At the Meeting of the Council held at Acklington Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th July 2017

Present: Cllrs J Newton (Chair) D Barras, E Critchlow, N Gair, S Ingleby, A Sharpe and S Thorpe.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
Members of the public.

21. Apologies for absence – County Councillor Watson had sent his apologies as he another meeting to attend.

22. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda – Cllr Barras declared an interest in 17/01969/VARYCO as it was adjacent to his own residence. Cllr Ingleby declared an interest in 17/01821/FUL as she was the applicant.

23. To approve and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 16 May 2017 – The minutes were agreed as a true record.

To approve and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 6 June 2017 – The minutes were agreed as a true record.

24. Co-option of Parish Councillor – Paige Roberts was unable to attend the meeting due to illness but had expressed an interest in the vacancy. She grew up in Warkworth and has lived in Acklington for 3 years. She used to be a primary teacher but now works as a civil servant. The Members agreed unanimously to co-opt Miss Roberts onto the Council. The Clerk would correspond with Miss Roberts and arrange the signing of paperwork.

25. Resignation of Parish Councillor – Cllr Besford had expressed his regret at having to resign due to other commitments. The Clerk would advertise the notice of casual vacancy.

26. Standing item – Public Questions – None.

27. Matters arising there from

a. Superfast broadband – This item would remain on the agenda to monitor the progress of superfast broadband in Guyzance.

b. S106 Agreements – update from Cllr Newton – This would be removed from the agenda.

c. Trees at roadside near the junction to Guyzance Memorial -As the tree lies outside the highway but does present a potential hazard to road users. It will require a Highways Act s154(2) notice serving on the landowner to have the tree made safe. Such a notice will need to come from NCC Highways and had been requested. If the notice elicits no action and NCC need to undertake the works themselves they should reclaim the costs from the landowner. The Clerk had asked to be informed on when the notice is served and any timescales involved.

d. NALC webpage for Parish Council – A NALC webpage had been set up but still required a lot of work. Councillors were reminded that their photos were required for the NALC site as well as for updating on the Acklington Village site.

e. Response to school closure consultation submitted and this was acknowledged. Cllr Gair informed that the Governors were planning to meet on 13th July for an extraordinary meeting to discuss the responses received and put a proposal to the cabinet.

28. Standing item – Report by County Councillor: None.

29. Finance:

a) Financial Summary - Treasurers Account at 30th June £3793.88 and High Interest Account £5001.93

b) Payments
Date Cheque No Creditor Reason     Amount
04.07.17 000454 Playsafety Ltd Play area Inspection £92.40
04.07.17 000455 Clerk Wages & Expenses £166.87
04.07.17 000456 HMRC PAYE £32.81
04.07.17 000457 HMRC PAYE £84.43
04.07.17 000458 Zurich Insurance Renewal £257.60
04.07.17 000459 Homebase Plants £40.88

c) Receipts

Date Debtor Reason Amount
09.04.17 Lloyds Interest £0.19
11.04.17 NCC Precept £3100.00

d) Annual Return – The exercise of public rights commences on 5th June 2017 for a period of 30 days to include the first 10 working days of July and will end on 14 July 2017. The submission deadline for the return of the annual return and supporting documentation is 10th July 2017.

30. Planning:

a. To report on any planning decisions:
17/01745/FUL | Addition of single-storey Glass Canopy to rear elevation of property | Elderflower Cavil Head Farm Cavil Head Road Acklington NE65 9DF – No Objections – APPLICATION PERMITTED.

b. Planning matters pending:
17/01108/FUL | Change of use and conversion of barn to one dwelling and provision of solar array – Land North of Brainshaugh Cottage, Acklington – Non objections
17/01670/FUL | Development of 24no. dwellings including 6no. three bedroom affordable homes, new access and landscaping Land West Of Village Hall Acklington Village Acklington Northumberland
17/01821/FUL | Full planning permission - change of use of land from agricultural to residential, for garden use. | Sunrise Cottage 1 Guyzance Village Guyzance Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9AQ – No Objections

c To consider any planning matters:
17/02049/FUL & 17/02050/LBC | Proposed timber decking adjacent to home office | The Old Joiners Shop, Guyzance Village, Guyzance, NE65 9AQ – Whilst the Parish Council do not object to the application, any working times on the site should be sympathetic to those in neighbouring properties.
17/01969/VARYCO | Land West of 5 Acklington Village, Acklington Village | Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning permission 14/03464/FUL to allow upper level accommodation within the roof space, including increased ridge and eaves height – Members have no objections.
17/02098/OUT | Outline application for demolition of existing metal outbuilding and construction of detached four bedroom dwelling, including accompanying car parking, landscaping, gardens and other ancillary works at site | Land North Of 18 Acklington Village Acklington Village Acklington Northumberland – Members object to the development of a greenfield site that has been used as a garden for some time. The house it not proposed to be built on the footprint of the farm building that is to be demolished. Members feel this is a case of ‘garden grabbing’ There is concern that the development is beyond the curtilage of the village and an attempt to open up the rear of the site for the creep of further developments. –

31.Requested Agenda Items

31.1: Consideration of fencing for play area – The Clerk would obtain design and costings for the fencing of the play area, an application would be submitted to County Councillor Watson for consideration of a contribution from his Small Schemes allowance. The fencing was required in order to make it an offence for any person in charge of a dog to take or allow that dog into any area it is excluded from, namely:
(i) all enclosed children’s play areas within the administrative county of Northumberland at any time.

