MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS -  Tuesday 5th November 2013      

At the Meeting of the Council held at Acklington Village Hall on Tuesday 5 November 2013

The Chair welcomed Miss Brown to the position of Parish Clerk.

Present: Cllrs J Newton, G Budge, E Critchlow, T Corson, I Monkhouse, G Orr, A Sharpe and L Welch.
County Councillor Watson
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Miss E Brown with Mrs L Hamlin for handover.
3 Members of the public were present.

40. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs L Craig and D Barras.
The local beat officer was invited to attend the parish council meeting – he is unable to attend this meeting or the January one due to shift patterns but would endeavor to attend a future meeting and dates have been given for 2014 meetings.

41. Declarations of Interest on the Agenda – Cllr Budge – Planning Application 13/02120/OUT – Land West of Churchill Way

42. The minutes of the meeting 3 September 2013 were agreed and signed as a true record.

43. Standing Item – Public Questions
Mr Strutt raised the issue of fly tipping on the grass at St Omer Road - this had previously been discussed and was thought to be resolved. The area would be checked and a follow up letter sent if necessary.

44. Matters Arising from the meeting on 3 September 2013:
a. Replacement Seats – The seats had been installed. Cllr Newton thanked Cllr Barras for this help.
b. Repairs to flower tubs – Repairs to be deferred to spring 2014.
c. New posts for signage – NCC has stated they do not have the funds to replace these road sign posts at present, but as soon as there is money available these will be replaced. Cllr Watson stated his disappointment. It was resolved to send a strongly worded letter to NCC in light of the condition of the posts and the health and safety concerns as a result of their deteriorating condition particularly at the crossroads.
d. Trees in Quarry Avenue and on the new land – NCC state that they have only used a glyphosate based weed killer around the trees so any damage that has occurred was before NCC’s works. The state of the trees would be monitored.
e. Ball play in Children’s Play Area and football posts on large grassed area – The Clerk was provided with information on goal posts from Mr Mezza at a cost of £69 however these are not the type that fix into the ground and the Councillors felt they needed to be secured into the ground for safety purposes. The cheapest fixed socket posts are £562 through Harrod UK. Until such time that the goal posts can be installed on the large grassed area the Councillors felt the “no ball games” signs could not be installed at the playground. Grants from the Football Foundation would be investigated for April 2014 with the possibility of 50% matched funding being available from the Parish Council. A letter of thanks would be sent to Mr Mezza for the signs.
f. No dogs signs at Play Area – The Clerk provided signs for installation at the Play Area – these will be put in place in due course.
g. Play Area Warning Signs - These have now been installed by NCC.
h. NCC Parking outside residents driveways whilst cutting the grass – NCC has stated their operatives will not park outside residents’ properties in future.
i. Overgrown trees at Guyzance Bridge to Brainshaugh – NCC requested clarification on location of trees are and have confirmed they will cut them back. This would be monitored.
j. Request for coal trucks at the entrances to the Village – Mr Llewellyn the Industries Manager of HMP Northumberland has confirmed the prison can make and supply “coal truck” planters for the village. They are happy to make these but cannot confirm a timescale as they are fitted around every day production of orders for engineered parts for the prison service. The materials used are scrap off cuts, they are confident there will be enough off cuts to provide these planters however they wish to make the Parish Council aware that if for any reason they need to purchase any materials they will contact the Parish Council before doing so. Cllr Budge confirmed that 3 planters were already in production.

45. Report by County Councillor – Cllr Watson informed that via Members Small Schemes he had funded the installation of electric heating in the Village Hall.
Warkworth & Amble British Legion were planning an afternoon tea party in Warkworth Memorial Hall with music and displays of commemoration in August 2014 to mark the centenary of World War One. The Parish Council agreed to support this.

