Present: Cllrs J Newton, G Budge, T Corson, E Critchlow, G Orr, A Sharpe and L Welch.
              County Councillor Watson (part)
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
2 Members of the public were present.

1. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Cllr Orr proposed Cllr Newton for the Chair, this was seconded by Cllr Budge.
Cllr Corson proposed Cllr Welch for the Chair, this was not seconded.
Cllr Newton was re-elected as Chair with a vote of 4-2

Cllr Budge proposed Cllr Critchlow for Vice-Chair, this was seconded by Cllr Newton.
Cllr Corson proposed Cllr Orr for Vice-Chair, Cllr Orr declined.
Cllr Critchlow was re-elected as Vice-Chair with a vote of 4-2.

2. Acceptance of Office by Chairman and Vice-Chairman
The Declaration of office remained in place from 2013-14.

3. Apologies for absence.
Cllrs Barras, Craig and Monkhouse.
County Councillor Watson had forwarded his apologies that he would be late in joining the meeting.

4. Declarations of interest in items on the Agenda
Cllr Budge declared an interest in planning application 14/01250/FUL; a neighbouring property of his.

5. The minutes of the meeting held on 4 March 2014 were agreed and signed as a true record.

6. Standing item – Public Questions
Cllr Corson commented that he did not appreciate being approached by Cllr Newton and asked about the whereabouts of the missing “no dogs” signs at the playground. The signs were installed by a small working group of parish councillors but were removed later the same day by persons unknown (but subsequently returned the following day). Cllr Corson said local residents had been unhappy about the location of the signs and they should have been consulted. Cllr Newton responded that the locating of the boards in prominent positions had been discussed at many meetings and that he had approached Cllr Corson following the disappearance of the signs as he lives next to the playground and may have had information. Cllr Corson was invited to consult with local residents and advise the parish council on where the signs should be re-located. The removal of the signs was reported to the police and was now logged as anti-social behaviour.

7. Matters arising there from
a. Trees in Quarry Avenue and on new land – update from Cllr Barras – this was deferred to the July meeting.
b. Guyzance land slips - update on outstanding repairs – It was noted that all repairs were now complete.
c. Proposed bus shelter for Acklington Road – County Councillor Watson would update on this when he arrived at the meeting.
d. Chicane damage – The repairs had not yet been carried out; the Clerk would chase this up.
e. National speed limit sign at Acklington Road/North Broomhill – this has still not been replaced and the remaining post had also been removed; the 30mph sign with national speed limit on reverse were only present on one side of the road. The Clerk would again chase this up.

8. Standing item – Report by County Councillor – Cllr Watson would give his report on his arrival at the meeting.

9. Finance:
a) Financial Summary - The balance on account at 6th May 2014 is £5,761.27.

b) Payments The following list was put before members and agreed for payment
Date Cheque No Creditor Reason Amount
06.05.14 000356 E Brown Salary/expenses Months 12-1 £99.06
06.05.14 000356 Post Office Postage £6.36
06.05.14 000357 HMRC PAYE Months 12-1 £24.60
06.05.14 000358 CAN Donation £25.00

c) Receipts The following receipts were noted for information.

Date Ref Debtor Reason Amount
07.04.14   NCC Precept £2375.00
09.04.14   Lloyds Interest £0.12

d) Annual Audit
i) Approval of Accounting Statements – approved unanimously by the Council.
ii) Approval of Annual Governance Statement - approved unanimously by the Council.

County Councillor Watson joined the meeting, the Chair agreed that his report could be given at this point.
Cllr Watson explained that he was in receipt of an estimate for the bus shelter which would be in the region of £4000-£5000, he was looking to see when he could afford this due to other commitments but was hopeful it could be done in the current financial year.
In preparation for the project he requested the Clerk ask NCC to thin out the trees/shrubs back to the fence and also notify NCC of fly tipping of garden waste into the adjacent trees/shrubs.

