MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING -  Tuesday 5th September 2017    

At the Meeting of the Council held at Acklington Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 5th September 2017

Present: Cllrs J Newton (Chair) D Barras, E Critchlow, N Gair, S Ingleby, G Orr, P Roberts, A Sharpe and S Thorpe. County Cllr Watson (part)
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
Members of the public - 1

36. Apologies for absence – County Councillor Watson – would be late in arriving due to his attendance at a North Area Committee meeting.

37. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda – None.

38. To approve and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2017 – The minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

39. Standing item – Public Questions
– Mr Mezza offered to purchase a memorial seat for the play area. Members were very grateful for this offer. The Clerk would liaise with Mr Mezza and order a seat.

40. Matters arising there from
a. Superfast broadband – It was believed that all issues had now been resolved.
b. Trees at roadside near the junction to Guyzance Memorial – NCC had sent an enforcement letter to the land owner as per the land registry. The land owner was disputing ownership and provided the detailed of who they believed to be the owner NCC enforcement had then resent the letter to this third party believed to be the owner. Whilst the correspondence had been acknowledged as received, no works had yet taken place and a reminder letter was being sent.
c. NALC webpage for Parish Council – The webpage was set up and the Clerk would begin to populate it.
d. Play area repairs and maintenance – The Clerk had met with a play company at the play area whose opinion was the life of the embankment slide could be prolonged by removing some of the soil and cutting back some of the planting. He would still provide a quotation for the removal and replacement with an open embankment slide which would have fewer maintenance issues to the covered slide. He would also quote for a replacement climbing frame as the existing was noted as requiring some maintenance. A new frame could be included in an ‘Awards for All’ grant application.

41. Standing item – Report by County Councillor
Cllr Watson informed that the 500 homes proposed for Acklington Road, Amble had been granted approval, noting that a link road to the A1068 was a condition of approval. Another application for a further 200 homes was due in soon.

42. Finance:
a) Financial Summary - Treasurers Account at 9th August £3179.16, Business Instant Access Account £5001.97
b) Payments

Date Cheque No Creditor Reason     Amount
05.09.17 000460 Clerk Wages & Expenses £119.25
05.09.17 000461 HMRC PAYE £25.90

c) Receipts

Date Debtor Reason Amount
10.04.17 Lloyds Interest £0.22
09.05.17 Lloyds Interest £0.20
09.06.17 Lloyds Interest £0.21

43. Planning:
a. To report on any planning decisions:
17/01108/FUL Change of use and conversion of barn to one dwelling and provision of solar array – Land North of Brainshaugh Cottage, Acklington – No objections – APPLICATION PERMITTED
17/01821/FUL | Full planning permission - change of use of land from agricultural to residential, for garden use. | Sunrise Cottage 1 Guyzance Village Guyzance Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9AQ – No Objections – APPLICATION PERMITTED
17/02049/FUL & 17/02050/LBC | Proposed timber decking adjacent to home office | The Old Joiners Shop, Guyzance Village, Guyzance, NE65 9AQ – Whilst the Parish Council do not object to the application, any working times on the site should be sympathetic to those in neighbouring properties. – APPLICATION PERMITTED
17/01969/VARYCO | Land West of 5 Acklington Village, Acklington Village | Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning permission 14/03464/FUL to allow upper level accommodation within the roof space, including increased ridge and eaves height – Members have no objections – APPLICATION PERMITTED
17/02098/OUT | Outline application for demolition of existing metal outbuilding and construction of detached four bedroom dwelling, including accompanying car parking, landscaping, gardens and other ancillary works at site | Land North Of 18 Acklington Village, Acklington Northumberland – Members object to the development of a greenfield site that has been used as a garden for some time. The house it not proposed to be built on the footprint of the farm building that is to be demolished. Members feel this is a case of ‘garden grabbing’ There is concern that the development is beyond the curtilage of the village and an attempt to open up the rear of the site for the creep of further developments – APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

b. Planning matters pending:
17/01670/FUL | Development of 24no. dwellings including 6no. three bedroom affordable homes, new access and landscaping | Land West Of Village Hall Acklington Village Acklington Northumberland

c. To consider any planning matters:
17/02726/FELTPO | Tree preservation order application to fell Ash tree | Oaklands Acklington Village Acklington NE65 9BN - Whilst the Parish Council would prefer that the tree remains if it could be pruned we do not object if it is essential to fell it. The Parish Council are keen to protect the greenary of the village and would request that if the tree is felled 2 similar species are donated to the parish to be planted in a public place.
17/02046/FUL | Extension of the existing 1 bed cottage into the rear garden to create an additional 2 no. bedrooms, bathroom and orangery/ living space | Ivy Cottage Acklington Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9AP – No objections
| Removal of condition 3 (holiday use) of application 13/03908/FUL | Brainshaugh Steading Brainshaugh Acklington NE65 9AE
17/01670/FUL | Development of 24no. dwellings including 6no. three bedroom affordable homes, new access and landscaping | Land West Of Village Hall Acklington Village Acklington Northumberland – No objections.

44. Requested Agenda Items –
Cllr Thorpe – Cars speeding through village – County Cllr Watson informed that he had purchased the speed sign that broke via Members Small Schemes and was prepared to investigate a replacement. He would bring details to the next meeting of the Parish Council. The Clerk would investigate details of Community Speedwatch for Councillor Thorpe and also request police presence at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

45. Correspondence Received
45.1: NCC – Consultation Letter - Fire and Rescue Plan 2017 – 2021 – Circulated by email 14/07/17
45.2: NCC - Core Strategy withdrawal – Circulated by email 14/07/17
45.4: Northumberland Association of Local Councils - AGM - Saturday 7 October 2017
45.5: Big Lottery Fund – Awards For All – The Clerk would look at putting a funding application together for improvements to the play area.
45.6: NALC - Training for 2017/2018 The training available was noted for information.
45.7: NCC – Local Transport Programme 2018/19 – Path to pub and resurfacing of Churchill Way
Cllr Watson had reported the persistent potholes at Guyzance Bridge.

46. Information Items:
NALC Enews 4 July 2017
NALC Enews 11 July 2017
NALC Enews 18 July 2017
NALC Enews 22 August 2017
NALC Enews 29 August 2017

47. Items for next agenda

48. Next meeting: TUESDAY 14 November 2017 at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall

Acronyms for organisations:
NCC – Northumberland County Council
NALC – Northumberland Association of Local Councils