46. Finance
a. Financial Summary
The balance on account at 5 November 2013 is £5,371.57
b. Payments
The following list was put before members and approved for payment:
000340 L Hamlin 149.57
000341 PAYE 36.00
000342 Felton Parish Council – Recharge for SLCC 8.70
000343 NCC – Grass Cutting 788.14
000344 Donation to Acklington Village Hall 700.00
000345 Donation to St Johns Church 250.00
c. Receipts – None
d. d) Year end Audit – There were no issues raised by the External Auditors and the Parish Council approved and accepted the Accounts.

47. Planning
a. To report on any planning decisions:
13/02461/FUL – 2 Brainshaugh Farm Cottages – demolish cottages 2 and 3 and replace with new 4 bed dwelling and detached double garage with new vehicular access - APPROVED
b. To consider any planning matters:
13/01306/VARYCO - Guyzance Hall – remove cond 2 restricting the number of events – objections – NCC recommending for approval and are currently considering the wording of a condition to still place a restriction of 60 events per year plus 5 charity events/functions rather than allow unlimited use.
13/02356/FUL – Land West of 14 Churchill Way – Nine 3-bedroomed houses - objections
13/03043/FUL – 5 Bank House Farm – ground floor extension – no objections
13/03052/FUL – 4 Bank House Farm – ground floor extension – no objections
13/03062/FUL – 3 Bank House Farm – ground floor extension – no objections
13/03097/VARYCO - Plot 12 Bank House Farm – remove cond 3 – change to permanent residence - objections
13/03104/VARYCO - Bank House Farm – remove cond 2 – change to permanent residence – objections

Discharging of conditions on planning applications – a letter of complaint was sent to NCC in relation to the block discharging of conditions for the two Guyzance Hall applications. NCC has responded stating the conditions have not been removed but that the details that were required in these conditions have been submitted and agreed. If there is an issue with regards to parking the parking was agreed and if this is not been adhered to this can be investigated however NCC has not control of cars/vans parking in the highway or damaging verges as this falls outside the control of the planning department.

48. Requested Agenda Items
Review of Risk Assessment – this was amended to remove the previous Clerk’s details and replace with those of the new Clerk.
Review of Policies – the Publication Scheme was amended to remove previous Clerk’s details and replace with new Clerks details. The Retention/Disposal Policy was agreed.
Draft Budget – The budget was provisionally agreed but will be held until the January meeting incase NCC wish to pass on any services to the Parish Council for the next financial year.
Remembrance Day Service – The Remembrance Service at Guyzance Memorial will take place at 12.15 on Sunday 10 November. The Clerk has confirmed with Mr Parker that public access can be given to the memorial.

49. Correspondence Received
NCC Core Strategy consultation including drop in centre details – dates have been circulated and the consultation document has now been put on circulation for feedback to be submitted to the Clerk by 20 December
Acklington First School – request for financial support for toddler group – this would be deferred to the January meeting.
Acklington First School – vacancies for community governor and local authority governor - More details would be requested from the school.
Defibshop – defibrillator in the parish – This was noted for information.
Air Ambulance – donation request – A donation of £20 was agreed.
North East War Memorials Donation request – this would be deferred to the January meeting.
Acklington PCC – grant assistance request – A letter of thanks for the donation of £250 from PC. The PC was not aware of any other assistance available towards grass cutting.
Lloyds Bank letter re change in account details. The PC account had transferred to from Lloyds TSB to Lloyds Bank.
GRACE – rape crisis helpline – Information to Cllr Sharpe for display.
For circulation – Clerks and Councils Direct, CAN Annual Report, NALC Annual Report and CPRE Newsletter – distributed.

50. Urgent Items
Potholes near Hartlaw need to be reported to NCC.
Mrs Hamlin would phone Lloyds to arrange the transfer of funds between the PC accounts and to make arrangements for the Clerk to be authorised.
On behalf of the Parish Council the chairman, Cllr Newton, thanked Mrs Hamlin for her outstanding work as clerk to the council over recent years. He presented her with flowers and a bottle of champagne as a farewell gift.

51. Items for Next Agenda – None.

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.52pm
Next meeting: Tuesday 7 January at 7.30pm in Acklington Village Hall