At the Meeting of the Council held in Acklington Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 1st September 2015

Present: Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, G Budge, E Critchlow, N Gair, G Orr, A Sharpe, M Townshend and L Welch.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
3 Members of the public were present.

28.  Apologies for absence: Councillor Monkhouse had work commitments. The apologies were accepted.

29.  Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda: None.

30.  Presentation of WW1 Banner - Amble Town Council: Amble Mayor, Craig Weir presented a banner that had been made by James Calvert Spence College to the Parish Council and Acklington Community Team to be displayed in the Village Hall. The banner had been part of Amble’s WW1 commemoration service and had been displayed during an event in 2014. Cllr Sharpe accepted the banner of behalf of ACT passing on thanks to Amble Town Council.

31.  George F White – Potential development – Agent Craig Ross was in attendance to provide information and answer any questions that the Council may have in relation to the re-development of Pearson’s garage and the adjacent paddock. It was explained to Craig prior to the meeting that this should not be considered as a public meeting for consultation purposes and Members urged that the developers hold a public meeting in the future as a development of this size was a ‘large development’ for the size of the community. It was queried how closely the site had been looked at as part of the design process. Mr Ross confirmed that the site was looked at and constraints were mapped out such as trees, surrounding properties and the access which has led the scheme. He confirmed that plot No. 14 is being looked at for revision regarding separation issues; the site is elevated in comparison with Dairy Court. There was concern of overlooking at several of the properties, Mr Ross informed that the existing public objections were to be looked at and discussed with the planning department. It has been agreed that there was no need for affordable housing on site and that a S106 agreement would be processed off site.
Of the boundary trees it was only intended to remove one. The services would be proposed to link into the small sewerage supply network. There was still work to be done on the service water proposals although there had been no objections received from Northumbrian Water.
NCC Highways had requested that the site access moved east by 40m, they agents were in the process of trying to resolve this. Amendments to plans should be expected in the future.

32.  Standing item – Public questions – None.

33.  The minutes of the meeting held on 7 July 2015 were agreed as a true record.

34.  Matters arising therefrom:
a. Replacement posts for road signs – Cllr Newton would check the sign posts and inform the Clerk of which ones required attention.
b. Footpath from the dog bin to the bridge – This was on a list of works to be done.
c. Goal posts for play area – Cllr Sharpe on behalf of ACT informed that the Community Team were happy to contribute towards the cost of the goal posts, Cllr Barras also informed that his business would also contribute up to £100 towards the goalposts. The Clerk would liaise with Tiny Woods Academy for advice of the correct size of posts for the playing field.
d. Right of Way - Field House Farm down to the old coal road – It was noted that the thistles were need needing cut back.
e. Affordable housing; terms of occupation – The Clerk read out the letter received from NCC, detailing the actions the agents claimed to have made. The Clerk would pursue this further with NCC. Members wished for it to be noted that they would like the properties to be marketed as affordable in the future as they did not believe the agreement had been implemented as intended. Members also expressed a wish to be involved in any future S106 agreements in the Village.
f. Ground improvements at Guyzance Memorial – It was noted the improvements had not yet been done. The Clerk would contact Mr Parker requesting an update along with permission to access the Memorial on Remembrance Day. It was agreed that a wreath be purchased.
g. Trees at roadside near the junction towards the Guyzance Memorial – It was noted that this work had still not been done. The Clerk would chase this up with the tree officer as a matter of urgency.
h. Footpath requiring edging; Broomhill to Acklington – The Clerk would request for this to be done at the end of the grass cutting season.
i. Transparency requirements update – The Transparency code requires Local Councils with turnover of less than £25,000 to publish the following information;
a. all items of expenditure above £100
b. end of year accounts
c. annual governance statement
d. internal audit report
e. list of councillor or member responsibilities and
f. the details of public land and building assets
g. Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings.
The Clerk had already been having discussions with Mr Davison regarding updating the Acklington Parish website with this information.

35.  Standing item – Report by County Councillor Watson – the priorities for the Local Transport Plan Programme would remain the same with the inclusion of the resurfacing of Churchill Way and repairs to the ‘dip’ in the road before the coal road turn off. Cllr Watson would also list these are his priorities.

