Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council held at Acklington Village Hall on Wednesday 8 May 2013

Present: Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, L Craig, E Critchlow, T Corson, I Monkhouse, G Orr,
A Sharpe and L Welch.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Mrs L Hamlin

1. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Election of Chairman: Cllr Orr proposed Cllr Newton, seconded by Cllr Craig and agreed by the Council.
Election of Vice-Chairman: Cllr Craig proposed Cllr Critchlow, seconded by Cllr Sharpe and agreed by the Council.

2. Acceptance of Office by Parish Councillors and distribution of documentation – Councillors signed their declarations and Code and Conduct and Standing Orders were distributed.

3. Apologies for Absence: Cllr Budge and County Councillor Watson

4. Declarations of Interest on the Agenda - None

5. The minutes of the meeting 5 March 2013 were agreed and signed as a true record.

6. Standing Item – Public Questions
Ms Lillie reported that the seat opposite the bus stop has railing from the back missing. Cllr Barras had identified this issue and Clerk to look at costs for replacement seat along with the one by Inglenook. Also there is an issue with uneven surface under the Millennium Walk seat. Cllr Newton to review.
Ms Lillie stated the tubs opposite the cross roads some of the rings have come loose and the tubs will disintegrate if not replaced. Cllr Newton to look at this.
Ms Lillie asked when the new posts for the signs are being replaced. CC Watson was dealing with this but the Clerk will pursue.
Ms Lillie stated dog fouling is still a big issue. The Clerk has reported this to the dog warden and it is an issue throughout the County.
It was reported that the bushes need cutting back along Millennium Walk. Also this footpath is being used by horses, it is not a bridleway and the gate has been left open so horses can use this pathway. Clerk to speak to Footpath Officer at NCC.

7. Matters Arising from the meeting on 5 March 2013:
• 20mph Speed Limit at Children’s Play Area – NCC has confirmed that to put in a scheme for 20mph around the play area would require consultation and would potentially cost around £6k which would need to be funded from Parish Council or County Councillor Members Small Scheme. Clerk to speak to CC Watson.
• Dog Fouling in Acklington – This was raised in public question as an issue. The Clerk has spoken to the Dog Warden in relation to the doggie bags being left at the station and will monitor the situation. He has also informed the owners of the Railway Inn to ensure user of the camping area are cleaning up after their dogs correctly.
• Damaged Notice board – A quote has been received for £407.51 for a new notice board in St Omer Rd. It was agreed to use some of the ring fenced election costs money for this as there was no election held. It was also agreed to seek pricing for including the Parish Council name on the notice board.

8. Report by County Councillor – None

9. Finance
a. Financial Summary
The balance on account at 8 May 2013 is £5,042.14
b. Payments
The following list was put before members and approved for payment:
000296 L Hamlin £67.38
PAYE to be ringfenced for end of year payment £16.60
c. Receipts – NCC Precept £2,329 – this is higher than anticipated as NCC has paid the grant to offset the council tax changes. It was agreed to ring fence this £79.
d. Annual Audit
i) Approval of Accounting Statements – approved unanimously by the Council.
ii) Approval of Annual Governance Statement - approved unanimously by the Council.
The Clerk informed the Parish Council that Acklington has been chosen as a 5% sample which means extra information is required by the auditors this year. Cllr Barras asked if this would be more time for the Clerk and the Clerk confirmed about another 2 hours work would be involved.
e. Insurance – Defer to next meeting as not yet due.

