At the Meeting of the Council held at Acklington Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 1 November 2016

 Cllrs E Critchlow (Chair), D Barras, N Gair, I Monkhouse, G Orr, A Sharpe and M Townshend.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
County Councillor J Watson.

37.  Apologies: 
Cllrs G Budge, J Newton - The apologies were agreed.

38.  Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda: 

39.  Standing item – Public Questions –

40.  To approve and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 6 September 2016–
the minutes were agreed.

41.  Matters arising therefrom:

a. Road restriction signs – It was noted that the road restriction signs towards Guyzance looked worse for wear and would be monitored for further deterioration.

b. Resurfacing of footpath from dog bin to bridge – County Cllr Watson has met with the Highways Officer and NCC were not prepared to improve this footpath as it was no worse than other footpaths. This item would be removed from the agenda.

c. State of footpaths both sides of B6345 from Village Hall to crossroads – The NCC operator had returned and removed the remainder of moss from the footpaths however the paths were now covered in autumn leaves. Once the last of the leaves have fallen NCC would be requested to clear.

d. S106 Agreements – update from Cllr Newton – No update.

e. Ground improvements at Guyzance Memorial – The contractor had promised to carry out the works prior to Remembrance Day.

f. Trees at roadside near the junction to Guyzance Memorial – Still no works had been carried out on the trees or to the footpaths in item g. These items would be chased up for urgent action.

g. Edging of footpath – NCC had promised that this work would be carried out when the grass cutting season was complete; it was believed that the last cut had now taken place. The Clerk would contact the Officer who had stated they work would be done and request confirmation of when it would be carried out.

h. Playground repairs update – The Clerk would chase up the contractor to arrange the works.

j. Replacement of grit bin (101003782171) reported 30/06/16 and 31/08/16 - It was noted that a replacement bin had still not been provided and the Clerk had chased this up again prior to the meeting. The salt in the grin was of no use as it had been soaked by the rain and as a matter of health and safety the grit bin required replacing with winter fast approaching. County Cllr Watson would chase this up with NCC.

k. Cutting back of trees – Cllr Barras had met with the arborist who had provided advice at no charge. The cherry tree at the sub station was the biggest concern and should a crack appear immediate removal should be carried out. Some of the trees on St. Omer Road were overhanging the road and it was agreed that the lower level of branches should be trimmed. A volunteer group of Councillors would attend to the trees on the weekend of 19th November. Cllr Barras would send Cllrs a reminder email prior to the date.

l. Update on Superfast Broadband – An update on the release date for Guyzance would be requested.

m. Public spaces Protection Order for the Control of Dogs – The Public Spaces Protection Order proposed to make it an offence for any person in charge of a dog to take or allow that dog into area it is excluded from, namely;
all enclosed children’s play areas within the administrative count of Northumberland at any time.
RoSPA provided guidance on the suitable types of fencing for play areas, the Clerk informed that any fencing should also have two gates as this was required for anti-intimidation purposes.
Members felt that some local residents may object to the erection of fencing but unless dog fouling was stopped then the Council would have no choice for the safety of the children. Funding for this project could potentially be a request from the County Councillors Members Small Schemes in the future.

n. NCC Annual conference – Cllr Sharpe felt the event was dominated by information and presentation about the larger Councils, and that smaller parishes were not given the opportunity to talk.

42.  Standing item – Report by County Councillor Watson

Cllr Watson had been querying the whereabouts of the flashing speed limit signs. The response received from Highways stated that this was not the only areas having issues with the lack of the signs. These signs have been failing across the region for some time now, being damaged and unserviceable beyond reasonable economic repair. It was being debated within NCC and it had been suggested that any surplus monies from the digital procurement group could be a possible way of renewing a number of the failed signs.
Cllr Watson would liaise with the vicar regarding the Remembrance Day arrangements for Guyzance Memorial.

43.  Finance:

a) Financial Summary  The balance on account at 26 October 2016 is Treasurers Account; £4550.11, Business Account; £5200.09.

b) Payments  The following list was put before members and agreed for payment.


Cheque No







3 Extra cuts





Wages / Expenses







c) Receipts













44.  Planning:
a. Planning Decisions: None.
b. Planning matters pending: None.
c. To consider any planning matters: None.

