Present: Cllrs, E Critchlow, G Budge, T Corson, I Monkhouse, J Newton, G Orr and L Welch
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Mrs L Hamlin

Apologies: Cllrs D Barras, L Craig, A Sharpe

1. Minutes of the meeting held on 4 May 2011 were accepted and signed as a correct record of the meeting.

2. Chairman's Report

The Chairman presented his report which was accepted.

3. Any questions, comments or resolutions
There were no questions, comments or resolutions.

The Annual Parish Meeting closed at 7.35 pm


Present: Cllrs J Newton, E Critchlow, G Budge, T Corson, I Monkhouse, G Orr and L Welch. County Councillor J Watson
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Mrs L Hamlin

1. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Election of Chairman: Cllr Orr proposed Cllr Newton, seconded by Cllr Budge and agreed by the Council.
Election of Vice-Chairman: Cllr Newton proposed Cllr Critchlow, seconded by Cllr Orr and agreed by the Council.

2. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Barras, Craig and Sharpe

3. Declarations of Interest on the Agenda – Cllr Corson on Play Area, Cllr Budge on MoJ Land.

4. The minutes of the meeting 6 March 2012 were agreed and signed as a true record.

5. Standing Item – Public Questions
Mrs Lillie asked about what is happening with the tubs beside the seat opposite the bus shelter which need replacing. This is being dealt with by ACT and the Parish Council.

6. Matters Arising from the meeting on 6 March 2012:
• Play Area – the police have spoken to the owner of the vehicle that was parked on the grass land and pavement at the play area. The vehicle driver was extremely understanding and explained how he was attempting to avoid obstructing the road. The police advised him on how to park his vehicle when visiting the play area and the driver asked that his apologies be passed to the parish council and residents.
• Asset Maintenance – Cllr Barras sent through an update stating that the benches at the eastern end of the village (by the bus stop), one at the western end, one at the village hall and the one at the central cross roads were varnished. The latter bench is beginning to show signs of rot and will likely need replacing next year, but the others are fine. ACT asked that the planters be left to them to deal with. The two planters at the eastern crossroads are most dilapidated and falling apart. These will be replaced.
• Ministry of Justice Land Update – The Clerk has approved the paperwork with the solicitors. There was one query with regard to the plan submitted by the MoJ and this is being revised and forwarded for papers to be signed. The question was raised as to who will maintain the roads on Quarry Avenue and Acklington Drive. Clerk to ask the question of MoJ.
• Footpath updates – the Clerk contacted Richard Garland for an update with regards to the footpath by the Village Hall and potential re-opening of the Millennium Walk. Mr Garland is to raise this at the next meeting with Mr Clippingdale and will get back to us once this meeting has taken place.
• Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations including Jubilee Mugs – The Jubilee Committee has requested that the Parish Council pay for mugs for the children with Acklington written on the back of the mugs. They would cost £1.90 + VAT each and 80 would be required. The Parish Council felt that as this is one off event then the Council should pay for this. Clerk and Cllr Sharpe to liaise on ordering of mugs.
• Light outside Village Hall – NCC does not have funds to put in a light outside the Village Hall which would cost approximately £1,000. CC Watson confirmed that there would be funding from his Members Small Scheme and a suitable post was agreed on. Clerk to contact the residents close to this light and also NCC.
• Resurfacing of Churchill Way – NCC has reported that it has no plans to resurface Churchill Way. It was agreed to add this to the list of highways requests with NCC.
• TPOs within the Parish - The Enforcement Officer will look out any TPOs within the Parish when she has a moment. Clerk to pursue.
• Hedge Cuttings along Acklington Road – This has been forwarded to NCC for action. No action has been taken and now grass cuttings are being put over hedge. The Council asked that a request be put to NCC for the hedge to be cut back, Clerk to check that this is in their remit as it may be up to the landowner. A question was raised as to why not all the verges are cut into Acklington. The Clerk confirmed that it the area is outside the 30mph sign it is only cut twice a year.

7. Report by County Councillor –
• CC Watson reported that the 20mph signs requested have not been installed as NCC lost the paperwork. The money has been allocated and this will take place.
• CC Watson is moving into Acklington in mid-June
• £11k has been allocated from Members Small Scheme towards the extension at the back of the Village Hall.
• NCC has taken over traffic warden duties and will be issuing parking tickets as of 2 May, warning notices have been posted since the beginning of April but now charges will apply.

8. Finance
a. Financial Summary
The balance on account at 1 May 2012 is £4,963.66
b. Payments
The following list was put before members and approved for payment:
000296 L Hamlin £81.58
000297 D Barras £33.15
c. Receipts – NCC Precept £2,250
d. Annual Audit
i) Approval of Accounting Statements – An amendment to be made to the fixed asset register but otherwise there were not issues and the Accounting Statements were approved unanimously by the Council.
ii) Approval of Annual Governance Statement - approved unanimously by the Council.

9. Planning
a. To report on any planning decisions:
11/02908/FUL – 8 Guyzance Village –replacement oil tank –APPROVED
12/00574/FUL – 8 Guyzance Village – resubmission of restoration of building within curtilage of 8 Guyzance Village - APPROVED
b. To consider any planning matters: None

A complaint had been received about camping noise from The Hemmel which was forwarded to the Enforcement Officer however the planning approval allows for holiday makers for individual periods not exceeding 4 weeks in total. No action can be taken in planning terms however a note has been made of the complaint for future reference incase there are any more issues. Cllr Critchlow stated that permission has been granted for accommodation within the Hemmel, not tents within the area so requests further clarification from planning. Also this is not the first time this has happened and there was also a circus there last year.

Cllr Corson stated an application is going in for 2 St Omer Road. The Clerk has not received notification of this as yet but will look out for the details and ensure they are circulated.

10. Requested Agenda Items - None

11. Correspondence Received
• NCC – Nurturing Northumberland’s Environment – this is an initiative to identify suitable land areas for plating trees and wildflowers and NCC are requesting if the Parish Council knows of any suitable sites. It was agreed to find out first if there would be cost implications.
• NCC – Parking in Northumberland information – booklets outlining the rules for parking.
• NCC – Review of Policy and Practice Relating to Outdoor Activities. To review this document follow the web site link www.northumberland.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=13407.

12. Items for Circulation
CAN News

13. Urgent Items
• The 30mph flashing speeding sign has not been working since installation. The Clerk has reported this to NCC and they stated it would be fixed Monday or Tuesday this week – however it was agreed that it was not working tonight.
• Cllr Welch reported that there is a large puddle forming outside the Railway Inn when there has been hard rain. There is a drain in the corner but it does not seem to be working. Clerk to report to NCC.
• Cllr Barras reported that he has reopened dialogue into the repairs to the lych gate war memorial at the church and hopes to have more to report at the next meeting.
• Cllr Critchlow informed the Council that Mr Chris Sayers has stated he will endeavor to help people who are experiencing difficulties with broadband if they would like to contact him direct.

14. Items for Next Agenda - None

15. A resolution to exclude the public and the press was then agreed.

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00pm
Next meeting: Tuesday 3 July at 7.30pm in Acklington Village Hall