An extraordinary Parish Council Meeting was held at Acklington Village Hall on 26 January 2012

Present: Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, E Critchlow, T Corson, I Monkhouse, A Sharpe and L Welch.
The Parish Clerk in attendance Mrs L Hamlin

68. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Budge and Craig

69. Ministry of Justice Land
Cllrs Barras, Sharpe and Welch along with the Clerk met with representatives of the Ministry of Justice to discuss the option of the transfer of land in Churchill Way and St Omer Road to the Parish Council. The Ministry has made the offer as part of a departmental review and planned disposal of surplus assets.

The parish council met to discuss the offer as it sees this as a means of securing the land for long-term community benefit. Cost implications were discussed in relation to legal fees and ongoing maintenance including liability for trees and potential issues relating to these. It was also discussed that MOJ has yet to confirm whether the transfer will apply to all Ministry land or whether some plots may be retained with a view to seeking development consent by MOJ.

It was agreed unanimously by the Council that the Clerk contact MOJ stating the Parish Council would be interested in acquiring all the land being offered by MOJ dependent on the cost implications.

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20pm
Next meeting: Tuesday 6 March at 7.30pm in Acklington Village Hall