Present: Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, T Corson, E Critchlow, G Orr, A Sharpe, G Townsend and County Councillor J Watson
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown

1. Apologies for absence G Budge, I Monkhouse, L Welch

2. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda – None.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 2 September 2014 were agreed and signed as a true record.

4. Standing item – Public Questions

5. Matters arising there from

a. Replacement posts for road signs – The Clerk would chase this up.

b. Chicane damage – The chicane had been repaired

c. National speed limit sign at Acklington Road/North Broomhill – The signs had been replaced.

d. Acklington Road; thinning out the trees/shrubs back to the fence in prep of new bus shelter at North Broomhill – The Clerk was trying to have the weeds cut back as they were limiting accessibility to the timetable notice.

e. Footpath from the dog bin to the bridge – The footpath was becoming extremely narrow. The Clerk had requested Highways to edge the grass that was causing the problem.

f. St. Omer Road street sign – The sign has now been installed as requested.

g. 30mph road markings – The Clerk had been pursing the re-painting of the road marking at the junction to Churchill Way.

h. Edging between path and road at Churchill Way – This was clarified as the edge of the carriageway breaking down at approx. 2-3 Acklington Drive.

i. RAF Acklington Memorial – Cllr Sharpe informed that ACT would be meeting in the next week and she would raise this for discussion.

j. Cutting back of vegetation at small second bridge towards Guyzance – It was noted that this had been done.

k. Frequency of NCC emptying litter bins – The receipt of this information was still pending.

l. Bench installation for bus shelter at cross roads/new recycled plastic benches – Cllr Newton had the seat and bench and would progress the installation in due course.

m. Right of Way - Field House Farm down to the old coal road – The Clerk had put a request in to Right of Way Officer for the footpath to be cleared. It was agreed that the link to the Public Right of Way website should be added to the Parish website and included in the Pelican. A3 copies would be put in the noticeboards.

n. RoSPA recommendations – As the repairs were no risk, they would be progressed for the Spring.

o. Affordable housing; terms of occupation – It was agreed the Clerk would forward the contact details of NCC Officer Mark Ketley to Cllr Barras to query the application process for the allocation of housing.

6. Standing item – Report by County Councillor: Cllr Watson informed that now that the Amble bus shelter was near complete, he anticipated the paperwork for the North Broomhill bus shelter to be received in January so this could be progressed.

7. Finance:

a) Financial Summary The balance on account at 4th November was £5079.31

b) payments for the month
  Cheque No Payee Reason     Amount
  000369 E Brown Salary/Expenses  Sept/Oct £114.46
  000370 HMRC PAYE Sept/Oct £24.60
  000371 NCC Grass Cutting £788.14
  Date Debtor Reason     Amount
  11.08.14 Lloyds Interest £0.13
  09.09.14 Lloyds Interest £0.13
  16.09.14 NCC Precept £2,375.00
  24.09.14 Northern Powergrid Sub Station rent £5.00
  09.10.14 Lloyds Interest £0.18
  13.10.14 HMRC VAT reclaim 21.09.13-28.08.14 £129.80

c) Year end Audit
To consider any issues arising – The year end audit was complete with the only matter arising being the allocation of the non-recurrent grant into the precept budget rather than any other income. This was noted and no further action was required.

8. Planning:

a. To report on any planning decisions:
14/02447/FUL - Acklington Park Acklington - Erection of a steel portal framed agricultural general purpose building for the storage of small machinery, equipment, feed and fertiliser. GRANTED
14/02089/FELTPO - Land At Beechgrove And 5 Acklington Village - Tree Preservation Order application to reduce weight in 1 area of Horse Chestnut and dead wood (T1); Removal of Sycamore Tree (T2) GRANTED
14/02194/LBC - 5 Guyzance Village Guyzance - Listed building consent for demolition of existing garage and greenhouse to rear and construction of a new garage/log store and greenhouse. GRANTED