10. Planning:
a. To report on any planning decisions: There were no decisions to report.

b.Planning matters pending:
13/03908/FUL – Brainshaugh Farm – Creation of 2 no. new holiday cottages to existing farm steading - no objections
14/00008/REFUSE – 3 Bank House Farm - Appeal against resubmission – Ground Floor extension to south of property with Nos. 4 & 5 – no objections
14/00010/REFUSE – 4 Bank House Farm - Appeal against resubmission – Ground Floor extension to south of property with Nos. 3 & 5 – no objections
14/00011/REFUSE – 5 Bank House Farm - Appeal against resubmission – Ground Floor extension to south of property with Nos. 3 & 4 – no objections
14/01011/FUL - Field House Farm Acklington - Proposed demolition of existing utility room, outside store, WC potting shed and conservatory; Provided on existing footprint, new entrance lobby, utility room, WC and sunroom; addition of orangery to link existing kitchen and dining room – no objections.

c.To consider any planning matters:
It was agreed to circulate the following planning applications among the Members.
14/00146/FUL -West House Guyzance - Re-modelling works to existing building. Internal layout changes including breakthrough between house and existing private swimming pool. Remove and/or replacement of windows to existing swimming pool area for new dwelling
13/03097/VARYCO - Plot 12 Bank House Farm - Removal of condition 3 of application A/2007/0544 (Conversion of 2 no. redundant out-buildings to form 1 no. holiday cottage) - permission allowed under A/2007/0544/A
13/03104/VARYCO - Land Situate At Bank House Farm - Removal of condition 2 of application A/2006/0373 (Conversion, subdivision and alteration of vacant buildings to create 11 no. permanent holiday cottages)
14/01090/LBC - Brainshaugh Steading Brainshaugh Acklington - Listed Building Consent for the creation of 2 new holiday cottages from existing farm steadings
14/01123/VARYCO - 2 And 3 Brainshaugh Farm Cottages Acklington - Variation of condition 2 relating to planning permission 13/02461/FUL (Demolition of cottages 2 and 3, replaced with new 4 bed dwelling and detached double garage, new vehicular access and associated hard and soft landscaping throughout) - Amendment relates to reduction of width of double garage, repositioning of garage and site access
14/01250/FUL - Land West Of 14 Churchill Way - Proposal for the creation of 5 detached family homes on vacant land at Churchill Way, Acklington with associated car parking (re-submission)

11. Requested Agenda Items
Any issues arising from village working day – Cllr Newton commented that there had been an excellent turnout and that NCC should be thanked for collecting the rubbish.
A memorial for RAF Acklington – Cllr Critchlow informed that the Public Liaison Officer at RAF Boulmer was happy to be involved. The Clerk commented that East Chevington Parish Council were agreeable to discuss further.

12. Correspondence Received
Cavil Head Fund – Having written to all 19 households who had donated money to the Cavil Head Fund and received replies from 9, all wishing to give their donation to Hospice Care, Mrs Radcliffe accordingly closed the bank account and a donation of £222.71 was donated. This matter was now considered closed.
NALC E-news – This was noted for information.
Play area inspection – The Clerk had agreed the purchase of an inspection by ROSPA which would take place in June.
Community Action Northumberland – Pursuant to Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, a donation of £25 was agreed.
Community Action Northumberland – The date of the Spring Conference was noted.
Land at Quarry Avenue/ rear of 20 Churchill Way – The Clerk detailed an enquiry about the purchase of this land. The Council were not mindful to sell as this land had been acquired for the benefit of the community.
NCC – North Area Committee meeting 12th May – Details circulated
Clerk & Councils Direct Issues March and April – This was noted for information
Independent Monitoring Board – The Clerk detailed the annual report of the Independent Monitoring Board for HMP Northumberland for 2013 which can be found on the Ministry of Justice website www.justice.gov.uk

13. Urgent Items
Cllr Corson reported a pothole from the bus stand at the crossroads towards Morwick and from the dog bin to the bridge towards Guyzance.
The footpath from the dog bin to the bridge required attention.
The sign at St. Omer Road required cementing into place.
The 30mph marking of the roads needed repainting.
Cllr Newton noted that the noticeboard in Guyzance Village was in poor condition. It was agreed to remove the noticeboard. There were no plans to replace it.

14. Items for next agenda - None

15. Date and time of next meeting
Next meeting: TUESDAY 1 JULY at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall
The meeting closed at 20.55