10. Planning
a. To report on any planning decisions:
12/02766/FUL – Warkworth Farms Ltd – convert farm buildings to 11 houses – APPROVED – Cllr Corson asked when the works would commence. The Clerk stated that they must be commenced within 3 years of approval and Cllr Welch stated he thought works had commenced. Cllr Newton stated representatives were at the Planning Committee Meeting to make representation on this application and the affordable housing application. Clerk to check if there is any S106 agreement attached to these applications.
12/03345/FUL – Warkworth Farms Ltd – 4 affordable houses – APPROVED
12/03878/FUL – 11 Bank House – first floor bedroom over ground floor bedroom - REFUSED
13/00130/LBC – 11 Bank House – first floor bedroom over ground floor bedroom - REFUSED
13/00187/FUL - 4 Bank House Farm - extension and garden room - WITHDRAWN
13/00189/FUL - 3 Bank House Farm - extension and garden room - WITHDRAWN
13/00191/FUL - 5 Bank House Farm - extension and garden room – WITHDRAWN
12/03812/LBC – Guyzance Hall – Conversion of lounge and kitchen area into bedroom with disabled en-suite - APPROVED
13/00389/FUL – Land East of High Park Farm Cottages – change of use of agricultural land and construction of 3 replacement residential dwellings - APPROVED
b. To consider any planning matters:
12/01718/RENE – Land East of East House Farm, Warkworth - 67m single wind turbine – this has been revised to reduce the size of the turbine and also locate it in a more appropriate location – new plans to be submitted.
13/00938/VARYCO - Mill House Guyzance – extend time limit on approved application
13/01111/FUL – 1 Brainshaugh – Retrospective – demolish and rebuild existing cottage. Clerk to circulate details to Councillors. This was submitted following works being reported to NCC. Clerk to check with NCC as to whether they are happy in general with the submitted plans.

11. Requested Agenda Items
Guyzance Water Pump – the Clerk is still trying to ascertain who is responsible for this. English Heritage believes it is NCC as it is on the grass verge however NCC has not accepted responsibility yet. Cllr Craig states it is in relatively good condition at present however we need to ascertain who is responsible for it for future maintenance.

12. Correspondence Received
• Email re Cavil Head Fund – a letter has been received asking the Parish Council what should be done with the money held in the Cavil Head Fund as those holding the financial responsibility are no longer going to be in the area. It was agreed that the money should be given to the Parish Council to ring fence for a minimum of 5 years.
• NCC – Love Northumberland Awards information – to go on notice boards
• CAN News - distributed
• Clerks and Councils Direct – on circulation

13. Urgent Items
• Situation with roads – pot holes are still an issue in the parish and the main ones are at the Churchill Way entrance and by the level crossing up to the prison. The ones that were filled in at Bank House at the top end of the diversion route have popped out since being filled. The Brainshaugh to Hartlaw road needs to be driven very slowly as the road is so badly pot holed. It was felt a weight restriction should be imposed at Factory Bank over the two bridges, especially considering the road situation with the traffic lights. Clerk to look into this with NCC and also what is happening at Factory Bank as the road is subsiding further. It was agreed to get the Gazette involved in the issue with the C100. Cllr Craig stated the residents have received a letter form NCC about the C100 – the Clerk asked for a copy of this as no information has been forthcoming from NCC to the Parish Council.
• It was reported that the chestnut tree in Quarry Avenue needs cutting back as the branches are hanging too low. Cllr Newton to look at this.
• Hedge cutting – the Clerk has once again been contacted about some of the hedges not being cut that residents state were cut by NCC in the past. The Clerk has spoken again with NCC who state they have never cut the hedges, it was the Ministry of Justice who undertook these works. Clerk to ask NCC if they will take on the cutting of these hedges as it can only be their responsibility and the Parish Council are not able to pay for these works.
• Ball being kicked against fences in play area – a complaint has been received in relation to a ball being kicked again a fence in the play area and a request has been made for a no ball games sign to be installed. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact residents adjacent to the large open space in Churchill Way to see if they would have any objections to goal posts being places on this land. If they have no objections then Clerk to source goal posts and to ask permission from the Ministry of Justice to put up a no ball games sign in the play area as the MoJ require any signs being erected to be approved by them. Clerk also to write to resident to update them on the situation.
• The Clerk has been asked by the police to include an item in The Pelican about the empty property in St Omer Road having windows broken by people throwing stones and if anyone has any information to inform the police. The Councillors stated that these windows were broken in December. Clerk to relay this to the police.

14. Items for Next Agenda
Neighbourhood Plan

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.32pm
Next meeting: Tuesday 3 July at 7.30pm in Acklington Village Hall