At the Extraordinary Meeting of the Council held in Acklington Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th June 2017

Present: Cllrs J Newton (Chair) D Barras, E Critchlow, N Gair, S Ingleby, A Sharpe and S Thorpe.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
Members of the public.

16. Apologies for absence – Cllr Barras – Work Commitments

17. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda -Cllr Ingleby declared an interest in 17/01821/FUL as she had submitted the application.
Dispensations were granted for Cllrs Newton, Thorpe, Gair, Sharpe as living in the village it could be said that they had an interest in the application 17/01670/FUL

18. Standing item – Public Questions
Residents raised the following points in relation to the proposed housing development:

• Queried whether the sewerage system was going to be done as the system already backs up and 24 additional homes will impose a further burden on the system. Documentation on sewage showed that any drainage would go directly into the main drainage system.
• Raised concerns about the proposed road way being opposite driveways and in close proximity to traffic calming, agreeing that the existing road way to the 4 affordable homes should be used rather than creating new access to the site.
• Raised concerns about the impact of construction traffic on the road and the speed of heavy vehicles, stipulations should be included. Concerns had already been reported to NCC regarding issues with speeding in the village.
• Raised concerns of the impact on wildlife; the ecological appraisal of the site appeared to be in majority based on desktop surveys.
• Questioned the need for the additional housing on the village when there were so many properties vacant and already approved in the planning system.
• Requested any new properties be built in materials that were sympathetic to the character of the village.
• Requested archaeological surveys be carried out
• Raised concerns that the development was outside the boundary of the village.

19. Planning:

a. To report on any planning decisions: None

b. Planning matters pending:
17/01108/FUL Change of use and conversion of barn to one dwelling and provision of solar array – Land North of Brainshaugh Cottage, Acklington – No objections.

c To consider any planning matters:
17/01670/FUL | Development of 24no. dwellings including 6no. three bedroom affordable homes, new access and landscaping | Land West Of Village Hall Acklington Village. The Parish Council agreed on the following submission:

The Parish Council does not object in principle to development of the site, but it believes the scale of the development to be excessively large and would represent a significant extension on the existing footprint of the village into a greenfield site. Furthermore, there is no evidence of a market demand for these houses. There is currently 21 properties for sale in the parish and planning consent in place for 17 dwellings on the former Pearson’s garage site in the village itself. The garage site has been for sale for around two years with no obvious interest from a developer. The Parish Council believes this proposal for further housing (17/01670/FUL) should be reduced in scale with a smaller number of dwellings, thereby making it more proportionate to the surroundings. The Parish Council also believes further evidence is required to demonstrate the need for new housing.

We also feel a more detailed ecological study is required as the existing desktop research is inadequate.

If the proposed scheme was to be approved, the parish council asks for the following conditions to be strictly applied and enforced:

1. The proposed road system clearly allows for further development at a future date. It must therefore be assumed this proposal is part of a larger, long-term development plan. A strict condition should be applied to ensure no further development is be permitted without consideration and consultation on how this would redefine the boundary of the village which is in danger of being extended by ‘development creep’.
2. To reduce the impact on highways and allow the current traffic calming measures to be retained, access should be provided from the existing recent development adjacent to the village hall i.e. using the access to the existing properties.
3. On-site working times should be specified to minimise impact on surrounding residents, e.g. traffic, machinery noise etc. We ask that working hours should be restricted to 8am – 6pm on weekdays and 9am - 1pm on Saturdays. No Sunday working should be permitted.
4. All HGV vehicles should access the site from the west end of the village to minimise the impact on the rest of the village. Wheel washing facilities should be provided for any construction vehicles and all efforts made to prevent debris or rubbish being blown into neighbouring properties.
5. A full archaeological survey should be carried out prior to development.
6. The construction materials should be sympathetic to those of existing dwellings and reflect the character of the village.
7. The management of the affordable housing should be transferred to an appropriate third party such as Homes for Northumberland. To the best of our knowledge the existing ‘affordable’ houses on the site remain under the control of the site owner. We also ask that the properties are made available to those with a connection to the Parish in the first instance, those from immediate surrounding parishes in the second instance and then advertised further afield. The Parish Council should be kept informed of all stages of advertising.
8. The Parish Council would welcome involvement in any S106 discussions to the development could help improve local amenities.
9. Parish residents lost access and amenity to the fields in question when the permissive path was removed through the initial development of the site five years ago. We would ask that S106 conditions should include a new right of way to Rake Lane to the north of the site (as the land belongs to the applicant).
10. The Parish Council believes the adequacy of the existing sewage system needs to be closely investigated prior to approval. Feedback from local residents indicates the existing system is already struggling to cope and would not be able to deal with additional dwellings.

17/01745/FUL | Addition of single-storey Glass Canopy to rear elevation of property | Elderflower Cavil Head Farm Cavil Head Road Acklington NE65 9DF – Members had no objections.

17/01821/FUL | Full planning permission - change of use of land from agricultural to residential, for garden use. | Sunrise Cottage 1 Guyzance Village Guyzance Morpeth Northumberland NE65 9AQ – Members had no objections.
Any other planning applications received prior to the meeting date – None.

20. Date of Next meeting: TUESDAY 4 JULY 2017 at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall