Present: Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, G Budge, T Corson, E Critchlow, I Monkhouse, G Orr, A Sharpe and L Welch. County Councillor Watson
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown
1 Member of the public was present.

64. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs L Craig

65. Declarations of Interest on the Agenda – None.

66. The minutes of the meeting 7 January 2014 were agreed and signed as a true record.

67. Standing Item – Public Questions

Ms Lillie informed that she had sent a letter to NCC regarding the road signage posts and had received a reply stating that the posts at the cross roads had been replaced. All remaining posts that required replacement would be looked at in the new financial year.

68. Matters arising therefrom

a. New posts for road signage – this had been reported to NCC.

b. Trees in Quarry Avenue and on the new land - Cllr Barras would look at the trees when the weather improved.

c. No dogs signs at Play Area – Cllrs Barras and Newton had the materials ready and would look at locations to install the signs on a Village working day which was suggested to be Saturday 15th or 22nd March.

d. Over grown trees at Guyzance Bridge to Brainshaugh – The trees had been cut back.

e. Request for coal trucks at the entrances to the Village – 3 x planters for the village and 1 for the village garden had been constructed by HMP Northumberland. The village planters would replace the existing wooden ones which are reaching the end of their life. It was noted that the prison had agreed to provide plants. The Clerk would send a letter of thanks to the prison and enquire if was still able to provide plants.

f. Guyzance Landslips – Whilst the factory bridge repair works were due to be completed before the end of March, it appeared that works had now stopped. The Clerk would enquire whether the project was now complete and bring to the Project Officer’s attention fencing that had not been re-instated and an area of the road that had no kerb and a hole/gulley where the kerb should be.

g. Proposed Bus shelter on Acklington Road at North Broomhill – The same style of glazed shelter as has been installed since 2007 adjacent to Togston Terrace was recommended. County Cllr Watson was looking at quotations and asked for this matter to be deferred to the May agenda.

h. Chicane damage – the Chicane at the west end of Acklington village is on the list of NCC works to be completed as soon as possible but the area Inspector was unable to give an exact timescale.

i. Speed limit sign at North Broomhill – the highways department had not replaced the missing sign, the Clerk would chase this up.

j. Street sweeping – the last mechanical sweep was carried out on 22nd September, the next sweep was due to be carried out before 23rd January. It was noted that the sweeps have now been done.

k. Signage – Field House Close – As 4 x signs would be required with property numbers highlighted, NCC would not be able to carry out the works in this financial year. A further request could be submitted after April.

69. Standing item – Report by County Councillor

70. Finance:

a) Financial Summary - documents circulated with agenda or available from the Clerk

b) Payments
Date         Cheque No   Creditor                   Reason                                    Amount
04.03.14    000352       E Brown                   Salary/expenses Months 10-11     £99.06
04.03.14    000352       Post Office               Postage                                   £06.00
04.03.14    000353       HMRC                      PAYE Months 10-11                   £24.60
04.03.14    000354       Information Com        ICO renewal                             £35.00
04.03.14    000355       Mole Country Stores  Materials for signage/playground   £50.02

c) Receipts
Date         Ref        Debtor                    Reason                Amount
09.01.14   500017   Northern Powergrid   Sub station rent     £5.00
09.01.14                Lloyds                    Interest Nov-Jan    £0.43

71. Planning:

a. To report on any planning decisions:
13/03530/FUL – 5 Bank House Cottages – Proposed first floor rear extention (resubmission of A/2011/0021) – It was resolved that there were no objections. PERMISSION GRANTED

b. For information; planning matters pending:
13/03908/FUL – Brainshaugh Farm – Creation of 2 no. new holiday cottages to existing farm steading – It was resolved that there were no objections

c. To consider any planning matters:
14/00008/REFUSE – 3 Bank House Farm - Appeal against resubmission – Ground Floor extension to south of property with Nos. 4 & 5
14/00010/REFUSE – 4 Bank House Farm - Appeal against resubmission – Ground Floor extension to south of property with Nos. 3 & 5
14/00011/REFUSE – 5 Bank House Farm - Appeal against resubmission – Ground Floor extension to south of property with Nos. 3 & 4
The Members had no further comments to make on the above applications to which they had previously submitted no objections.
14/00146/FUL - West House Guyzance - Re-modelling works to existing building. Internal layout changes including breakthrough between house and existing private swimming pool. Remove and/or replacement of windows to existing swimming pool area for new dwelling –The application was circulated with comments to be returned to the Clerk by 18th March.

72. Requested Agenda Items

72.1: Repairs to flower tubs – The tubs would be looked at on the village working day.

72.2: Acklington First School – Request for financial support for toddler group – Deferred from January
As funding for the group was still covered at present, this request would be brought back to the Council
at a time when further funding was required.

72.3: To consider a memorial for RAF Acklington – Heritage Lottery Fund have funding available for
projects from £3k to £10k to mark anniversaries which can include WW2, alternatively Sodexo could be
approached to be asked about potential involvement in a project to create a commemorative memorial.
The Clerk would contact East Chevington Parish Council, the RAF, Sodexo and the British Legion to
establish interest in creating a memorial.

73. Correspondence Received

73.1: Bailiffgate Museum – Request for donation toward core running costs; it was resolved that due to limited resources, the Council were unable to offer a donation.

73.2: Toma Fund – Request for donation; due to limited resources it was resolved that the Council were unable to offer a donation.

73.3: NCC Residents Festival – Posters and Leaflets; the leaflets were circulated.

73.4: CAN – Nomination for Chair to be considered to attend Royal Garden Party; the Clerk had nominated the Chairman to be considered to attend.

73.5: NALC – E-news – For information

73.6: NCC – Local Telephone numbers – The Clerk informed of an alternative telephone number that had been provided for contacting the County Council in the locality - 01665 660733. The Clerk would ensure this number was available in the Pelican.

73.7: NCC – Core Strategy Feedback Workshops – The Clerk informed all of the dates.

73.8: Acklington First School – Informal Consultation – It was resolved that the Parish Council supported the views of the Governors, it was encouraging to see efforts being pursued to improve the status of the school.

73.9: NCC – Countywide Parking Consultation

73.10: NCC – Public Transport Newsletter – The Clerk would enquire whether the Acklington part of the X18 service was included in the review.

73.11: NCC – Draft revised Town & Parish Council Charter consultation – Whilst supporting the document in majority, the Council had concern over section 6. It appeared there was a lack of policy consistency across the county and although the Council did not object to contributing towards the cost of crematorium which was used universally across the county, it objected to paying towards cemeteries, parks and playing fields in other parts of the county.

73.12: NCC – Consultation of the provision of post 16 transport for the academic year 2014-15 onwards. – It was resolved that the Council object strongly to the proposal to introduce charging, the Members were very concerned about the impact this would have on education, skills, training and future employment opportunities in the locality.

74. Urgent Items

Cllr Barras informed of the Warkworth WW1 Commemoration which would take place on Saturday 9th
August. This information was circulated to the Members by email.

Cllr Monkhouse requested Sodexo be approached to establish if they would be able to make portable goal post and a noticeboard for Acklington Road. The Clerk would investigate.

Cllr Sharpe informed of standing water on the road at the turn in to Cavil Head which made the footpath inaccessible.

Cllr Corson informed of a signage pole at the turn into Cavil Head required reporting to NCC.  It was noted that a grass verge that had been dug up and paving installed- the Clerk would check with NCC that permission was given.

75. Items for next agenda

Next meeting: Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 7.30pm in Acklington Village Hall