ART PORTFOLIO            Sylvia McClure                   

I used to go out sketching when I was a teenager but only took up painting when living in the Middle East during the early eighties when my husband bought me a set of oil paints and a `teach yourself` book.  Returning to England in 1986 I had to put my brushes aside as leisure time was scarce compared to previously and it is only since moving to this wonderful county in 2004 that I have   taken it up again and now regret all those wasted years.    Initially I painted in oils but since 2004 have tried other mediums: acrylics, soft pastels,  oil pastels, inks, wax pastels, and watercolours, and have experimented with mixed media and collage.  Lately I have gone back to pencil drawing,  and have had great fun reproducing some of my grandchildrens`soft toys, something I hope to continue more seriously.  

I particularly enjoy painting  landscapes and seascapes;  inspiration is provided by the magnificence of Northumberland,  its variety and richness of shapes, the sweep of the land, the movement of the sea, the clarity of light, and of course, the huge skies.  A painter`s paradise!