b. Planning matters pending:
13/03104/VARYCO - Land Situate At Bank House Farm - Removal of condition 2 of application A/2006/0373 (Conversion, subdivision and alteration of vacant buildings to create 11 no. permanent holiday cottages) - Objections
14/01250/FUL - Land West Of 14 Churchill Way - Proposal for the creation of 5 detached family homes on vacant land at Churchill Way, Acklington with associated car parking (re-submission) – Concerns raised.
14/02486/VARYCO - The Hemmel Bank House Farm Acklington - Variation of Condition 4 (windows) and Removal of Conditions 5 (permanent residential accommodation), 8 (agricultural use/holiday let) and 9 (no overnight accommodation) of planning permission A/2010/0132 - Restoration of hemmel building. Building to be used for agricultural storage only and will include camping accommodation as amended by email dated 1st June 2010 – Objections raised.

c. To consider any planning matters:
14/03220/FUL – Cooksburn Mill, Acklington NE65 9AE – Change of use of land at Cooksburn Mill to accommodate construction of 4 new holiday chalets – The Members had no objections but there were concerns expressed about the adequacy of roads in the area and the cumulative effect of all the developments. The Clerk would request Highways to carry out an assessment of the roads.
14/03501/FUL – 33 The Village, Acklington NE65 9BL – Single storey extension to rear of property – The Members had no objections but felt this was bordering on over development and would therefore like to see no further development in the future.

9. Requested Agenda Items

Review of Risk Assessment – The risk assessment was adopted with no amendments.

Review of Policies – The Clerk would review the policies for approval at the January meeting.

Draft Budget – It was agreed to circulate previous year’s figures and bring the draft budget back to the January meeting for consideration.

Remembrance Day Service – The Clerk informed the council that Mr Parker had given permission for access to the War Memorial at Guyzance Bridge for a Remembrance Sunday service.

10. Correspondence Received

Warkworth with Amble Royal British Legion - To consider covering the hire cost of the Village Hall on 9th November for WW1 display – The £50 hire fee was agreed.

Alnwick Playhouse – Request for financial support towards running costs – It was agreed that the Parish Council could not financially support the Playhouse on this occasion due to the limited budget held.

St. John The Divine Parochial Church Council – Request for financial support towards the upkeep of the churchyard – Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972, section 214(6) the Members agreed to a donation of £250.

Legalcare – Request for Financial support – The Members agreed not to financially support this cause, feeling that other existing charities already provided this service.

Great North Air Ambulance – to consider budgeting towards a grant of financial support in the year 2015/16 – It was agreed to consider this whilst setting the budget.

NCC – Northumberland Local Heroes – The information requesting nominations in recognition of act of neighbourliness in communities was passed to Cllr Sharp to display in the village hall.

Clerks & Councils Direct - November 2014 - This was received for information.

NCC – New Town & Parish Council website and @ask mailbox – The Clerk informed of a website for Town and Parish Council with quick links and explained that NCC had decommissioned the mailbox. The Clerk was due to attend a Clerks Forum with the Executive Director and would raise concerns regarding the removal of the mailbox.

NCC – Rough sleeper pro forma – no further action as there were no known rough sleepers in the parish.

NCC – Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy – The Clerk informed that the next stage of consultation would commence on 12th December through to 11th February.

NCC – Consultation on the future of the Acklington village phonebox – As part of BT’s programme of removing low-useage phone boxes, the continued provision of a phone box in the village was now up for review. The Clerk had queried the level of useage and had been told that 23 calls had been made from the phonebox but it was unclear what period of time this covered. The Members agreed that they would like to keep the phone box but would also like to see more accurate data on its recent useage.

NCC – Parish Precepts – The letter informed that the deadline for submission of the precept request would be 2nd February 2015.

11. Urgent Items

Cllr Sharp informed that two flower tubs needed replacing at the crossroads in Acklington and would check with ACT if it was willing to share the cost.

Cllr Corson requested an update on the installation of goal posts in Churchill Way, this would be brought back to the January meeting.

Concern was raised over an overgrown bush obstructing a footpath in the village which was forcing pedestrians and wheelchairs onto the road. The Clerk would pursue this with the property owner with a view to having the bush cut back.

12. Items for next agenda

Draft Budget
Review of policies

13. Next meeting

TUESDAY 6th JANUARY 2015 at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall

The meeting closed at 9.15pm