MINUTES OF PCC MEETING -   Wednesday 10th September 2014     

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 10th September, 2014 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Revd Mike Dent, Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Caron Torbohm, Joan Davison, Derek Steele, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree and Joyce Aynsley.

01. Welcome by Chair Revd. Mike Dent and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

02. Opening Prayers led by Revd. Mike Dent.

03. Apologies: Janet and Keith Bell, Pat Hawkins.
Bill Rowntree was welcomed to the PCC meeting.

04. Minutes of the last meeting: All PCC members agreed with the minutes being a true record of the last meeting, proposed by Derek and seconded by Moira. .

05. Matters arising: No matters arising from previous minutes.

06. Correspondence:
• US charity
• Email received by the Secretary acknowledging £3000 paid towards the Parish Share
• Leaving donation for Bishop Martin, no charity identified yet but a donation of £20 to Stephen Waddle @ Diocese account.
• Letter from Mr & Mrs McGuigan read out, donation of £50.
• Music Licence for the copyright to reproduce hymns not required.
• Treasurer’s workshop- Joan will attend.
Extra information re: Parish Share-
Mike and Joan went to a meeting in Alnwick with Revd. Jim Robertson (Area Dean). The Parish Share formula has become defunct and a letter read out to the PCC about the conclusion of the meeting. St John The Divine may need to pay an extra 2% next year. The Treasurer from St Lawrence has offered to help out St John’s with their payment in the coming year. John queried if St John’s and St Lawrence’s could present their Parish Share as a joint benefice, Mike would write a letter to the Diocese to that effect.

07. Reports:
Churchwardens -
Pat not at the PCC meeting. A nomination has been received from Bill Rowntree for role of Churchwarden; this will be announced at the end of the next Sunday service.
Treasurer -
Income- Summer Fair £767.15/ Guyzance £781.62/ Scarecrows £654.40/ Mr & Mrs McGuigan £50
Expenditure- Insurance- June (541.58)- July (541.57)- August (541.57)/ Secombes- lead refit in iron gutters £180/ Expenses for Mike- £166.92/ lawn mower repairs £20/ oil £749.70.
Query over the necessity of tuning the church organ.
Events Group -
Harvest Lunch- Margaret and Ken Denholm will be invited and presented with a cheque (£75) and flowers. There is a list at the back of the church for shared food.
Christmas Fair - 29/11/14
Mike and June wanted it minuted that we are all very grateful for the hard work of the Events Group in their work and fundraising.
Lemington Male Voice Choir Concert in March, 2015.
Events Programme for 2015 to be planned in December.
School -
Tracey Clerkin-Shone now Chair of the Governor’s. Barbara Lamb is now Vice Chair and Bill Rowntree, although no longer chairman, remains on the governing body.

08. Vicar's Slot:
• Harvest - St Lawrence’s will collect tins of hot-dogs for the People’s Kitchen. Barbara will ask staff at the People’s Kitchen what they would like our church to collect.
• Lych gate- Ken has been in touch with the War Memorial Trust, they have advised that no work commences until funds are available. 6 quotes have been received ranging from £2,500- £14,000. The Diocese have advised activating a Faculty as the gate is on church land and work could cost between £10- £12,000. The Pelican appeal has generated £845 so far. John feels we need to speak to some local business, council, prison and auction mart for donations. Mike advised postponing the project at the moment. PCC to wait to hear from the War Memorial Trust. Depending on their response the PCC will then decide if the project is feasible or not. Proposed- Mike/ seconded- Joyce. PCC in agreement over the plans unanimously. Mike will do piece for the Pelican thanking people for their generosity and the extent of funds we require to complete the work if agreed.

09. Any other business:
• Donations for the Syrian Appeal are being left on the font - needs to be kept in a safe place.
• Completed church kneelers for the WW1 commemoration circulated, thanks to Barbara and Revd June
• Grass Cutting - Caron to write to Acklington Parish Council for donation for the upkeep of the Churchyard.

10. Date and time of the next meeting: Wednesday 12th November, 2014 at the home of Moira Peden.

11. Closing Prayer: led by the Revd Mike Dent.