam Pringle
The minutes of the last AGM were read and approved.
The treasurer Bob Smailes presented the Income and Expenditure Account and a summary of the Guyzance Room funding and costs. £2,552.74 is held on the current account, £14,780.54 on the Business Saver/Instant Access account and £12.65 cash in hand. The accounts were approved by the committee.
The Chairman Eddie Critchlow gave the following report:-
· Sad loss of committee member David Hammond.
· I think I can safely say the Management Committee has had another very successful year.
· Major achievement to get the Guyzance Room built and open:
– Fabulous community asset.
– Lots of hard work behind the scenes from committee members.
– Great opening party.
– Used by existing groups. Has attracted new groups to the Village Hall e.g. 3,2,1, Zeroes, Zumba.
·              Committee have already planned further improvements to the Village Hall.
– Currently securing funding for a central heating system.
– Committed finance to:
• Improving the kitchen.
• Replacing last of the wooden windows with uPVC.
• Replacing porch windows and internal doors with uPVC.
• Replace wooden fire doors with uPVC fire doors.

Last Year
· Continued use by existing community groups
· Little disruption during Guyzance Room construction.
· Success as a wedding venue.
· Welcome to the 1st Felton Cubs now meeting at the Hall.
· Numerous ACT functions including New Years Eve party and Burns Night celebration

The Future
· The Committee has already started work to upgrade the facilities in the rest of the Hall to match those offered in the Guyzance Room
– I hope that the Committee continues this work.
·              I believe that we still need to identify ways to make the Hall sustainable
– Reducing our carbon footprint.
– Maintaining good links with the local community to ensure we provide facilities that the community needs.
Thank You
· All the success of the last year could not have been achieved without the hard work of the Management Committee. You all deserve a large pat on the back.
· In particular I would like to thank:
– Sharon Thorpe as Secretary. I’m always impressed by how quickly the minutes follow our meetings.
– Bob Smailes as Treasurer.
– Alison Sharpe for looking after Hall Bookings.
– Steve Thorpe for covering as Chairman and Secretary.
– Barbara King for PR work through our web page and the Pelican.
– Barbara Cock, a long standing committee member and ex-secretary.
· I look forward to working with you all next year as we take the Village Hall from strength to strength.
· Of course the Village Hall would not be open without the one vital asset.
· A big thank you to all our users across the large spectrum of activities and age ranges.
· Without the regular community groups using the Hall the Management Committee’s job would be much harder.
Four management trustees were elected Alison Sharpe, Vi Currie Bob Smailes, and Sharon Thorpe.
Date of next AGM is Thursday 23rd October 2014 at 7pm.