Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, T Corson, E Critchlow, G Orr, I Monkhouse, A Sharpe and L Welch.
County Councillor Watson
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
PC Paul Dent
3 Members of the public present.

1. Apologies for absence  G Budge.

2. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda – None.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 1 July 2014 were agreed and signed as a true record.

4. Business expressly required by statute
Parish Council vacancy – Co-option of Councillor: The three candidates; Nell Gair, Martin Townshend and Isobel Lillie introduced themselves providing their background information and detailing why they would like to join the Parish Council. The Clerk circulated voting slips to the Members which were completed and returned to the Clerk. After a count the Chair announced that Martin Townshend would be appointed as Parish Councillor. The Clerk would contact Martin to arrange the completion of the necessary paperwork.

5. Standing item – Public Questions
PC Paul Dent – Northumbria Police
PC Dent introduced himself as the beat manager for the Morpeth area which included Acklington; while he would attempt to frequent meetings more often, he explained that he would not be able to attend on a monthly basis.
The Clerk had informed PC Dent in advance that the Council were concerned about speeding through the village and whether he had any thoughts on how 30mph limit can be more effectively enforced/policed. The Clerk also asked how the parish compares to the surrounding area in terms of reported crime.
PC Dent advised against speed bumps/pillow recommending chicanes as the best method in his opinion of slowing traffic. He explained that he often has a presence in the village with a laser device and will continue to enforce the speed limit by this method. He detailed the Community Speedwatch which can be done in teams of 2 volunteers in which Northumbria Police provide the laser device. He noted a cluster of Morpeth area Parish Councils who had purchased their own laser device system which cost in the region of £3000, Northumbria Police continue to cover the on costs in terms of maintenance of the device.
Regarding crime figures PC Dent informed that statistics are available to be viewed on the Northumbria Police website based on postcodes and types of crime. There is normally a monthly delay in the statistics being published. He provided the statistics which were extremely low but did not include HMP Northumberland in the figures. Road traffic offences are low and Northumbria Police had recently had three good results in arresting known rural criminals.
PC Dent suggested the Parish Council invites the Manager of Sodexo to a meeting after a year of the privatisation of the prison service for details of any incident statistics.
PC Dent informed of telephone number 101 for non-urgent issues and 999 for urgent. The Clerk also had his email address for any particular issues the Council may wish to raise.
The Chair thanked PC Dent for taking the time to meet with the Council.
PC Dent left the meeting.

6. Matters Arising there from:
a: Replacement posts for road signs – Cllr Newton was to provide details of the locations of the posts to the Parish Clerk.
b: Chicane damage – The Clerk informed that NCC had this repair on a job list and it should be complete within 2 weeks.
c: National speed limit sign at Acklington Road/North Broomhill – The sign should be replaced within the next 2 weeks.
d: Acklington Road; thinning out the trees/shrubs back to the fence in prep of new bus shelter – as it may be several months before the bus shelter was purchased, this would be returned to the agenda nearer the time.
e. Footpath from the dog bin to the bridge – The Clerk would continue to chase this up with NCC.
f. St. Omer Road street sign – The sign should be fixed in place by NCC within 2 weeks.
g. 30mph road markings – The Clerk would continue to chase this up.
h: Edging between path and road a Churchill Way – The Clerk explained that this issue was not visible to her on a visit to Churchill Way. Cllr Barras believed the edging was from Acklington Drive towards the grit bin. The Clerk would investigate further.
i: RAF Acklington Memorial – The Clerk and Cllr Watson had met with Clair Hutchings of Sodexo who had explained that the organisation were keen to be involved in the project and help in any way they can re: providing materials or work through their workshops. Cllr Newton suggested a sub committee be formed to discuss the project further which interested parties invited to attend. Cllr Sharp would contact Acklington Community Team to establish their interest in being involved.
Mrs Hutchings had also stated that Sodexo would continue to help with community projects where possible.
j: Cutting back of vegetation at small second bridge towards Guyzance – it was noted that this had not been done and was particularly bad, the Clerk would ask this to be done asap.
k: Frequency of NCC emptying litter bins – The Clerk was attempting to get this information through the Locality Officer.
l/m: Bench installation for bus shelter at cross roads - New recycled plastic benches The Clerk had ordered a brown recycled plastic bench for the bus shelter and a brown recycled plastic seat for the crossroads locations. Delivery was anticipated within the next week.
n: Right of Way - Field House Farm down to the old coal road – The Clerk would ask the Definitive Rights of Way for a copy of the map and also to request the landowner clear the path.