31.2: Request to delegate any urgent repairs identified in the Playground inspection to the Clerk, Chair and Vice Chair – inspection due June 2017 – The inspection had been carried out and the report received by the Clerk within the last week. The report would be circulated to the Councillors.

32. Correspondence Received

32.1: NCC – Public Footpath Diversion Order – Footpath No 5 - The County Council confirmed this order on 5th June 2017

32.2: RoSPA Play Safety Inspection Reports – The report would be circulated to Members along with the reports from the previous 2 years. Quotations would be requested for repairs.

32.3: Community Regeneration Team - Contact with the Community Regeneration Team could be established via Iain Hedley following the creation of new Local Area Councils (LACs).
The Team, will cover rural regeneration and social enterprise, and will support Town and Parish Councils within the LACs.

32.4: N'land CC Environment & Local Services - Highways, Neighbourhood Services and Partnerships
A meeting with the new cabinet had taken place where the following was discussed.
Verge Cutting and Weed Spraying – extra resources have been allocated for this year and there is a hope that will continue in future years. Cllr Sanderson did make it clear that verges and weed treatment would be treated equally in the urban as well as the rural areas.
Pothole repairs are being progressed but this are dealt with on a priority basis. It may mean that potholes on very minor roads which are not seen as a danger will be treated as low priority.
The Members’ Small Schemes will continue. Local Councils should therefore raise possible schemes with their local County Councillor at the earliest opportunity. Returning County Councillors are allowed 12 months to spend unused allowance from last year. New County Councillors do not have the ability to use funds unspent by their predecessors.
Changes are being made so that Local Councils will be given advance warning of the commencement of works under LTPP and Members’ Small Schemes
NALC asked that consideration be given as to the best method of alerting Local Councils to temporary traffic regulation orders in general.
The various partnerships with Local Councils will continue unless they are not working well. NALC requested that financial reporting be improved and this is to be investigated by the County Council. The new administration are not opposed to the concept of the partnerships.
The County Council would like ideas on how there could be a cost-neutral method for the smaller Local Councils to seek enhanced services.
Cemetery Double-Charging
The review of the cemeteries payment made to Local Councils/Joint Burial Committees to mitigate “double-charging” is being worked on by the County Council. [This is the payment based on the deficit in the costs for the County Council’s cemeteries].
We were informed that the County Council is moving to a position where there will be no deficit in the operation of their cemeteries. NALC requested that the figures for forthcoming years be released as soon as possible so they can be factored into budget discussions. We were informed the figures should be available in a few weeks.
Commuted Maintenance and Adoption of Small Green Spaces
NALC raised the passporting through of any commuted maintenance payments received from developers for infrastructure and green space maintenance. Appropriate County Council officers will be invited to the next meeting scheduled for early October.

32.5: Acklington Parish Council – Insurance Renewal 2017 – The renewal was agreed.

32.6: NCC - Green Dog Walkers Campaign - On the 3rd July 2017 the Council launched a new Campaign to promote responsible dog ownership in Northumberland. At the core of the campaign is the Green Dog Walker Initiative that encourages both local environmental groups and motivated individuals to sign up to the Green Dog Walker pledge.
The Campaign focuses on the issues of dog fouling (being a Green Dog Walker) together with dog control and public safety. Dog fouling can have a significant impact on our environment and presents a serious public health risk from for example Toxocariasis an illness of humans caused by dog roundworm that is found in dog
faeces and can lead to blindness in humans. As regards public safety there have been dog attack incidents locally including an incident in 2016 in a park in Blyth.
This campaign will form an important part of the County Council’s overall approach to dog control. Their commitment to effective enforcement will continue as before with targeted enforcement patrols at identified problem areas across Northumberland.
The Campaign will seek to promote Northumberland as a welcoming place to responsible dog walkers whether residents or visitors but also emphasise that Northumberland is not a place that tolerates irresponsible dog owners again whether residents or visitors. The philosophy behind the Green Dog Walker Initiative is to change public attitudes so that it becomes socially unacceptable to fail to clean up
after your dog i.e. they should leave only pawprints.
The Green Dog Walker Initiative relies on volunteers for its delivery and uses a non­confrontational ‘keep it friendly’ approach to encourage responsible dog ownership. Talking to dog walkers, offering free poop bags and in turn encouraging them to also sign up to the green dog walker pledge. The group or individual
provides the “on the ground” work to sign up further pledgers.
Green Dog Walker support kits will be provided to local community groups, individuals, and schools who want to take an active role. The toolkit includes a supply of campaign guides, pledge brochures, armbands, doggy bags, and posters.
Individuals who sign up to the pledge will be provided with the armband and a supply of campaign poop bags and leaflets to encourage other dog walkers to sign up.

32.7: The protocol for the future event of the death of a senior national figure was discussed.

33. Information Items:

33.1: North Northumberland Local Area Council, Thursday 29 June from 4pm, Northumberland Hall, Alnwick
33.2: Local Government Pay Claim 2018-2019
33.3: NALC Enews 16 May 2017
33.4: NALC Enews 23 May 2017
33.5: NALC Enews 30 May 3017
33.6: NALC Enews 6 June 2017
33.7: NALC Enews 13 June 2017
33.8: NALC Enews 20 June 2017
33.9: NALC Enews 27 June 2017

34.Items for next agenda

Cllr Thorpe – Cars speeding through village
Invitation to police to attend next meeting.

35. Next meeting: TUESDAY September 5th 2017 at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall

Acronyms for organisations:
NCC – Northumberland County Council
CAN – Community Action Northumberland
NALC – Northumberland Association of Local Councils