45.  Requested Agenda Items –
45.1 Draft Budget for 2017-18 precept – The Draft was discussed and a further version would be circulation to Members for consideration at the January meeting. 11.2: To consider repairs/replacement of noticeboard

46.  Correspondence Received

46.1: NCC – A New Way to Report Local Issues – This information would be circulated to Members.

46.2: NCC - Proposed Footpath Diversion, Acklington Footpath no.5 - High Park Farm
It was proposed to divert a section of the above public footpath in the interests of the public due to erosion of the land. A large area of land immediately adjacent to the footpath has been subject to a land slip. Several houses had been demolished and vehicular access of the track has been stopped. An alternative route has been provided to the east of the farm, and is the suggested alternative route for the footpath as shown on the plan (circulated at meeting). The definitive route of the footpath is still available but the concrete road that it uses is on the edge of the landslip which could cause the road to collapse.
Members were requested to provide comments and after consideration it was agreed unanimously to agree to the proposed course of action.

46.3: NCC - Town & Parish Council Local Services Liaison Meetings – A ‘cluster meeting for the Hadston area was to take place at the end of November/start of December between 14.00 and 16.00, these meetings would take place once every 6 months. Member commented that their preference would have been an evening meeting due to Members work commitments. Acklington Village Hall would be suggested as a venue.

46.4: Acklington PCC – Funding request – An amount of £250 was agreed as per what had been budgeted for the current financial year. The Council would re-look at this when setting the future budget. The Clerk would be looking at the areas cut by NCC under their existing contract and could also request a quote for the cemetery on behalf of the PCC, details on the frequency of cuts would be requested.

46.5: NCC - Parish and Town Council Planning training event invite – The details of training events would again be circulated, Members wishing to attend should contact the Clerk.

46.6: NCC - Waterside Bridge - U3041 Waterside Culvert
As part of the ongoing review of the county’s bridges the County Council are proposing to assess Waterside Bridge, a single span masonry arch structure which carries an unclassified road over Mere Burn at the point of confluence with the rivet Coquet. The culvert appears to be used mainly by farm traffic. The assessment of the culvert is vital to identify whether it can accommodate the traffic load.
The works will involve trial pit to the crown of the arch to collect important information about the bridge because there is no archive information. The works will require a road closure over the bridge and are estimated to take approximately 1 week.
The works have not been currently programmed and therefore, advice on any factors that should be taken into consideration whilst planning the works, particularly with regard to the timing and those affected by the road closure was required. Members had no comments to make regarding this proposal.

46.7: NCC - Forthcoming consultation on Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy - consultation on further major modifications to the Core Strategy will take place between 11 November 2016 and 23 December 2016.
The proposed further major modifications seek to address areas of concern and comments received during the consultation process and also to take account of the Council’s submission of an expression of interest to central government regarding the development of a garden village at Dissington. As well as a new chapter relating to the garden village proposal, the proposed changes include modifications to the Green Belt to take account of the Garden Village proposal, changes to the proposed employment site allocations and safeguarded land north of Lancaster Park and south of Coopies Lane and the current planning status of land adjacent to the A1/Morpeth Northern Bypass.
Alongside the consultation on the proposed further major modifications to the Core Strategy it is proposed to consult on a re-drafted South East Ponteland Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The SPD has been amended to takes account of feedback on the initial draft in November and December 2015 and changes to the education and leisure proposals.

46.8: NCC - Parish Precept Requirement 2017-18 – The precept request should be submitted to NCC by 27th January 2017.

46.9: Vera Baird – Rural Domestic Champions and future public meetings – The letter detailed that there a now some trained Rural Champions and more are welcome and can receive further detail by contacting Rachel.lawson@northumbria-pcc.gov.uk
Public meetings are to be held to which anyone is welcome to attend to talk to Vera about their priorities for policing and the meetings are to be held at County Hall, Morpeth at 5.30pm on 23rd November and The Kings Arms in Berwick at 5.30pm on 1st December.

46.10: Northumberland Age UK – General funding request – Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972, Section 137 Member agreed to grant a donation of £20.

46.11: Great North Air Ambulance – General funding request - Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972, Section 137 Member agreed to grant a donation of £20

47.  Items for next agenda
– Report on Pension providers for Auto Enrolment Staging date which was May 2017, although the Declaration of Compliance was to be complete by February 2017.

48.  Date and time of next meeting
Next meeting: TUESDAY 3 January 2016 at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall

The meeting closed at 9.50pm