7. Standing item – Report by County Councillor
County Cllr Watson had nothing to report on this occasion.

8. Finance:
a) Financial Summary The balance on account at 2nd September was £5079.31
b) payments for the month
   Cheque No Payee Reason


     000365 E. Brown Expenses for July and August


     000365 Co-op Wine auditor


     000365 Asda Printer ink


     000365 Solway Recycling Seat + bench


     000366 Playsafety Inspection


     00036 E. Brown Wages for July and August


9. Planning:
a. To report on any planning decisions:
13/03908/FUL – Brainshaugh Farm – Creation of 2 no. new holiday cottages to existing farm steading - no objections – APPLICATION PERMITTED.
14/01595/FUL - 20 Churchill Way - Two storey side extension to form garage and bedroom –no objections – APPLICATION PERMITTED.
b. Planning matters pending:
13/03104/VARYCO - Land Situate At Bank House Farm - Removal of condition 2 of application A/2006/0373 (Conversion, subdivision and alteration of vacant buildings to create 11 no. permanent holiday cottages) – No objections.
14/01250/FUL - Land West Of 14 Churchill Way - Proposal for the creation of 5 detached family homes on vacant land at Churchill Way, Acklington with associated car parking (re-submission) – Concerns were raised by the Parish Council and conditions suggested.
14/02089/FELTPO - Land At Beechgrove And 5 Acklington Village - Tree Preservation Order application to reduce weight in 1 area of Horse Chestnut and dead wood (T1); Removal of Sycamore Tree (T2) – No objections.
c. To consider any planning matters:
14/02194/LBC - 5 Guyzance Village Guyzance - Listed building consent for demolition of existing garage and greenhouse to rear and construction of a new garage/log store and greenhouse – The Members considered this application and had no objections.
14/02447/FUL - Acklington Park Acklington - Erection of a steel portal framed agricultural general purpose building for the storage of small machinery, equipment, feed and fertiliser – The Members considered this application and had no objections.
14/02486/VARYCO - The Hemmel Bank House Farm Acklington - Variation of Condition 4 (windows) and Removal of Conditions 5 (permanent residential accommodation), 8 (agricultural use/holiday let) and 9 (no overnight accommodation) of planning permission A/2010/0132 - Restoration of hemmel building. Building to be used for agricultural storage only and will include camping accommodation as amended by email dated 1st June 2010 – This application was circulated amongst Members for comments to be submitted to the Clerk.

10. Requested Agenda Items
To consider RoSPA report and recommendations therein – The Clerk detailed the ‘medium risk’ issues highlighted in the report. It was agreed to delegate up to the total of the Play area reserves fund to investigate and carry out repairs. Cllr Newton would arrange a date to meet with other interested Cllrs and the Clerk on site to discuss the issues.

11. Correspondence Received
NCC – Local Transport Plan Programme 2015-16 – The priorities as highlighted last year would remain with the addition of requesting the resurfacing of Churchill Way. Cllr Watson suggested the request for Churchill Way be investigated as part of the Section 106 agreement for the housing development there.
NCC – Wellbeing and Community Health Services – request for info on facilities and amenities – The Clerk had already provided the information that had been requested.
First Northumberland Town & Parish Council Conference 25th September – The Clerk informed that the Conference was now fully booked.
FCERM – Local Flood Risk Strategy – The Members identified Felton Road on the ‘S’ bend, up to Bank House Farm and the junction towards Morwick from the Eastern Crossroads as areas susceptible to flooding from fields.
Northumberland Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment - Notice of site assessment consultation – The Members had no comments.
NALC – Details of AGM – The Clerk would circulate this information by email
NALC e-news July 2014 – The Clerk would circulate by email.
Temporary Road Closure C102 Acklington Junction to Guyzance Lee Junction
Community Action Northumberland – Training for Chair/Clerk/Councillors – The Clerk would forward the training information to the new Councillor.

12. Urgent Items
Cllr Barras informed that he had commented personally to a consultation of the changes to rail franchising stating he wished for the local services to be retained.
Cllr Barras enquired when the new houses on the land west of the Village Hall would be ready and how can people access the letting scheme for them. County Cllr Watson stated that he already questioned the letting arrangement with the Planning Department; Homes for Northumberland had no information on the scheme for the site. The Clerk would check the conditions of the planning applications and Section 106 agreement for affordable housing.

13. Items for next agenda
Review of Risk Assessment
Review of Policies
Draft Budget

14. Next meeting
TUESDAY 4 November at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall

The meeting closed at 9.15pm