36.  Finance:
a) Financial Summary The balance on account at 4th August 2015 is £7112.24.

b) Payments The following list was put before members and agreed for payment
  Date Cheque No Creditor Reason    Amount
  01.09.15 000399 St John The Divine Donation to Lychgate £200.00
  01.09.15 000400 HMRC PAYE £29.40
  01.09.15 000401 E Brown Salaries & Wages + expenses £487.83
  01.09.15 000402 J Newton Sand/cement £32.33
  01.09.15 000403 RBL Wreath £25.00

d) Notice of conclusion of audit - The accounts are available for inspection by local electors in accordance with Section 14 of the Audit Commission Act 1998. To arrange an appointment please contact the Clerk

37.  Planning:
a. To report on any planning decisions:
15/01787/FUL | Proposed two storey extension with rear garage and store room | Burnbrae Acklington Road North Broomhill Northumberland NE65 9XD – Application permitted.
15/01795/LBC | Listed Building Consent: Installation of wood burning stove with associated flue pipe to external roof. | 11 Bank House Farm Acklington Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9AP – Application permitted.
15/01666/CLPROP | Certificate of lawful development for a proposed extension | Fairways 2 Quarry Avenue Acklington Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9BZ – Application permitted.

b.Planning matters pending:
14/03220/FUL – Cooksburn Mill, Acklington NE65 9AE – Change of use of land at Cooksburn Mill to accommodate construction of 4 new holiday chalets - No objections to the development, but Parish Council concerned that the current infrastructure of highways is inadequate and would request Highways to carry out an assessment of the cumulative effects of developments in the area on the roads

c.To consider any planning matters:
15/02504/FUL | Demolition of existing garage buildings and the erection of 17 residential units | Acklington Garage 9 Acklington Village Acklington Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9BY - Members considered this planning application at their meeting held 1st September 2015. Members had no objections in principle to the site being developed into housing although expressed the following concerns:
We believe the layout needs to be reassessed due to an intrusion on neighbouring properties, particularly in relation to proposed plots 6 & 7 - it was felt that due to the elevated level of land that bungalows would be more suited to houses which would be overlooking existing single storey properties.
Members had concerns regarding access to the site due to the close proximity to existing junctions on the B6345.
Members believed the density of the properties to be in excess of the site i.e. urban density within a rural community.
Members would like clarification on the future of the existing stone boundary wall alongside the paddock.
Members had concerns relating to drainage and whether the existing system could cope with an increase from a site of this size.
It is understood that an offsite S106 obligation is to be discussed with the applicant. Acklington Parish Council would like to be involved in all elements of this discussion to ensure the wider community benefits from the proposed development.

38.  Requested Agenda Items
38.1: Neighbourhood Planning - joint meeting – A meeting would be held on 21st September at 18.00, venue to be arranged. Members wishing to attend should inform the Clerk.
38.2: Erosion of road surface at Dobson’s corner in front of the coal tub – It was noted that the road starts to flood in inclement weather in front of the garage towards the coal tub planter. The Clerk would report this to NCC.

39.  Correspondence Received
39.1: Planning Training - Planning Protocols – Cllr Gair expressed an interest in attending the Alnwick event; the Clerk would make the booking arrangements.
39.2: LOCAL TRANSPORT PLAN PROGRAMME 2016-17 – The priorities were discussed during the County Councillors report. The Clerk would submit the priorities to NCC.
39.3: Invitation to Town & Parish Council conference – Cllr Sharpe would attend the event on 24th September at New Hartley.
39.4: Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy- Publication and consultation on the Pre-Submission Draft - he Pre-Submission Core Strategy is scheduled to be considered by a special meeting of the Council’s Cabinet on the 29 September 2015. Subject to Cabinet approval the consultation on the Core Strategy Pre-Submission Draft will begin on 14 October 2015 and take place over a six week period until 25 November 2015. This consultation is the final opportunity to comment on the content of the Core Strategy before it is submitted to a Planning Inspector for independent examination.
39.5: NALC E: news August 2015 – Noted for information and circulated.
39.6: NALC AGM 17 Oct 2015 – Noted for information.
39.7: Newton on the Moor & Swarland PC – Boundary Review discussion – Members agreed that they saw no need to meet at this stage and would welcome the opportunity to view any feedback from consultations that the Parish Council propose to carry out.

40.  Items for next agenda –
Review of Risk Assessment/Review of Policies
Draft Budget
To consider a new bench for Acklington Road

41.  Date and time of next meeting
Next meeting: TUESDAY 3 NOVEMBER at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall
The meeting closed at 21.15