MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING -  Tuesday 3rd January 2017    

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 January 2017 in Acklington Village Hall

Cllrs J Newton (Chair) D Barras, G Budge, E Critchlow, G Orr, A Sharpe and M Townshend.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
County Councillor J Watson.

49. Apologies: Cllrs N Gair, I Monkhouse - . The apologies were agreed.

50. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda: None.

51. Standing item – Public Questions – None.

52. To approve and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 1 November 2016 – the minutes were agreed.

53. Matters arising therefrom:

a. Replacement posts for road signs – monitoring –at the C1010/U3088 T junction the sign had been knocked and bent. The Clerk would report this to NCC.

b. S106 Agreements –– Cllr Newton would circulate the letter prior to sending.

c. Ground improvements at Guyzance Memorial – The improvements were now complete.

d. Trees at roadside near the junction to Guyzance Memorial – Despite repeated requests, still no work had been carried out. The Clerk was requested to once again contact Paul Jones and copy in the Chief Executive of NCC.

e. Edging of footpath – This was also still outstanding.

f. Playground repairs update – The repairs were now complete.

g. Replacement of grit bin (101003782171) reported 30/06/16 and 31/08/16 – The grit bin had now been replaced.

h. Cutting back of trees – A group of volunteers including Cllrs Barras and Cllr Newton met on 19th November for the works on the trees at St Omer Road covering those between No. 8 down to the bus stop path. All were thanked for their efforts.

i. Update on Superfast Broadband – An update was still required.

j. Public spaces Protection Order for the Control of Dogs – It was agreed that the Clerk would pursue quotes for fencing at the play area to include 2 x pedestrian gates and a gate way suitable for the grass cutters to access. The fencing should meet RoSPA specifications.

k. N'land ALC Transparency Training – Acklington attended by Cllr Sharpe and the Clerk – Transparency requirements were discussed including the need for historic minutes to be retained on websites. NALC were offering a free web portal for Parish Council also. It was agreed to query the capacity for storage of documents on the Acklington Community site.

54. Standing item – Report by County Councillor Watson – None.

55. Finance:

a) Financial Summary The balance on account at 23 December 2016 is Treasurers Account; £2019.90, Business Account; £5000.94.

b) Payments The following list was put before members and agreed for payment.
Date Cheque No Creditor Reason     Amount
01.11.16 000437 British Legion Wreath £25.00
01.11.16 000438 Acklington PCC Donation £250.00
01.11.16 000439 North Age UK Donation £20.00
01.11.16 000440 Air Ambulance Donation £20.00
25.11.16 000441 Beck Groundworks Guyzance Groundworks £1050.00
03.01.17 000442 Beck Groundworks Playground repairs £144.00
03.01.17 000443 Clerk Wages & Expenses £121.46
03.01.17 000444 HMRC PAYE £27.60
03.01.17 000445 NALC Subscription £114.30

c) Receipts

Date Debtor Reason Amount
09.09.16 Lloyds Interest £0.22
12.09.16 NCC Precept £2847.50

56. Planning:

a. Planning Decisions: None.

b. Planning matters pending: None.

c. To consider any planning matters:

16/03976/LBC | Conversion of external ancillary storage space into bedroom and store to main house. | Brainshaugh Steading Brainshaugh Acklington NE65 9AE – No objections

16/04327/FELTPO | Tree preservation application to fell one Beech (T1) due to proximity to property and access road. Limbs considered to be architecturally unsafe. Replanting in situ not ideal for above reasons. | Beechgrove Acklington Village Acklington NE65 9BY – Members queried whether the property design had ever been approved. As there were significant trees in the vicinity, Members felt that any trees removed should be replaced on site with similar indigenous species.

57. Requested Agenda Items –

57.1: Consideration of May meeting date due to 2017 elections – It was agreed that the May meeting would be held on Tuesday 9th May.

57.2: Consideration of precept request for 2017/18 – Members agreed to increase the precept to £6200.

58. Correspondence Received

58.1: Northumberland CVA - Members agreed not to support this request on this occasion.

58.2: NCC - PLANNING APPLICATION VALIDATION CHECKLIST – CONSULTATION Deadline 24th January – The Clerk had circulated this to Members for any comments.

58.3: Consultation to Changes to Planning Protocols DEADLINE 29th December – The Clerk had circulated this to Members and comments has been submitted to request the commitment in the protocol that s106 money will be applied to the benefit of the area immediately affected by any development and not simply siphoned away into county wide projects.

58.4: Request To Complete & Promote Dependant Carers' Survey To Member Councils In Your Areas – Members agreed to support this request in principle.

58.5: Mr Mezza – Dog Signs – The letter raising concerns on the erection of the dog signs without consultation had been replied to out of meeting by the Chair, informing that Members of the public are very welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.

59. Items for next agenda – Report on Pension providers for Auto Enrolment Staging date which was May 2017, although the Declaration of Compliance was to be complete by February 2017.

60. Information Items
The following information items were noted.
60.1: NCC – Archaeology in Northumberland Volume 22
60.2: NCC- Winter Services leaflet
60.3: 2017 Election re-charges
60.4: Parish Council Planning Training presentation

61. Date and time of next meeting
Next meeting: TUESDAY 7 March 2017 at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall
The meeting closed at 9.50pm