MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING -  Tuesday 14th November 2017    

At the Meeting of the Council held at Acklington Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th November 2017

Present: Cllrs J Newton (Chair), N Gair, S Ingleby, G Orr, P Roberts, A Sharpe and S Thorpe.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
Sgt I Forster – Northumbria Police
Members of the public - 1

49. Apologies for absence: Cllrs D Barras, E Critchlow and S Thorpe. County Cllr J Watson

50. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda – None.

51. To approve and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 5 September 2017 – The minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

52. Standing item – Public Questions

Northumbria Police – speeding and any other issues – Sgt Iain Forster was welcomed to the meeting.

He introduced himself as the neighbourhood police Sergeant with 25 years’ experience. He was based in two offices; Morpeth and Amble and covered rural Northumberland from Amble to Alnmouth and west from the coast to Cambo.

Specifics to Acklington; very quiet in terms of crime. Only 5 recorded crimes in the last 6 months, he provided details regarding the types of crimes.

Only 1 incident of anti-social behaviour recorded in the last 6 months.

Sgt Forster encouraged the reporting of any incidents or issues.

Two officers are dedicated to the prison– a CID officer and a Neighbourhood Officer.

The prison was discussed; the police have joint operations with Sodexo. Sgt Forster did not believe the residents of Acklington had anything to worry about regarding security at the prison.

The Council raised concerns of speeding through the village, Sgt Forster was not aware of any complaints regarding speeding in Acklington. The Council provided times they felt that speeding was the biggest issues. He would get his team to do some speed checks.

Sgt Forster would forward information on community speed watch.

Cllr Gair noted that foliage was obscuring one of the 30mph signs as you enter the village via Acklington Road.

The Clerk informed that NALC had circulated information informing that NCC were proposed to conduct a tendering exercise to establish one point of contact for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of interactive speeding signs which would ensure competitive signing and consistency.

Costs may still be prohibitive for a Parish the size of Acklington and while the County Councillors contribution may help towards the cost the Clerk queried whether the police community grants could help part fund this.

Mr Mezza raised concerns of cars parking blocking footpaths near the park which resulted with prams and pushchairs being forced onto the road to get passed. Sgt Forster said a fixed penalty notice could be issued for obstructing a footpath. He would look at this issue further.

53. Matters arising there from

a. Trees at roadside near the junction to Guyzance Memorial – Cllr Gair informed that some council officers had been on site at the location following the September meeting but no action appeared to have been carried out. The Clerk would once again query with NCC a timescale for action
b. Purchase of memorial bench – The memorial bench was under construction ending the receipt of payment which would be signed off this evening.
c. NALC webpage for Parish Council – The webpage was up and running and the Clerk was populating it with documents etc.
d. Play area repairs and maintenance – A quotation had been received for a new climbing frame with appropriate safety surfacing and one for the embankment slide. The Clerk was looking at compiling a grant application to Awards for All.
The zip wire required some attention; Cllr Newton was prepared to fix this with help.
e. Declaration of compliance completed for auto-enrolment.

54. Standing item – Report by County Councillor – None.

55. Finance:

a) Financial Summary - Treasurers Account at 7 November £6333.85, Business Instant Access Account £5002.81

b) Payments

Date Cheque No Creditor Reason     Amount
14.11.17 000462 Solway Recycling Ltd Memorial Bench £324.00
14.11.17 000463 HMRC PAYE £299.15
14.11.17 000464 Currys/PC World Laptop, software, Printer / Scanner £25.90
14.11.17 000467 Clerk Wages and expenses £129.75
14.11.17 000465 British Legion Wreath £25.00
14.11.17 000466 NCC 3 x extra grass cuts £65.00
14.11.17 000466 NCC Grass cutting (St Omer & play park) £1064.87
14.11.17 000468 Community Action N'ld Donation £15.00
14.11.17 000469 Great North Air Ambulance Donation £20.00

c) Receipts

Date Debtor Reason Amount
10.07.17 Lloyds Interest £0.21
09.08.17 Lloyds Interest £0.21
11.09.17 Lloyds Interest £0.23
13.09.17 NCC Precept £3100.00
04.10.17 Northern Powergrid Sub station charge £5.00
09.10.17 Lloyds Interest £0.19
31.10.17 NALC Transparency fund £299.15

d) Notice of conclusion of Audit – It was recommended that the accounts be approved at the May meeting in the future to comply with the period for electors exercising their rights.

56. Planning:

a. To report on any planning decisions:

17/02726/FELTPO | Tree preservation order application to fell Ash tree | Oaklands Acklington Village Acklington NE65 9BN - Whilst the Parish Council would prefer that the tree remains if it could be pruned we do not object if it is essential to fell it. The Parish Council are keen to protect the greenery of the village and would request that if the tree is felled 2 similar species are donated to the parish to be planted in a public – This application was amended to a TPO to prune 1 ash tree following comments from Parish Council and tree officer, the works were subsequently permitted.

b. Planning matters pending:
17/01670/FUL | Development of 24no. dwellings including 6no. three bedroom affordable homes, new access and landscaping | Land West Of Village Hall Acklington Village Acklington Northumberland
17/02046/FUL | Extension of the existing 1 bed cottage into the rear garden to create an additional 2 no. bedrooms, bathroom and orangery/ living space | Ivy Cottage Acklington Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9AP – No objections.
17/02916/VARYCO | Removal of condition 3 (holiday use) of application 13/03908/FUL | Brainshaugh Steading Brainshaugh Acklington NE65 9AE – No objections

c. To consider any planning matters:
17/03732/FUL | Proposed side two storey extension | Willow Cottage Bank House Farm Acklington Northumberland NE65 9AP – Clarification is required as the existing plan does not appear to show an extension of Nursery cottage, this proximity of the his proposed extension could therefore have an impact on the neighbouring property, Members also felt that this was an overdevelopment of the site.
17/03663/FUL | Proposed erection of 2no Dwelling houses | Cavil Head Farm Cavil Head Road Acklington Northumberland NE65 9DF – Members object to the level of development on this site, which is rapidly becoming entrenched in housing.
There is concern of loss of privacy for the neighbouring properties.
Has a change of use been applied for? This was previously a recreational/leisure space with cafe following significant grant funding in the mid 2000's from One North East's Rural Development fund which was administered by Northumberland County Council and intended to create jobs and support local businesses. Were there no conditions on this funding?

57. Requested Agenda Items –

57.1: To consider retrospective approval of an application to the Transparency Fund to the purchase of a dedicated Parish Council laptop, Office 365 subscription and printer/scanner – Retrospective approval was agreed.

57.2: To consider preliminary budget discussion – The Clerk requested an indication of the priorities for the next financial year.
An increase in a donation to the church towards grass cutting was discussed; Cllr Newton read out a letter he had received outlining the difficulties in meeting these expenses. With the news of the imminent school closure, annual donations towards Toddlers and swimming could potentially be diverted.

58. Correspondence Received

58.1. Amble Town Council – Neighbourhood Planning (circulated with agenda) – It was noted that unless Warkworth or Togston joined Amble’s Neighbourhood Plan that Acklington could not partake in it as there would be a gap in the Neighbourhood area.
The Council noted this information and asked to be kept informed of any developments.
58.2. NCC - Consultation - Northumberland Area Special Educational Needs School Place Planning Strategy (Circulated by email 20.10.17)
58.3. CAN – Request for support – Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972 Section 137 a donation of £15 was agreed.
58.4. Great North Air Ambulance – Request for support – Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972 Section 137 a donation of £20 was agreed.
58.5. Resident of Guyzance – Concerns about dog fouling in Guyzance – The Clerk had informed of the NCC Green Dog Walkers Scheme and the possibility of locating a post mounted waste bin.
Cllr Ingleby would look at where a bin could be located.
Cllr Newton informed that he had carried out a temp repair on the dog bin at the crossroads but noted that a new bin and post was required. The Clerk requested a photograph of the road sign it was suggested the sign be attached to.

59. Information Items:

NALC Enews 12 September 2017
NALC Enews 19 Sept 2017
NALC Enews 26 September 2017
NALC Enews 10 October 2017
NALC Enews 17 October 2017
NALC Enews 24 October 2017

60. Items for next agenda

61. Next meeting: Tuesday 9 January 2017 at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall

It was resolved that under Section 100a4 of the Local Government Act 1972 that member of the press and public be excluded for discussion of the following items to their sensitivity.

Public version of Private:

62. Operation London Bridge Has Fallen – Plans relating to the possible activation of this Operation in the future were discussed.